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Our First Look At Universal Orlando’s ‘Resident Evil’ Maze!

This year, Universal Orlando’s annual Halloween Horror Nights will get an added dose of the T-Virus, with their newly unveiled Resident Evil themed maze that, until the event kicks off on September 20, hasn’t left Japan. Granted, this is a little different from the attractions Capcom has experimented with in Japan — I dare say it looks way better.

The Resident Evil maze joins attractions inspired by The Walking Dead, Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead, making this one of the most exciting Halloween Horror Nights I’ve had to miss so far. We really need to get that Bloody Disgusting jet fueled up so I can make a quick trip to Orlando next month. Not for me, of course, but so I can share my experience with all of you. Check out our first look at the attraction after the break.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    I need this in my life, but I’m not rich. T_T

  • lilmarkuk

    ive always wanted to so to orlando and universal studios but its just too expensive, im in the UK and with flights and park tickets and hotel and spending money for a week it would be about £3000 for just me

    and I can not justify paying that at all for any holiday let alone to the USA just to go to universal which would be 90% of the reason I would go

  • Would love to go, but cash for me is too tight now. Awesome set up, though, and the attention to details are amazing.

  • horrorgasm

    If you go you pretty much HAVE to spend the extra money for the express passes too or you won’t be seeing any of the stuff you want to see. We went on a weekday in the first week of October and the wait times jump up to about 2-3 hours once the place fills up. I can’t even imagine how bad it must be on a Halloween weekend. The thing is only open for 5 and a half hours too so you’re really just wasting your time and money without an express pass.

    I only made it down there the one time because of my honeymoon, where we had been given a free stay in a timeshare. Would love to see this one, but man we can’t just take a week off in the middle of the year again and blow over $1000 for the whole trip just for 5 hours of fun.

    • horrorgasm

      (that’s 2-3 hours in the normal lines. express pass lines were still maybe 30-45 minutes. so we got to see about 5 “mazes”.)

  • spartan87

    Im lucky that my in-laws live in Orlando and offered to pay for us to take a family vacation down there next month. Can’t wait to see this and all the other amazing looking mazes. Anyone who wants to know about it say so and I’ll describe it a bit when I get back.

    • Adam Dodd

      I want ALL of the details. I’d also like you to ask your in-laws if they’re open to adopting a 25-year old so I can come with you on this Halloween extravaganza.

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