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Which Next-Gen Horror Game Has Better Zombies?


Last week was all about demons, and while hellspawn creatures can be exciting, I think this week’s showdown is the most thrilling one we’ve had yet.

The subject is familiar — zombies — but we’ve upped the game a bit by pitting two next-gen horror games against each other. Unless you’ve played one or both at a recent gaming convention, these are games most of us haven’t had our hands on yet. After the break we have Dead Rising 3 duking it out with Dying Light — choose your side!

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  • Canucklehead

    Call me petty but I refuse to vote for anything to do with Xbone

    • The-Grammar-Nazi

      You’re not petty.

      Anyone who buys an Xbone after what Microsoft tried to pull is holding up a sign to Developers and Publishers everywhere that they don’t mind being fucked in the ass.

  • HalloweenVic

    TBH They both look bad ass!! Dying light’s zombies look more sadistic and crazier! But considering I’m a Ps3 owner and plan on getting a Ps4 so ima have to go with dying light! But DR3 looks like a hell of a lot of fun!


    both look bad ass!!

  • Ozena

    @Canucklehead You’r petty. But if your name has to do with Hockey you redeem yourself. LOL

    Let’s keep this simple.
    Trailer vs Trailer Dead Rising 3 takes it easy.

    As for both game’s I could careless. Dying Light is a fucking joke. This is Techland’s third zombie title in a row, they believe that if they mash it up with Mirror’s Edge its suppose to be better or different? No. TL needs to expand their imaginations. As for the Dead Rising franchise I’ve always wanted to be a fan but it’s jokey clown-around style has always taken away from the experience for me but not nearly as much as the ridiculous time limit. In a game where creativity and exploration is present in mass, why OH WHY would you slap a time limit on the experience? Terrible call.

    I’ll stay tuned for something better done the line.

    • Ozena

      I’ll stay tuned for something better down* the line.