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Red Band Trailer For Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’ Brings On The Cult Massacre!

I might be the only employee of this site that has yet to see the latest feature from Ti West, The Sacrament (read our review). I’m hoping that will change soon because the trailer looks great! It looks like West has brought a lot of atmosphere, always his strong suit, to the faux doc format. The performances also look strong across the board. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a fan of Seimetz, Bowen and Swanberg – but they all seem to be stepping outside of their comfort zones a bit here and landing nicely as they do so.

Directed by West (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, V/H/S) and produced by Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever, The Last Exorcism, Aftershock, The Green Inferno), the film stars Joe Swanberg (V/H/S, You’re Next, A Horrible Way To Die), AJ Bowen (You’re Next, A Horrible Way To Die, The House of the Devil, The Signal), Kentucker Audley (V/H/S), Amy Seimetz (You’re Next, A Horrible Way to Die, Tiny Furniture) and Gene Jones (No Country for Old Men). It opens on VOD platforms May 5 with a Limited theatrical run beginning on June 6.

“The Sacrament follows two Vice media correspondents as they set out to document their friend’s search to find his missing sister. They travel outside of the United States to an undisclosed location where they are welcomed into the world of “Eden Parish,” a self-sustained rural utopia comprised of nearly 200 members. At the centre of this small, religious, socialist community is a mysterious leader known only as “Father.” As their friend reunites with his sister, it becomes apparent to the newcomers that this paradise may not be as it seems. What started as just another documentary shoot soon becomes a race to escape with their lives.



  • This-is-Beetle

    About time! Cannot wait to see this.

  • John Marrone

    Something about Ti West films that really appeals to the part of me that loved the thrillers of the 70’s so much. Cant put my finger on it exactly, but its great chem. This looks great, glad to see he’s fine tuning his thing.

  • Spike0037

    The fact that VICE is involved wit this is really really cool.

  • horrorking95

    I was hoping for something a little more subtly disturbing like The Seventh Continent. It looks alright though and I do find cults fascinating.

  • Jaysin Horror

    I can’t wait to see this! Ti West continuously puts out great work!

  • pyrepunk

    Looks really good

  • kareem

    Loved House of the Devil and The Innkeepers, he’s definitely a director to watch out for and the trailer…oh gahd

  • EvilHead1981

    Almost looks like a “based on a true story” loose retelling of Jonestown. Call me intrigued!

    • Baphomitt

      Almost? The cult leader is literally Jim Jones. Jonestown: The Movie. How fucking lazy can you get?

      • djblack1313

        @Baphomitt, calm down. you’ll blow a gasket.

        • Baphomitt

          No worries. I calmed down as soon as I hopped over to the next site where everyone was already blasting this.

      • EmPleH

        Just watched that movie this week. It looks a lot like the documentary that it’s scary. At least put inspired by true events or something because this looks exactly like Jonestown.

  • Ozzypinapple

    Yeah where is the “Based on a true story”? I feel like if you’ve seen any documentary about Jonestown, there wont be any surprises here. I havent seen the movie so i cant say for sure but everything in that trailer is straight out of Jonestown.
    That being said, it still looks good.

  • Kind of a meh trailer for me, but I’m still looking forward to this. Although, I’ll admit, I had my fill on the “news team exposing a creepy cult” stuff after V/H/S 2 and Safe Haven. lol.

  • BobbyGuerrieri

    I actually got to go to a screening of this with Ti West there for a Q&A. I have VERY strong feelings about it. Here’s my review if you’re interested:

    • Baphomitt

      “Ti West, is truly one of the greatest horror masterminds of our time.” You’re so fucking fired.

  • Daniel

    Looks better than I expected. I wish he would stop with the found footage crap though.

  • Patrick

    I feel Ti West just gave a big fuck you to Kevin Smith and Red State.

  • Evan3

    Anyone know if this is getting a wide release?

  • Zebraman1428

    This is gonna be awesome. After House of the Devil and The Innkeepers as far as I’m concerned Ti West can do no wrong.

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