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Exclusive: Controversial ‘A Serbian Film’ Gets Uncut Edition…

Invincible Pictures is releasing a new UNCUT DVD edition of the controversial A Serbian Film, Bloody Disgusting exclusively learned. A free digital copy is included that may be redeemed exclusively via movie streaming service FlixFling.

After weathering the intense storm of controversy surrounding the film’s unflinching depictions of sex and violence a limited run of uncut DVDs was released. Fan response was incredibly strong and the limited edition A Serbian Film sold out rapidly. Since then, a growing chorus of fans demanded another print run. Invincible Pictures took notice and answered the call with the perfect stocking stuffer for the Holidays. Sources tell Bloody Disgusting that it wasn’t easy getting this uncut edition produced due to issues with the content.

“A Serbian Film is unquestionably the most controversial release of the past decade,” said Invincible Pictures’ CEO Tom Ashley. “This makes the uncut edition of A Serbian Film the perfect gift for the whole family — if your last name happens to be Manson! In all seriousness, this is director Srdjan Spasojevic’s uncensored masterpiece, and we’re making it widely available for fans who missed it the first time around.

While Tex wasn’t a fan here on Bloody, I was. In fact, I think the movie is a work of art. A Serbian Film is a demented “Alice in Wonderland”-themed horror movie that’s absolutely stunning to look at. While the subject matter is disturbing, it’s a movie, it’s not real, and director Srdjan Spasojevic isn’t in the business of selling positive emotions to impressionable viewers. Clearly, the acts in Serbian are heinous. What bothers me are movies that are mean-spirited just for the sake of being mean-spirited. A Serbian Film is not that…

If you want to see the director’s full version, the uncut edition of A Serbian Film is available for purchase now on DVD with digital copy from Invincible Pictures, Amazon, and other retailers.




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