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In ‘Contagion’, You May Want To Save The Last Bullet For Yourself

At first glance, you may look at Contagion and dismiss it as another zombie game. We’ve had so many of them lately, it’s getting difficult sorting the good from the let’s-cash-in-on-a-popular-trend games. Contagion may have zombies, but it also looks amazing. It’s a multiplayer-centric first person shooter with co-op and PvP modes and randomly generated maps, guaranteeing each playthrough is different from the last. It’s the spiritual successor to the popular Half-Life 2 mod, Zombie Panic: Source, created by the guy — and his new start-up, Monochrome — who made the mod.

With a fantastic attention to detail, a slew of innovative features and a fleshed out multiplayer, Contagion is definitely on my radar. See it in action after the break, and decide if it deserves a spot on yours, too.

Contagion is set to release on October 25th on PC. If co-op zombie bashing sounds like a swell way to spend an evening, you can support the game on Kickstarter or keep up-to-date with the latest goings on via its website.

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