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‘Dead Nation’ Sequel Teased In New ‘Resogun’ Trailer

Indie developer Housemarque has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming PS3 title Resogun that’s actually more of a very subtle tease for their next game, which my perfectly honed investigative instincts tells me will be Dead Nation 2. The first game is still one of the best, if not the best, cooperative zombie-themed arcade title on the PS3. It’s good gory fun you can share with a friend and its unique metagame — which had countries competing for the most zombie kills — was a nice touch.

The developer has kept busy since Dead Nation released back in 2010 with games like Outland and the Angry Birds Trilogy, but it looks like we’ll soon be getting more from the post-apocalyptic series, possibly even on next-gen consoles. Watch the super classy teaser video after the break.

Here’s to hoping Dead Nation 2 will go multi-platform.

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  • doomas10

    I loved DEAD NATION! I thought personally that it was too easy and a bit linear but the lighting effects were incredible. Storywise was a bit meh but I would definitely like to see a bit more variety-larger arenas and different zombies – I am growing bored of fat ones that explode, strong ones that jump, etc. Is it my idea or all zombie games have similar types of enemies- see Dead nation, left for dead, dead island?

    • Adam Dodd

      Imagine a Dead Nation 2 with FOUR PLAYER CO-OP! SPLOOOOOOOSH

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