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[Random Cool] You Have To See This Shocking Porn Casting Call!

Created by My Duck’s Vision, Bloody Disgusting reader ‘Jian R.’ sent us this awesome viral video that requires a bit of patience.

In the below, a Russian girl is being auditioned in what appears to be a porn video. If you get bored, skim ahead to the final minute where you’ll get to see some awesome gore and even better visual effects work.

I wish we could get these guys for a V/H/S sequel!



  • dirtyghettok

    Wow.. I want to say something else, but,,, wow. Mad props to whoever,,, well,, just watch.

  • Polsdofer


    • FormerHuman

      Super lame. Also, blood on the lens shouldn’t be in focus. Amateur hour.

  • Smarty

    Overall, I thought this scene was perfect, content-wise-for a V/H/S film. I think there may be some minor details that can be worked out, but overall, I felt like this would make a great addition to the series!

  • chetrog

    Would of been better if it was only a minute long or so.

  • SaltSlasher

    It was the second flash of black. But it seems like it is just a picture of her after the 1st flash. Which is genius, cause if that is what they did, you couldn’t tell whether it is her sitting there or not.

    Good effects, but little “reason”. If she can kill with snap of fingers why did she need to pull an assassin move and throw whatever it was that she threw.

  • dirtyghettok

    I stand by my first statement. I think it’s clever, quick and they deserve a chance for a V/H/S 3. (please make a V/H/S 3)

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