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Frictional’s Next Horror Game Has Cannibal Robots?

Amnesia developer Frictional Games is giving us a slow tease of their next game, which might be called SOMA. They released another video today — it’s looking like we’ll be getting one video a week — that’s far more unnerving than the last. In it, a trashed robot that thinks its a human is questioned by the same woman from the first video as she tries to discredit the robot’s idea that he is Adam Golaski. Things get weird when the real Golaski starts questioning the robot, eventually asking what his father’s last words were. Spoiler: the robot knew them.

I’m not entirely sure what this game will be about, but Frictional is doing a fine job setting the stage for what sounds like an incredibly creepy near future robo-horror game. Check out the latest video, titled Mockingbird, after the jump.

And here’s the newly decrypted — and extremely fucking creepy — text log to go with it:

A standard UH3 articulated robot, active fluid memory with an approximated intelligence CORRUPT DATA shows a much more active mind CORRUPT DATA spontaneously developed a desire to socialize from observing human interaction?

CORRUPT DATA intelligence first noted by Security Officer Douglas Strohmaier while investigating an automated distress signal coming from Construct Depot 11 CORRUPT DATA Mockingbird had pried another UH3 open and removed its AI-unit CORRUPT DATA made motions resembling those of eating, moving it close to its camera, and making sounds similar to smacking of the lips CORRUPT DATA it introduced itself as Chief Engineer Adam Golaski.

Quarantined in T260 Machine Rep CORRUPT DATA during the night it had taken itself apart. AM Engineer Imogen Reed quickly records an interview in case the Mockingbird would continue its self-destruction. CORRUPT DATA appears there is a real Adam Golaski working at Omicron. Invited Chief Engineer Golaski to talk to the impostor construct.

That sounds like cannibal robots to me.

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