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6 Of The Scariest Monsters From The ‘Silent Hill’ Series!

I’m happy to announce that this week is Silent Hill Week here on Bloody Disgusting! Why, you ask? The reasons are twofold. First off, why not? Silent Hill is awesome, and it’s a series that’s worth celebrating. Secondly, the original game will see its fifteenth anniversary on Friday, so there’s that too. I’d very much like to kick this off with a look at one of the (many) things that makes this series so unforgettable: the monsters.

Read on for my list of six of the scariest monsters from Silent Hill!

By the way, I’ve omitted boss monsters from this list as I’ll be taking a look at those in a separate feature later this week.

Grey Child (Silent Hill)

Oh yes, the Grey Child. Even it’s name is creepy enough to warrant a mention here. These stab-happy psychopaths were the physical manifestation of Allessa Gillespie’s abusive classmates, who tormented her because she was a little different. Their childlike appearance was so unsettling they were replaced by Mumblers (i.e. headless teddy bears) in the European and Japanese versions of Silent Hill. Apparently, the rest of the world wasn’t ready for twisted demon children that laugh as they stab you to death.

Honorable Mention: Larval Stalker

Lying Figure (Silent Hill 2)

This bizarre baddie is the first thing James encounters in Silent Hill 2, and boy, is it memorable. The Lying Figure (also known as the Armless Man and Condom Man) is the personification of the time James spent in hospitals taking care of his wife. If you can imagine being trapped in a straight jacket made from your own flesh, then you’ll have a decent idea of what these guys go through on a daily basis. It’s no wonder they need to vent some of their frustration — and icky black goo — on the first unfortunate soul that gets within squirting distance. Give me a second while I think about what I just wrote…

Honorable Mention: Mannequin

Insane Cancer (Silent Hill 3)

I’d like to say these guys are the personification of nasty, and they very well could. They have a few possible meanings, from representing the corruption of Silent Hill itself, to the mindset of Alessa, who feels like an unstoppable cancer. Either way, they’re gross. The only name that would’ve been better than “Insane Cancer” is “Cancerous Mass of Bulbous, Pus Filled Tumors,” but I have a feeling that would be just a wee bit too long.

Honorable Mention: Numb Body

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