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This Is The Most Unnerving Thing I’ve Seen This Week

This is the first time I’ve seen someone tackle Silent Hill: Downpour cosplay, and wow did they do a great job. I didn’t recognize it at first, but this is the sex doll monster — also known as the coolest enemy in the game. It’s the work of Mike Rollerson, a photographer whose nurse cosplay I featured in our Silent Hill Week event.

This real-world version is horrifying. I’m pretty sure it’s been forever burned into my delicate mind. Check her out after the jump, if you dare.

Update: Unsurprisingly, this took a small team to achieve what you see above (and below). In addition to Rollerson’s amazing photos, the prosthetics/gore were handled by Alexander Slander, Eddiehxc did the wig, and Aja Doll is responsible for the incredible cosplay costume/body makeup.

Aja shared some more details with me, “It took roughly about 7 hours of makeup application, the mask was adhered directly to my face, the blood effect was made from scratch and was extremely hot during application (thanks Alexander), the wig was actually 4 feet long before it was cut/styled and there was a cute little dog on the set who didn’t mind my torn face.” That’s a lot of work, but I’d say we can all agree it was well worth it.

For more of Rollerson’s work, check out his portfolio.

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  • MonkeyShadow

    Well actually, it’s one of the monsters from Silent Hill Downpour : the dolls. Awesome cosplay !

    • Adam Dodd

      Holy crap, you’re right, it is. Those were even my favorite monster in the game (slim pickings there), I don’t know how I didn’t recognize it.

      • SlashAndThrash

        probably just a testament to Downpour’s unfortunate lack of longevity

  • SlashAndThrash

    this is absolutely great, very cool.

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