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[TV] Does “The Walking Dead” Have A Population Problem?

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” pulls in a huge amount of viewers each week, easily more people than are ostensibly still alive and roaming the planet on the program. But are there too many walkers? Would they have been wiped out by now?

4Chan has some interesting thoughts on the matter. Here they do the numbers on the amount of humans vs. walkers on the show, and their math points to an interesting conclusion – all of the walkers would be dead by now.

Now, I haven’t been watching the show recently. In fact, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it that I’m not sure if the dead are rising from their graves or not. If they are, then this math goes out the window. But I don’t remember seeing that happen.



  • mfcmk1

    Does 4Chan realize that this is a fictional show, and that most shows on TV don’t make sense in some aspect or another? Does the Walking Dead really need to explain where the Zombies are coming from? Let’s not forget that someone has been luring zombies to the prison using live bait…

    Lets just enjoy the show, we don’t need them some geek with a calculator trying to determine how many zombies there should or should not be. As long as it’s entertaining and has good kills/gore I’m all in.

  • Danz

    Actually, from season 1 to 3, something around 500 zombies were killed, so this 200 zombies a month thing doesn’t work at all. In fact, that only counts if each person in each group would go out of safety to kill 10 zombies every month, including kids, elders, debilitate people, which clearly doesn’t happens. This math is completely failed.

    • Danz

      And I’m not even counting the number of deseased people, because this 3 million folks are not immortals…

  • Baphomitt

    3,000,000 survivors seems like an extremely optimistic number. How many living characters have been on the show so far, much less featured? 300, at the very most? According to this kid’s math, there would be 3,125 *groups* of 20 left just in the state of Georgia. So, he’s saying there are still 62,200 (minus the 300 we’ve already seen) survivors in Georgia, alone, that the cast hasn’t ran into yet. That would give them enough survivors for 17,768 (minus the 3.5 we’ve already seen) more seasons of the show.

    • Baphomitt

      *Sorry, 204 seasons… Idk where I got 17k (wishes there was an edit button)

  • diapers

    Sure, it is an interesting mind game. But any and all of his assumptions could be tweaked to come up with very different outcomes. For instance, the 99% death rate… where does that come from? This was a fictional slow(ish) advance of a communicable disease that is 100% fatal. So either you get it, or you don’t. The survival rate = those who don’t get bit. Plus, its just a goddamn TV show. Who cares?

  • sillylung1192

    Before we all go crazy about this we all need to remember one thing, this was originally on 4chan. That is all

  • The Grither

    “…400,000-to-one by my calculations.” –Dr. Logan

  • The Grither

    Also, although those numbers may make some kind of logical or numerical sense, we have to keep in mind the unpredictability of people. Especially when they are in a state of panic.

  • zibby

    Plus you have to factor in that living humans are definitely killing other living humans, not just zombies. So that throws a wrench in those calculations right there.

  • Canucklehead

    If there’s a lesson in all this it’s that life is too short to spend your time doing math to suck all the fun out of a show that I like watching.

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