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‘The Dead Linger’ Arrives On Steam Early Access

After being approved on Steam Greenlight just last month, the Minecraft meets first person zombie apocalypse — which, I guess is also Minecraft — sandbox game The Dead Linger has made it to Steam Early Access. For $19.99, you can grab the game and play it before the full version is released. The developer has been consistent with their updates — the latest version comes with a massive engine overhaul to improve the extremely dated graphics is was sporting prior to today.

In The Dead Linger, your goal, like really any other zombie game, is to survive. The difference with this particular game is that it gives you a near limitless toolset that can be used to construct your own fortresses, or barricade existing structures. It looks fantastic. See the newly renovated game in action after the jump.

If you’re interested, you can get it here.

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