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[Random Cool] The ‘Carrie’ Trailer Remade Out Of Paper!

My one our good friends, Travis Betz, is the king at making paper-related videos. In addition, he’s also made two really cool movies – Joshua and Lo – so go check those out…

Anyways, he’s back with another handful of paper-cuts, this time killing a tree to recreate the trailer for Carrie.

Since Hollywood feels the need to remake every damn that ever touched my heart, I’ll just remake their remake out of paper….damn it,” jokes Betz.

What does pig’s blood look like with paper, you ask? Find out below.



  • HorrorJ

    Really like these trailers. This and The Conjuring one are awesome. I’d love to see them keep these up. Please do one for Gravity!

  • MaryMaria

    I love these paper trailers so, so much. Paper Prometheus was the first one to get me hooked; so good. You can tell they have an awesome time making them, too, which makes them even better!

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