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Metallica’s Grammy Performance Of “One” Was Pretty Awesome

Metal legends Metallica took the stage last night at the 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony to perform their mega-hit “One”, which comes from their …And Justice For All album. The band was joined by Lang Lang, a Chinese concert pianist who has led orchestras around the world. A video performance can be seen below (forgive the dubbing at the beginning).



  • doomas10

    I like MEtallica although I pretty much hated everything after MOP. Having said that though, I do like them for trying many different things and not trying to capitalize on the “match” thrash metal image. So even when they failed terribly with Lou Reed – that album was just atrocious! – I respect for do it anyway. This performance further proves that they do indeed have broad (musical) horizons. Awesome


    I love Metallica and always will. I hated Lulu with a passion and always will (RIP Lou) And honestly this was the performance I watched the Grammy’s for because of all the hype. But I was really underwhelmed by it. I just felt like it was unrehearsed and rushed. There was so much potential to match up or fill in certain parts with piano but instead they just mashed it together in a hurry

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