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Holy Smokes, Batman! It’s Another ‘Minecraft’ Roller Coaster!

I love covering Minecraft roller coasters, even though they steal from me any confidence I may have in my own creations.

We’ve seen plenty of unforgettable ones already, including roller coasters inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters, but this new Batman inspired coaster easily ranks among the best. It’s trippy, features a bit of stop-motion editing and borders on the unbelievable — read on to see it in action!



  • isitdead

    God that was awful

    • Kainrich

      Not to mention that it was filmed in stop motion, so I’m assuming that all the moving parts of the ride (like Bruce Wayne suiting up) wasn’t made with the in game mechanics and just captured as they built it up. I could be wrong though?

      Still beats anything I could make though! We’ve just been spoiled by the other sweet ones that were posted to BD.

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    That was weird.. even for me.

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