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First ‘Alien: Isolation’ Screenshots Leak Online

That didn’t take long. A few days ago, some artwork leaked online for Alien: Isolation that featured who we think is Ellen Ripley’s daughter — it’s an educated guess, seeing as she’s expected to be the game’s lead — and now we may have more of it.

This time, it’s a handful of attractive screenshots that were leaked on Twitter. Now, these haven’t been confirmed and they’re certainly not official, but I’m liking what I see. I’m hesitant to get even a little excited for this, mostly since the bad taste Colonial Marines left in my mouth is still very much there. That game looked better in the screens and gameplay footage that was shown prior to its release than the “finished” retail product did, so shady screens are hardly anything to go by theses days.

With that said, there are four of them waiting for you after the break. They look sufficiently creepy, even though there’s nary a blood splatter or Xenomorph in sight.



  • weresmurf

    At first I was against this, but then I had to take stock. How many games of Aliens have ACTUALLY worked well? Probably 2 out of a DOZEN. So why not. Plus the scenery looks *very* impressive.

  • divisionbell

    If they manage to handle this like the original alien film (more survival horror) this could be great.

  • drmodem

    I was really impressed that the cover art looked related to the original ALIEN cover art, using the same greens and font. These shots look stunning, too. It looks like a lot of care has been taken to stay true to the original film, and the lighting is really superb, which suggests there’s a focus on atmosphere. All looking good so far. I’m really excited!

  • Taboo

    Wow this is pretty good so far. I really hope it’s a good game.

  • ComradeQ

    For me, the biggest joy of these screenshots (besides the lighting and atmosphere) is that there are no massive guns, no gung-ho marines. After the ho-hum reception of Aliens: Colonial Marines, it is time for video games to return to Alien’s Gothic and psychological approach to horror as opposed to the action horror popularized by Aliens. In video game terms, a return to Silent Hill’s fear through dread as opposed to the recent Resident Evils’ fear through jump scares and overt violence.

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