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This CG ‘Dead Rising 3’ Trailer Is Pretty Great

If you’re worried Dead Rising 3 will bring with it none of that over-the-top zaniness that made the series so popular in the first place, you’re going to love this trailer. There’s a disappointing lack of luchador costumes, but I think the final twenty seconds more than make up for that.

If Dead Rising 3 has some sort of vehicle customization — or weaponization, rather — in it, I am officially way more excited for it. Check out the game’s brand zombie-spanking new CG trailer after the jump.

Dead Rising 3 releases exclusively on the Xbox One this November.

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  • Slasher716

    I don’t know why Capcom bothered releasing a “CGI” trailer for the game. CGI is so last gen, in fact, we are to the point where games no longer need CGI to express character development or important storyline elements of the game.

    We look at the PS4 exclusive horror game from E3 which is based on Vampires and Warewolves, yes I am speaking of The Order 1886, this Dead Rising 3 CGI trailer doesn’t look as half as good as the trailer for The Order 1886 and that trailer was all recorded with the game’s actual engine.

    I mean, c’mon… Look what they did with GTA5. Opposed to making a CGI trailer, RockStar made an in-game trailer which worked much better. And Dead Rising 3 has much better graphics than GTA5. So it would have made more sense to make an in-game trailer. Dead Rising 3’s engine certainly has the ability to do so, at least from what we have seen at E3.

    Lastly, the main character does not look 100% identical to the in-game model (which, yes, is expected) but that is another problem when switching from CGI to in-game model.

    This is one of my favorite Xbox One exclusives so far,
    too bad this trailer was dissapointing. And I agree with one of the top-comments.. This should have been for PS4 also, then the gamplay/graphics would have looked closer to this CGI. 1.89Gfps vs. 1.12Gfps goes a long way (meaning PS4 still has almost double the processing power and displayable polygons than the Xbox One).. Not meaning to sound like a fanboy as I will have both but just stating what the devs are all saying.

  • doomas10

    I like the CGI trailers ever since I start playing videogames ^_^ They are awesome 🙂

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