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‘Reaper Of Souls’ Track Takes Us To The Blood Marsh

In this haunting track released by Blizzard after a recent Q&A, we get an aural taste of one of Diablo III’s new environments that will be introduced in its upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion, dubbed the Blood Marsh. It’s equal parts creepy and beautiful, and it’s very much something I’d like to add to my video game music playlist, alongside everything Akira Yamaoka.

Blizzard music director Derek Duke chatted about the Blood Marsh theme during a Q&A on, where he discussed the process and different instruments used in making the track.

“On one tangent, we recorded a bunch of really crunchy, long electric guitar tones, trying to get at that swamp vibe,” Duke said. “Didn’t work. Banjo … nope. I could never boil it down to any single simple idea.

“In the end, what worked was actually scoring to the Blood Marsh’s theme of a lost history, and the emotion and drama of events that take place there. I don’t want to spoil any of that epic experience for players, so I’ll refrain from sharing too many details. The preview track does a great job of capturing the over feel of the zone, however.”

Listen to the final product below.

Reaper of Souls releases on March 25.

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