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Found-Footage Slasher ‘Loss of Life’ Dated For On Demand Release

We now have release details and a new trailer for David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi’s indie found-footage slasher Loss of Life, which opens in North Hollywood, CA on October 16 and will be releasing through VOD and Amazon on October 25.

On October 31, 2012, in North Hollywood, California, a group of high school friends decided to document their Halloween night out. This film is the compilation of the footage found that night.

Randi Leigh Borden, Charlie Glackin and Melvin Gregg all star.



  • jamesisdead

    Looks great.:)

  • BlessTheMurderer

    This doesn’t that bad at all. It kind of sucks how this film is yet another film about drunken’ teens getting slaughtered. But then again… I love watching teens get slaughtered! Looks creepy and that killer looks cool as hell!

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