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This Is The Best ‘Silent Hill’ Nurse Cosplay I’ve Ever Seen

It’s no secret that Silent Hill is a series that’s brought us some terrifying monsters, many of which we’ve seen transition to the world of cosplay. Of the many Silent Hill creatures that get the cosplay treatment, the iconic Nurse is by far the most popular of the bunch. I’ve seen so many people tackle it, yet none have done it as successfully as this. I would swear this cosplayer stumbled off the set of the latest movie. Pictures after the jump!

For more of Mike Rollerson’s work, check out his portfolio.

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  • Darkness69

    Utterly sick – love it!

  • Pav

    Ohhh, like in my dreams 🙂

  • ro55er

    i want to ask anyone,what is the scariest ghost movie ever made in their opinion and why ?

    • Adam Dodd

      I wouldn’t say it’s the scariest, but one of my favorite ghost movies is The Innskeepers. It’s incredibly creepy.

  • GarmentDistrict

    Looks less like cosplay and more like concept art. Any Silent Hill stuff is cool though

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