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Valentine’s Day Short “Yours Truly” Features Crazy Hot Cast…

Florida filmmaker Nick Flash has always been a huge supporter of Bloody Disgusting, so we’re giving back to this aspiring directing by sharing his short Valentine’s Day-themed slasher, “Yours Truly”.

While the short plays like a Miley Cyrus video, and has some questionable acting, the girls in it are insanely hot, and there’s some nice gore.

This a tale about a young girl named Molly who has been fed up with Valentines Day ever since she heard the rumors that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. But when she gets home and discovers chocolates, roses, and a heartfelt poem, she decides not to give up on her boyfriend or Valentines Day after all. But was it really her boyfriend who sent her the gifts, or was it a crazy maniac with a hammer who has been stalking her and bashing in all of her friends skulls?



  • randallflagg666

    Wow….Nick Flash owes me a apology for watching that.

  • Rabester72

    The girls are insanely hot you say… well seeing as I’m into guys I’ll give this a miss. Hacks me off the amount of times I see shit raved about on here because of a blonde with big tits. We aint all into that! Some of us are into horror coz we love it, not coz we love tits and ass.

  • Evan3

    Well, this was absolutely so bad its good. I hope to god that the killer’s evil laughter was written IN the card. The girls were smoking hot too.

    @MrDisgusting, @Rabester72 does have a point. I am straight (and married), but this site does highlight the female body a lot without ever talking about males. It would be interesting to see a list of the “hottest guys in horror” or “best final guys.” Just some diversity.

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