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Biofeedback Horror Adventure Game ‘Nevermind’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The biofeedback-enhanced indie horror game Nevermind made its way to Kickstarter today, where the team behind it is looking to raise $250,000 to fund development of the game. That’s a fair amount of cash right there, but with the hype surrounding its unique stress management mechanic, it stands a good chance of reaching its goal. The gist of it is this: Nevermind tracks your heart-rate and becomes more difficult as the horrors going on on-screen start to stress you out.

Eventually, the only way you can proceed is by learning to manage your stress. Once you’ve accomplished that, you’ve learned a valuable tool for the real world.

If you’d like to support Nevermind, you can show it some love on its Kickstarter campaign.

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