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Todd McFarlane Wants To Do ‘Spawn’ Reboot DIY Style

Todd McFarlane knows how to get a buzz going. The Spawn reboot has been presumed to be near lifeless for years, but now it keeps popping up all over the media. It began with Jamie Foxx stating that he aggressively wants to play the hero in the film reboot, which was quickly followed by McFarlane’s claims that he wants to shoot this thing as early as next year. However, McFarlane doesn’t seem to happy about Foxx’s aggressiveness, and he’s looking to write, direct, produce, and self-fund the film. All this leads me to believe that we’re no closer to actually getting a Spawn reboot anytime soon. McFarlane spoke with Game Rant recently about his current work with Ubisoft, and the Spawn movie inevitably cropped up.

McFarlane explained, “Fans always ask and the answer is always the same; the movie has been sitting in my head for 10 years. I’ve begun the screenplay, people have been bugging me about this thing forever… The only reason it’s always been slowed up is that I write, produce, direct and so I just need to get the proper amount of time to be able to finish that screenplay and then be able to do the rewrites whether it’s me or somebody else [who does them] and then go in and direct it.

“I’m about a third through the screenplay. The whole movie is built on index cards so I just got to convert it onto the paper but I got like two hundred scenes, you can’t even have that many in a movie… There’s a couple of people that have kind of put a gun to my head and said we want that screenplay no later than December so that we can start shooting next year. So that’s right now [where we’re at] I’ve talked to my people and told them, ‘you gotta find me the time. I gotta get this thing done by December so that we can start shooting by next year. Maybe shoot it up here in Canada.’”

When making a film, the only thing that truly needs to be there is the passion of the filmmaker. The way McFarlane talks about this makes it seem like more of a chore than a dream project. If a gun needs to be put to his head to get the script done, it doesn’t leave me feeling very hopeful.

When asked about Jamie Foxx’s comments, he said, “At the San Diego Con, Jamie Foxx came out and they were doing an interview and [he said] ‘I make a good Spawn, right? I met with Todd and I want to do Spawn.’ And I was like, ‘I thought we were keeping that [quiet].’”

When asked if he really wants Foxx in the lead role he said, “No, no, no, I’m just saying he said it out loud and then all of a sudden all the studios were phoning me again saying, ‘Todd, see if we can even get somebody in there.’”

And the most interesting thing to come out of the interview was the fact that McFarlane plans to go the Mel Gibson route, “My goal to some degree is to self-finance and I know [people] go, ‘that’s dumb and that’s crazy,’ but years ago, Mel Gibson did it with ‘The Passion of The Christ.’ So I sort of call this one, Spawn from hell: my passion of the anti-Christ. In my mind I can do this thing with 10 million bucks and if you keep it small they’re just gonna get an unknown director anyway for that kind of a budget, so I go, ‘If you’re going to get an unknown director, let me be that unknown director.’ Again, there’s nobody that’s argued it – they just go, ‘Then where’s the screenplay? Get it done.’”

McFarlane went on to talk about low budget horror movies like The Conjuring that were a financial success. I don’t really see the comparison to his project considering the massive scope of the Spawn universe. Spawn is a comic book story, and it demands a bigger budget rather than a smaller one. All that said, McFarlane still hopes to get this on the big screen for 2015. Will it happen? My guess is as good as yours.




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