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Super-Combo Weapons Take Zombie Obliteration In ‘Dead Rising 3’ To A Whole Other Level

From the looks of it, Capcom’s mantra for Dead Rising 3 is go big. They’ve confirmed the game world will be significantly larger than the first two combined, and now we can add to that a powerful new tier of weapons we can look forward to using on the unsuspecting undead hordes: super-combo weapons.

Formed by combining at least three weapons, these instruments of destruction are far more powerful than the lame ass combo weapons we’ve had to use in the first two games. They’re fantastic for crowd control, as each will feature a unique ability that exterminates large groups of zombies. Most of them are still under wraps, but you can take a peak at the Bearinator and Ultimate Grim Reaper above.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, super-combo weapons can be customized with different variants to better fit your playstyle. I can’t wait.

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