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400,000 People Have Purchased The ‘DayZ’ Standalone

Sales of the DayZ standalone are quickly approaching half a million in its first week of availability on Steam Early Access, its developer announced today. That’s crazy impressive, especially for a game that hasn’t officially released — and not to mention one that costs $30. That means there’s several hundred thousand people waiting to stab you in the stomach as soon as you spawn in so they can loot the good stuff off your still-warm corpse (my first experience with the game wasn’t very positive).

It’s still far from finished, but Dean Hall has been clear that this is still very much a work in progress. Since its initial release on Steam the game has seen three patches, so it’s continually evolving into the unforgiving zombie survival simulator fans want it to be.

If you want an idea of what it looked like a few weeks ago, check out my brief playthrough of it below.



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  • Kane Soto

    i never got a chance to play the mod but most of my clan members did religiously… they were excited about standalone so i ended up getting it and for the first time playing a dayz game i like it alot even if its in early alpha. they arent too happy with it though but like i said i never played the mod so i really have no comparison in which to find flaws

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