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Exclusive: Controversial ‘A Serbian Film’ Gets Uncut Edition…

Invincible Pictures is releasing a new UNCUT DVD edition of the controversial A Serbian Film, Bloody Disgusting exclusively learned. A free digital copy is included that may be redeemed exclusively via movie streaming service FlixFling.

After weathering the intense storm of controversy surrounding the film’s unflinching depictions of sex and violence a limited run of uncut DVDs was released. Fan response was incredibly strong and the limited edition A Serbian Film sold out rapidly. Since then, a growing chorus of fans demanded another print run. Invincible Pictures took notice and answered the call with the perfect stocking stuffer for the Holidays. Sources tell Bloody Disgusting that it wasn’t easy getting this uncut edition produced due to issues with the content.

“A Serbian Film is unquestionably the most controversial release of the past decade,” said Invincible Pictures’ CEO Tom Ashley. “This makes the uncut edition of A Serbian Film the perfect gift for the whole family — if your last name happens to be Manson! In all seriousness, this is director Srdjan Spasojevic’s uncensored masterpiece, and we’re making it widely available for fans who missed it the first time around.

While Tex wasn’t a fan here on Bloody, I was. In fact, I think the movie is a work of art. A Serbian Film is a demented “Alice in Wonderland”-themed horror movie that’s absolutely stunning to look at. While the subject matter is disturbing, it’s a movie, it’s not real, and director Srdjan Spasojevic isn’t in the business of selling positive emotions to impressionable viewers. Clearly, the acts in Serbian are heinous. What bothers me are movies that are mean-spirited just for the sake of being mean-spirited. A Serbian Film is not that…

If you want to see the director’s full version, the uncut edition of A Serbian Film is available for purchase now on DVD with digital copy from Invincible Pictures, Amazon, and other retailers.



  • sweetooth

    Region 1 gets screwed again with only a standard def release.

    Why no blu?

  • sweetooth

    And people wonder why people pirate movies…
    I can get a superior quality uncut version from a torrent site for free, why would I pay for an inferior quality dvd?

    • ChildoftheKoRn

      Until you get caught and are forced to only watch VHS tapes of anything you wanna watch…the horror…the horror…

  • KnightOfTears

    Oddly enough even though it’s NTSC…language is Serbian LOL

  • tbaio

    Why anyone would want to watch this again & again is beyond me. The cut I saw unedited or not was grueling. To the film’s defense though, it was successful in what it set out to do: shock & repulse its audience.

    • divisionbell

      Because as rough as this movie was, it was incredibly well done.

      • tbaio

        There is no doubt that it was well done..especially in the acting dept. Hell, The Deer Hunter was well done too; an Academy Award Best Film in fact; I wouldn’t sit through that one again either. A Serbian Film is not the type of film that anyone can “get in to.” You can’t show this to the average co-worker, neighbor, friend, girl/boy friend, etc; they will look at you strangely (& appropriately so). Also, the average person would not want anyone to know that they watched this again & again. With all that, I ask why bother?

        • Duke Richards

          Guess I’m not the average person. I love sick disturbing films like this and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about me liking it.
          Movies that are “vanilla” just don’t cut it for everyone

        • Paulochainsawmassacre

          Average people tend to be limited by social convention and a need to ‘fit in’. Movies like this are for people that understand art and can perceive the positive aspects that art brings to the table regardless of subject matter. It is important film makers break taboo’s and trends in order for the world to move forward. Thats why people should bother.

          • tbaio

            Would you watch this movie with someone while on a first date? If so, I guess I’m wrong then. Thanks for the feedback, folks.

          • Paulochainsawmassacre

            No but then I wouldn’t take a first date to a movie full stop. But I own this movie and have lent it to several girl friends and most didn’t have a problem with it.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    If you buy this or are willing to sit through it again you should be murdered.

    • djblack1313

      PatrickxJonathan, you should be murdered for typing that.
      see how stupid you sound? i am NO fan of this movie but for fuck’s sake it’s a movie. saying someone should be murdered for watching a movie is ridiculous.

      • PresidentObama

        Dude, I love your comments because it’s always objective (from what I’ve read) and you’re always spot on. You just keep hitting the nail, dude!

        • djblack1313

          thanx PresidentObama! 🙂

      • divisionbell

        Very well said.

        • djblack1313

          thanx divisionbell! 🙂

    • Golic

      I’m gonna buy it, and watch it again; just because you said that. Seriously though, the film is way too poorly made to take seriously; the effects were so far from believable, I’m amazed anyone could get their panties in such a bunch over it.

      • ChildoftheKoRn

        How could you think the dick through the skull was fake? This is the best documentary I’ve seen in years.

        • Golic


    • Lain

      Because murdering someone is totally less heinous than watching a movie. Wow. Get off your high horse, ignoramus.


    why would anyone buy this to begin with?

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    Probably the only horror movie besides the original Saw that really shocked me when I watched it for the first time. I’d rather watch A Serbian film again than watch Human Centipede part II (mostly because of the birth scene 0_o)

  • Krug09

    I honestly wish i had never seen this film. its got to be the sickest film i have ever seen. it stood with me. i understand it had a message and its not a badly made movie but so fucking sick. seriously raping a new born baby? sick shit man.

  • Chancey289

    Sorry man, I can’t buy that bullshit that A Serbian Film is “something more”. It’s just a movie that wants to try and one up all the other sick and crazy fucked up movies out there.

  • PresidentObama

    The article title gave me the impression that this was a different “uncut” version but based on that comment from the distributor, I guess it’s just a re-release of the previous one, right?

    Anyway, as “bloody disgusting” the contents of this movie may be, and it is, it’s nothing compared to the horror going on in the “real lives” of people in unfortunate situations/countries. Some people can’t get over the fact that this is just a “movie” which is totally missing the point, and I think this is, tastes aside, the ultimate horror movie that will be talked about for decades to come, in other words, it’s a work of art and a masterpiece.

  • Kroork

    This is the most disgusting and offensive movie I have ever seen. Actually the only movie I know that is an abomination to me. I have never seen anything so disgusting just for the sake of being disgusting. Any movie that contains *spoiler!!!!!!* baby rape never deserves to be seen. *end spoiler* and I personally judge anyone who enjoyed it. I love some fucked up violent movies. I love gore, I live for it. But there is a line. And this movie crossed it. Just my opinion.

  • There’s nothing for me to get upset about. I read the synopsis before, and I’ve seen others discuss the infamous scene in other places. That was enough for me to say no thanks to A Serbian Film, and I will never take the time to watch this, ever. Simple as that.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      100 percent agree. I’ve heard enough about it, I know everything that happens and I don’t need/want to watch it. If people like this film, far be it from me to say something’s wrong with them. I like watching people get killed in creative ways in movies, who am I to judge? But I definitely think there are some people out there who claim to love a movie like this just because they think it makes them look so badass and impossible to affect. “Oh, look at me, I love the most vile, horrific shit you’ve ever seen” as though that makes them something special (it doesn’t). But I don’t view all of this movie’s fans that way. I’m sure some legitimately enjoy it for a variety of reasons, but I can do without it.

      • “But I definitely think there are some people out there who claim to love a movie like this just because they think it makes them look so badass and impossible to affect. “Oh, look at me, I love the most vile, horrific shit you’ve ever seen”

        Yeah, that crowd is out there. I have no doubts there are people out there, who legitimately enjoy A Serbian Film, but you’ll have people, who’ll watch sick and nasty shit for the sole purpose of being “hardcore” so they can say “I sat through it!” I have similar feelings for Human Centipede II (and I LOVED the First Sequence). But everyone has their own personal preferences, I guess.

        • WalkWithMeInDarkness

          Exactly. It’s the same with people who love to say that no movie has ever scared them. I’m sure that’s true with some people, but others are simply trying to appear so hard and fearless that they lie their asses off about being scared of anything.

      • Darkness69

        Me too. I will never watch this film, not only because I know what’s going on in it, but also because I find no aesthetic quality in it whatsoever. To watch it simply for its shock value is unacceptable. Also, I have to agree with a Serbian actor and director Dragan Bjelogrlic when he says: “Shallow and plain wrong – sum up my feelings about this movie. I have a problem with A Serbian Film. Its director in particular. I’ve got a serious problem with the boy whose father got wealthy during the 1990s — nothing against making money, but I know how money was made in Serbia during the 1990s — and then pays for his son’s education abroad and eventually the kid comes back to Serbia to film his view of the country using his dad’s money and even calls the whole thing A Serbian Film. To me that’s a metaphor for something unacceptable. The second generation comes back to the country and using the money that was robbed from the people of Serbia, smears the very same people by portraying them as the worst scum of the earth.”

  • Sold out on amazon already.

  • Ozzypinapple

    Id like to have an uncut version of this movie that i would most likely not watch any time soon, but not for 30 dollars shipping! I mean come on! The shipping is more expensive then the dang dvd.

  • Diavolina72

    I bought this movie months ago and it took me about a month to actually sit and watch it. It has been the only movie that almost had me giving up horror…almost.

  • Kwonkicker

    This film, along with The 120 Days of Sodom, should be cast into the foulest depths of Hell along with the director. Look I admit as a horror fan I’ve seen some nasty shit. I’ll be the first one to defend a film’s right to depict any type of material it wants, but there is a limit. People critiqued the Saw and Hostel films and dubbed it torture porn. Thing is, Saw or Hostel never took themselves seriously. It was just to scare people with all the gore.

    But this film, for fuck’s sake, there is NOTHING redeemable about it. Direction is shit, acting is shit, etc. No matter what the director says, this is not a work of art nor does it hold some deep rooted message or symbolism. It’s vile and crass smut.

  • goryway2go

    It was a sick and twisted film with no purpose other then to shock a person, just a vile film which I just had to see because of the review I saw on BD.

  • Paulochainsawmassacre

    I covered this movie in my dissertation, there was similar uproar when psycho was released. It’s all relative, in ten years, this will be considered tame.

  • Tremors

    A lot of bad opinions/wrong opinions in these comments. In any regard, the uncut version was released in the US by Invincible over a year ago. I know, because I have it. It’s a jewel case glued to a piece of cardboard (they were making it as simplistic as possible so it’d appear to be a real snuff film or something). Now Invincible is just trying to milk money out of people. As far as people saying this film was senseless and pointless, don’t be so dense.

  • Snoogans122

    The 1st pressing artwork was much better. it’s VERY rare now though…

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