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[Freaky Fashion] ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Most Impractical Dresser

Jessica Sherawat is one of the standout fashion travesties of Resident Evil: Revelations and that’s saying something for a game that has a man that’s rocking a flaming orange flock of seagulls hairdo. (more like hair-don’t, amiright?!)

My best guess is the fully inflated child’s life vest Jessica wears at all times is cutting off circulation to her brain. Her oxygen-deprived brain led her to think keeping one leg fully exposed is actually a good idea in a combat scenario. The other possibility is this is the result of a poor decision made by a character designer at Capcom. Either way, one cosplayer has taken it upon herself to bring this look into the real world — sillyness aside, it looks pretty cool. Check her out.

For more of aoi-takamura’s work, check out her gallery.

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