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Amazing ‘Left 4 Dead’ Cosplay Needs More Boomer

We don’t often see Left 4 Dead cosplay, and that’s a shame, because I refuse to die until I see someone tackle the Boomer. Sadly, the cosplay I have for you today doesn’t feature everyone’s favorite bile-loving fat guy — but it’s no less awesome. Instead, we have the Witch and Hunter, both of which have been captured brilliantly thanks to photographer Mike Rollerson, whose Silent Hill work I’ve featured here before. Read on for more.

For more of Mike’s work, check out his Fickr.

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    Normally, I love anything Left 4 Dead related. I’m a diehard fan. But, this is just crap. Is that supposed to be a Witch? If so, why are her eyebrows SO PROMINENT? I could look more like a Witch than that. The photography is nice, but this looks like a poorly done Halloween costume. Just another way for a female character to be “sexualized”. Might I add the Witch doesn’t show cleavage and doesn’t make pouty faces. -_-


      Mike is great at capturing shots and he chooses the artists carefully. Put great cosplayers together with Mike and you’ll get a great photoshoot. We plan a future full Left 4 Dead group. Thanks Mike for great photography as always! More projects coming soon. Thanks for sharing this, Adam!

      NINTR = FANBOY LV99: I think you are one of the biggest fanboys I’ve seen. To care more about the eyebrows and cleavage than the hours it takes to apply 3-Dimensional gore and making the whole costume from scratch, you are focused on the wrong things like every other fanboy. Aja Doll (the cosplayer who is the witch) is not a cosplayer who “sexualizes” cosplays. Forgive her for having boobs. While you sit there and munch on your snacks in your special chair looking at everyone’s eyebrows, she is making more and more great cosplays.

      I’ve seen many a fanboy. They cry about everything. Stop crying. Troll. Where’s YOUR Left 4 Dead costume??

      • Chase LeValley

        Oh, look everyone, yet another “artist” who can’t take criticism. And he’s right, this doesn’t look good at all. Anyone can do that. Face it, you suck.

        PS: It’s hard for anyone to appreciate your “work” when you can’t handle a little bit of criticism. Talk about a damn superiority complex.

        • EDDIEHXC

          Fanboy Level 88. Im not the witch. Im sure your professional opinion is credible. Lets see you do a great photoshoot. There is a difference between criticism and boasting. If you can be a “BETTER” witch thats fine lets see it. This cosplayer doesn’t do it to be better. She does it because she loves it. And she is out there doing it while you sit here and take the time to view her shoot on the Internet.

          People talk talk and type, but guess what? There will be more and more photoshoots and more pictures. We expect all fanboys to come analyze art when you should just appreciate it.

          You say you can do better. Show us. Im sure she appreciated your “intelligent and credible criticism.

        • AjaDoll

          @Chase LeValley Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s fine, I got good feedback and negative while in art school (from a proffesional teacher) so I can handle it outside of a classroom from random people. I don’t claim to be a professional or at all smug about my work,its my hobby, I’m a self taught MUA and still learning new things with every costume I make! One thing for sure I don’t go around bashing others on their hard work and physical appearance, I keep it to myself or offer advice. Criticism can be worded in two ways, the constructive way and the rude way. You say my works sucks, Lets see your portfolio? This witch is my render, I can run around all gray and be true to her look, but NO I like gore and I like to be bloody. It takes a lot of money, time, determination, optimism, positivity and effort to put together a cosplay, and non cosplayers think it’s so easy. We have the right to defend and be proud of our work as you are to your insults. Still art is positve no matter how its perceived and a insult are negative.

      • NINTR

        I’m a girl, might I just add, to make you feel more like the whiny wuss you are. Take a critique. I have had plenty of L4D costumes (none of which I feel the need to show you) and I can assure you they look better than these. Glad to know my comment brought so much rage out of you. it makes me laugh how angry you got. Haha! XD

    • AjaDoll

      The reason why my eyebrows are so PROMINENT” well in 1987 my mother and father conceived me and somewhere in my DNA I happened to be born with thick dark black hair. It is part of my genetics, I feel like it’s obvious, but I don’t mind explaining it. Some girls are born with bushy brows, some have thin, some have thick hair, and some have fine. As silly as it sounds my eyebrows shouldn’t stop me from cosplaying. I accepted the cosplay and knew I don’t have the character’s skinny physique, wrinkled old lady face and blondish white hair. I also made the choice to wear shorts instead of underwear, tatter the outfit to make it more battle worn. I also know that the witch is never bloody and wounded, but I went for realism and thought my version won the fight with the survivors. Sorry if my boobs were too distracting in the costume, but I refuse to run around bra-less. If someone feels the need to “do it better” alright then more power to you. Get out there and do it better. This was my first photo shoot and my 2nd time cosplaying the witch and it won’t be the last. I love that character too much to stop just because of my physical appearance is not accurate enough to someone else’s standards. I have plans to make a Spitter this year, when I’m in that little hot pink thong exposed I might also be considered overly sexual. That’s fine can’t please everyone, but at least I got a few scares in at the convention. #ForTheCosplay #CosplayIsForEveryone

    • fremen9

      Ninetr your feedback is really worthless.
      Criticizing like this shows that you’re probably insecure about your own appearance and just jealous when you see a beautiful woman who has breasts in cosplay.
      Go get a life.

      • Nix

        I have a life, and that life includes D-cup breasts. No need to be jealous of something I have more of.


    By the way! I WILL make a BOOMER this year! Perhaps a Tank? We shall see~


    I’d like to add that, apparently, no one on this website knows how to use quotations correctly. They either start and never end or end when they never started. I would love for someone of grammatical intelligence to leave a comment, but that day and age has died and we’ve been left with people creating words to describe someone who shows a bit more interest in something than the average nerd.
    On another note, there is a such thing as dying your eyebrows if you’re going for a true cosplay.

    • AjaDoll

      Hah, all talk and can’t back it up. You must be the best L4D cosplayer the world has known and my dark eyebrows urks you, GOOD! Now I know you are a true troll and your only weapon is a keyboard, really powerful. Pointing out my grammar is irrelevant. I would rather have a nice personality than a smug and shitty online attitude towards complete strangers. Now it makes sense the type of person you are. Claiming you are a girl well maybe you should start acting like a woman. The world is already full of little girls who act like their shit don’t stink and need to point out flaws in other women. Get over my eyebrows; seriously don’t you have anything else worth doing? Keep hating it only proves your personality is ugly.

    • AjaDoll

      I’d like to add that apparently, you are bothered by my reply. Thats cute, I never said I had a true cosplay of the Witch from L4D. I said it was my rendition. In game-land all witches, hunters, spitters, jockeys and smokers are clones and look the same everytime you encounter them. If it were in real life the special infected would not have the same facial features, skin color, hair and body type. I don’t care if my cosplay bothers you or anyone else. I will cosplay the characters I love regardless because no one can turn a digital video game, anime or cartoon character into an exact true form. If you think you can do an 100% accurate version then you are delusional.


      *Troll Bump*

    • Ms Nightmare

      Don’t feed the troll!

      Pfft, but they love to eat up this attention.

      Oh yes dying your eyebrows is the way to go!!! Lol, actually no- you can try to bleach your eyebrows but the color will come out a odd orange colors because of how dark her natural ones are. It is also not recommended to put bleach that close to your eyes for a long period specially since it will bleach your skin a bit in the processes. (Is a cosmetologist)

      Gah Aja! Do you not know you have to be perfect to be put on any site, or even cosplay at all!!!! Just like this… girl? I mean, come on obviously they are a true cosplayer. I bet all of their cosplays are just 110% accurate their nick name is Dido (pokemon reference). Human genetics and anatomy just bend to her will. I bet you she has done the witch before, and starved herself just they can be as anorexic as the witch! I mean come on, I bet you ate before cosplaying the witch, huh Aja. Where is your dedication!!!! Where is the love for the character!!! Can’t dye your eyebrows, can’t starve yourself, can’t shrink your boobs!!! Where is the passion!!!!! Smh, I mean I am so turned on by your witch!!! It is just toooooooo sexual! Just not enough gore and all boobs!!! I might just have to call you lil nigri now!

      We all need to learn from Nix, and check for eyebrows! lmfao

      • Nix

        Was it really necessary to write that long of a comment degrading me? I have an opinion and I’m not in the wrong. You may not agree with my opinion, which is fine, but attacking me when I was the one who was attacked for simply posting a critique is below human level.

    • Ms Nightmare
  • JonathanBarkan

    This whole comment thread is childish and ridiculous, on both sides. Cosplayers can’t get it 100% perfect but that doesn’t mean they are exempt from criticisms, so long as they’re constructive. This is shameful.

    • Nix

      Thanks. Glad to know you agree that there is always room for criticism. If you’ll notice, I was assaulted simply for having my own opinion. Little did I know that the “artist” and the “model” would both write back to me and call me names simply for not lying that their work is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.


    I agree Jonathan. Lets all enjoy this video:

    One day I hope to have all of the special infected in a cosplay group. Not now, but soon!!!


    Its official! I’m starting a cosplay group for Anime Expo 2014

  • CaliBoy

    Wow, I’m amazed at how many people are jumping all over Nix just for criticizing this… art. She’s right, and she didn’t deserve to be ganged up on like she was. The only thing about this that would scare me would be how bad the make-up is. Also, photo #4 looks like we’re just shy of watching a Witch X Hunter porn film. What an awful page. And knowing that the people behind it are so quick to get angry with someone who doesn’t like their work is just sad. You are always going to have critics, and you can’t get in their faces and troll on them all. If you troll on me, you’re going to look like a pathetic, sorry person. Try to get used to people not liking your work. With this kind of quality, you’re GOING to run into this more often than just from this one reviewer.

    • Nix

      Thanks, man. I appreciate you backing me and am glad you understand that I was simply offering my opinion. Of course, they did more damage to their reputation by jumping me than I did with my criticism. More power to them, I guess. Great Avatar, by the way! 😀

      • CaliBoy

        Lol! Thanks! I love Pan’s Labyrinth. I do agree with you. You have my support totally. All they did with their actions was make themselves look like total asses. Let them have at it. I notice they’ve stopped posting ever since I pointed out that people were taking notice of their responses more than their work (which is awful, anyway, but nevertheless, you get what I mean.)
        Also, I meant photo #9, not #4. Stupid keyboard.


    HIya! Please credit the cosplayers! Thanks for posting

    Hunter: EdddieHXC Cosplay –

    Witch: Aja Doll –

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