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There’s Feeling The Music And Then There’s This Horribly Painful Looking Experience

Your faithful leader Mr. Disgusting shot me a link to this pretty intense music video for “Raptor”, which comes from EDM artist Zomboy. The video shows a woman that has 1/4″ cables pullged into her body and then music is literally pumped throughout her, causing some rather unpleasant side effects. There are elements of Scanners, Alien: Resurrection, and a touch of Tetsuo: The Iron Man within the video. It’s bloody, it’s gory, it’s insane, and it’s 100% worth checking out, so get on down there and click on that ‘Play’ button!

“Raptor” can be purchased via Beatport.

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  • HorrorFancy

    Watch out, that second drop is killer.

    • hawkward

      The second drop is the worst :S dont even look like zomboy at all

  • HorrorFancy

    I was being sarcastic as far as what the video was showing :p, but agreed; that second drop, underwhelming.

    • hawkward

      hahaha ok!! im a dubstep/electronic fan so i kind of like it, but zomboy is turning into a mainstream bitch :/

  • ZedtheUndead

    somebody somewhere has seen this and is making a script to turn this into a horror movie as we speak, lol….man I hope not…

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