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Psychopaths Can Be Convinced To Join Your Side In ‘Dead Rising 3’

Psychopaths have been the bane of many of my attempts to play a Dead Rising game. They’re always ridiculously overpowered and I tend to run into them after I’ve saved a group of survivors that always get killed almost immediately. The tiger in the second game was particularly annoying. Thankfully, in Dead Rising 3, there may be a way to get around that.

In a recent interview, Capcom producer Mike Jones confirmed that both human enemies and psychopaths can be convinced to join your side. “There is actually a handful of like story branch decisions points where — there are multiple — there are kind of like faction decisions where some characters will join you and be your ally.”

That sounds really.. intriguing. The psychos in Dead Rising 3 are all inspired by the seven deadly sins — maybe there will be an achievement for turning all seven to your side, assuming they can all be convinced?

Jones also discussed the gore, which has been taken to an entirely new level of nasty by Capcom’s delightfully twisted design team.

“We modeled all of the guts and insides so we want to show it off, show off all of the nastiness,” Jones told Polygon. “So you’ll see missing pieces of chest missing arms jaws, missing eyes, open heads. It is all dynamically generated. That’s what we did with all of our Xbox One memory we model the guts and bones. it is all anatomically correct.”

“You can cut a zombies arm off and he’ll try to attack but he can’t grab you,” said Airhart. “You can decapitate zombies but you can actually take half of their head off.”

So it sounds like Capcom is using the Xbox One’s power to give us the goriest damn zombie game we’ve ever seen. I think I’m okay with that.

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