[TV] New “Hannibal” Promotion Poster Locks Up the Cast

  • HorrorFancy

    Looks like some type of ‘Saw’ game show.

    Easy to Google, but they have released some more information regarding the second season (somewhat spoilerish); which I have to say, as gotten me even more excited than I was previously. If Fuller continues with what he is going for in S2 for future seasons, its going to be a gritty ride!

    • HorrorFancy

      First teaser trailer for 2nd Season as well!

      If I have one qualm with the series, it is how they always (IMO) botch that poor Aria (did it in the E1 S1 as well).

  • John Marrone

    Holy shit people this is the cream of the crop coming from horror right now and (miracle) its coming from NBC. I agree with HorrorFancy – this is all Fuller’s baby, the style, the casting, the storyline choices and patience telling Hannibal’s complete tale. If NBC has enough sense to keep paying him whats needed, this could go down as an orgasm of horror storyltelling at a production level thats like LOST / film quality. The writing and the acting and production are maxxed out 10/10. And Mads IS Hannibal. He takes it to a level that Hopkins reached, and adds a little more. I NEVER thought I would have felt this way about a first season (or) Hannibal TV show. Praying it stays on track like this for 2-3 more seasons. If they get Clarice right when its time… damn

    • djblack1313

      @John Marrone, unfortunately Fuller & Co. don’t have the rights to use the Clarice character. i hear he’s trying to get the rights but as of now no luck.