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Sit Back And Enjoy 8 Minutes Of ‘Alien: Isolation’ Footage

Official PlayStation Magazine UK had the opportunity to sit down with a demo of the newly announced Alien: Isolation, resulting in about eight minutes of intense gameplay footage that definitely drives home that Outlast comparison. If the retail release can turn the massive amount of potential this demo displays, then we may very well have that Alien game many of us have been clamoring for for years. See it in action after the jump.

Alien: Isolation is slated to arrive in late 2014 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.



  • divisionbell

    Man I don’t want to get my hopes too high, but they definitely seem to be going in the right direction with this!

    • aaronreason1987

      I agree. This game looks like it could be the best in the series, but so did Colonial Marines (but at least the studio(s) that worked on CM isn’t working on this). We will see as Isolation gets closer but I’m looking forward to this now.

      • Slasher716

        Anything will be better than the last few Alien games lol Including Aliens: Colonial Marines! 🙂

  • Ravinus

    Looks promising if your attention span can accommodate it.

    • divisionbell

      That’s true. A single villain could be a tough sell for a full game. But if it is handled right it could make for one hell of a spooky experience. This is the approach I’ve always wanted to see someone take with a Friday the 13th game.

      • Slasher716

        I doubt if they won’t put in the face sucking creature at one point of the game…

        but I think most would agree, 1 lone villain in the game is far more than 100 aliens running at you and guns blazing.

        Like the dev stated in the video, he doubts it will “sell well” because it’s not an FPS game like Colonial Marines, ect. I think this is the right move for the Aliens Game franchise. When was the last time a good Aliens game was released? Oh yeah… Alien vs Predator 2 (only on PC version) and that’s too long.

  • Pav

    Looks nice. But i’ve been so many times dissapointed that i’m not getting excited. Until it’s released…

  • al-Kahin

    Oooooh this could be so good. So glad they keep the alien in the shadows. It’s so much more frightening when you can only just see it. The original movie keeps it so hidden most of the time so that its what you don’t/can’t see that keeps it frightening. Blasting bugger after bugger makes the xenomorph a conquered creature. Fun in its own way, but it’s fantastic that we’ll have this variety. Seems like a Ridley Scott version of ‘Outlast.’ Totally awesome.

  • al-Kahin

    I’m curious how they fit in the Nostromo seeing as it was blown to atoms and the xenomorph is floating in the great beyond.. Still extremely excited, but hoping they don’t biff with a shoddy story.

  • Slasher716

    Having only “ONE” Alien is the smartest thing they’ve ever done, in fact what made Alien: Colonial Marines silly and stupid was that it had way too many types. Including some Aliens that looked like they were half zombies or even dog aliens.

    It was stupid and almost ruined the franchise of Aliens for me. I am now rest to mind in that they chose the ORIGINAL Alien from the first Alien movie. This makes me happy. It also makes it easier for devs to not have to make up some stupid new types of Aliens for the game just for the player to have some “Fun” all at the end to backfire on the experience because we just want to live the movie. That’s why we play an Alien game right?

  • Damobloggs

    It’s getting so the games industry deliver where the movie industry can’t. After the goat f*ck that was Prometheus, this will be a welcome compensation.

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