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Get Your Multiplayer Horror Fix With ‘Damned’ On Steam Early Access

There aren’t many horror games that place you in the shoes (hooves? boots?) of the monster, but the multiplayer-centric indie horror game Damned does just that. It supports up to five players with one player taking on the role of the hunter, the other four his prey. The four survivors are tasked with finding keys to open locked doors with the ultimate goal being to escape. The hunter’s mission is to squash them like insects.

The world — a building, like a hotel, hospital, etc. — is randomly generated so every experience is unique, and it also keeps players from memorizing the building’s layout. More after the break.

If Damned tickles your fancy, you can grab it here. If it doesn’t, another indie horror game recently made its way to Steam Early Access, called The Dead Linger.

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