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Hold Your Horses On This ‘Halloween 3D’ Casting…

We almost didn’t run this story but a lot of our readers are emailing us asking about it so we figured we’d give the update as we know it. By now we all know that Halloween 3D or some related reboot of the Halloween franchise is in development. If you’re behind you can catch our latest exclusive report on the matter here.

The basic gist is that The Weinstein Company is still moving forward with the franchise. They might even appear at Cannes to shore up some sales territories. Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier had previously been tapped to put a take together, but that was a few years back and Farmer has (via his twitter account) acknowledged that they are no longer involved.

So this update comes as something of an effort to head things off at the pass. Scout Taylor-Compton, who played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake and its 2009 sequel, has tweeted this statement. And it’s a tad early to count her in at the moment.

I’m not saying she’s not in it. I’m just saying she’s not in it right now and that I doubt the series is continuing in the RZ canon at all. Compton has previously (and erroneously) announced the 7500 release date a couple of times and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another case of her being told the wrong thing.

It’s been 5 years since Zombie’s Halloween 2 and Dimension, like most studios, is probably trying to figure out ways to reinvigorate their IP. H2 cost $15M and grossed $33M. They’ve probably made money at this point, but it didn’t come super easy (remember the difference between net and gross). Even if something is seen as a mild success, after 5 years they’re not going to entrench themselves in that creative gene pool. I’d imagine they’re looking for a new way to exhilarate the brand, and that they’re looking at any and all takes.

Compton tweeted this three days ago (and cc’d another horror site in the process), and there has been no followup announcement. We here at BD don’t wish her ill and, if she does indeed appear as Strode again, that’s great. But there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be worked out before they even begin casting and I wouldn’t be surprised if this reboot was made from scratch. Dimension may very well want to do something new.




  • Strong Bad

    I am still not convinced that any significant progress will be made. They have done this too many times.

    • Rob_52

      I feel like theirs a lot of fan excitement and journalistic reporting on this one. People are talking about it. If we show them we’re interested, I hoping that would be the final push for them to green-light it.

  • REC03

    oh god. i hope not. they need to re-boot it again tbh but with all new characters. all we need is Haddonfield, some babysitters and a creepy atmosphere.

  • Lemonade

    If they know what’s good for them they’ll run with that guy who created that animated opening!

    • Rob_52

      The animated opening was not great at all. The dialogue between the two cops sucked and it had the feel of a Shitty Platinum Dunes film. The was also concept art that went with it that was cringe-worthy. Girl running around in her underwear with boy band posters on the wall and such. It’s what I imagine a Platinum Dunes film would be like.

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        Well per your other posts you have shit taste so, meh.

  • REC03

    yes. that animated opening is amazing! can someone post a link? can’t find it. 🙂

    • Lemonade

      • REC03

        thanks so much!

        • J Jett

          REC03, i agree! i love this animated short film!! i hope the next big screen film is more like this!

  • I like Scout Taylor-Compton, but I don’t want them to return to the Rob Zombie series. Like em or hate em, it was Rob Zombie’s vision only.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    It is my dream to see an epic Halloween movie, something with the scope of that pitch others have been mentioning. If I were a studio exec at Dimensions who was given the responsibility of steering the Halloween ship, first thing I would do is get some up and comer from Pixar to write the story. The people there understand characters, suspense, compelling plot points, etc. You don’t need to be a horror filmmaker to make a great horror film. In fact, I would prefer the next director to NOT have a horror film under their belt.

    I would give him three mandates:
    1. The Shape can be the only returning character. Bringing in someone named Laurie, Dr. Loomis, etc. will invite comparison and you just cannot compete with Curtis and ESPECIALLY Pleasance!
    2. The movie should be ABOUT something. There has to be thematic weight to it. It has to have some meat on its bone, it can’t just be “One kill every seven minutes, and fill the in-between time with fluff”. The kills are the easy part. The kills are the fun part. The kills should be a COMPONENT of the movie, but they shouldn’t be what the movie’s about. They can be afterthoughts, but they shouldn’t be the bricks upon which the foundation is built. The movie has to still be entertaining even if you took all the kills out. It IS possible to make a slasher film with some subtext. Look no further than Scream.
    3. Make it character-oriented. Too many times with these movies, emphasis is placed on what musical cue the filmmakers are going to pay homage to, which mask they’re going to use, which famous kill they’re going to put a new twist on. All of that stuff is fun minutiae, but it does not a movie make. I want compelling characters. Set up the dominos, make me care about them, and knock them down. The filmmakers really need to stop looking at other horror films for inspiration, because they rarely get it right. Look at a good drama. Or heck, even a good comedy. Look at something like Safety Not Guaranteed. Build up the characters proficiently like that.

    There are tropes one must adhere to though to make it a proper Halloween film. Michael has to be in that white mask and blue jumpsuit. He has to normal-sized. Shouldn’t even have to say that but thanks Zombie. There has to be the theme.

    And again, for fuck’s sake, get a good director! There hasn’t been a good movie since what, Halloween 4? H20 has some good, but it is just way too damn short. Offensively short. The score is completely off. You ruin the score of a Halloween movie, and you’re done. There are bits of goodness in each succeeding movie, but I’m tired of bits of goodness. I want 90 minutes of goodness. Give me 90 minutes. Aren’t you horror fans tired of going “Eh, uh, well, I loved the atmosphere of it, but the story sucked!” or “Eh, the opening was great! The score was awesome! But the acting was awful.”

    Stop getting these simpletons to make these movies. Rob Zombie doesn’t make movies with compelling characters or a good story. He makes movies about goo, vulgar mouths, hair, grease, and evil violence. You walk out of a Rob Zombie movie feeling like you need to bathe in holy water. What wickedness. I want to walk out of a horror film feeling pleasant and cleansed. Don’t torture me. My fears and anxieties should be pumped out of me, not pumped into me.

    I urge the next filmmakers to watch THE CONJURING for inspiration on character development in a horror film. If you took all the scares out of that movie, it would still be a good movie because holy fuck, each of those actors knock it out of the park. Vera in particular. Wow!

    Anyway, those are my hopes and dreams. I hope other fans feel the same way. Am I a lone sheep for wanting a compelling Halloween movie? Batman Begins this shit, for real.

    • VictorCrowley

      Love the passion you show with this post, and I agree with every word you wrote. Sadly though, I don’t think there’s anyone left in the desolate realm of Hollywood who cares even an ounce about anything the avid fans think, save for lesser known or completely unknown upstart writers/directors. The kind of unproven artists that Akkad would never trust with a powerhouse name like Halloween. Even sadder, choosing directors with proven track records or at least experience with the kind of film they want to make backfires more often than not and we’re still left with a shit movie (Rick Rosenthal/Resurrection, nuff said). So, why not take the chance on someone new, young, and most importantly, hungry? Not nominating Adam Green, but someone like him and the position he was in when he was making the first Hatchet. That type of vigor and energy could do a lot in restoring the franchise.

    • I had to respond to this post. I agree with every fucking word you wrote. First off, I’m glad someone else considers Halloween 4 to be a good movie. Most people I come across say it sucks but I’ve always felt it’s one of the best Halloween sequels made. I’m also glad you referenced Scream as an example of a movie that’s about something beyond just killing teenagers. I consider Scream to be perfect. It’s funny but still takes the suspense and the kills very seriously, the characters are well written, smart and interesting and along with the aforementioned humor, suspense and violence there’s a great level of emotion to the movie. It has heart. These are all things I’d love to see in a new Halloween movie. My favorite Michael will always be John Carpenter’s version, the true Boogeyman, death personified, the embodiment of all evil. My feeling is that Michael should go back to being portrayed that way. Drop all the emotional baggage (a.k.a. bullshit) Zombie applied and instead let us invest in the other characters (our lead and our potential victims). One of the many problems I had with Zombie’s version is that Michael was the main character. How am I supposed to be scared of him when we’re with him more than our so-called heroine who we’re supposed to identify with? And of course, once you try to humanize a character who was previously a monster all fear goes out the window, at least for me. I don’t want to go on for too long but I completely share your vision of what a new Halloween film could and should be. As much as I love the other icons Michael’s always been my favorite and every time I watch the original film I’m struck by how much more sophisticated it is in comparison to the cash grab imitators it spawned. That’s one of many things that’s been missing from the Halloween films for a long time and one of many things that needs to be restored.

  • Krug09

    Nothing personal against her. I just want a new set of characters. If they were to continue the old franchise i wouldn’t mind but with new characters.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I love Scout, but I really don’t want it to continue from Zombie’s films. He told, and wrapped up, the story he wanted to tell. While I am one of the few who actually enjoyed his Halloween movies, I think it’s time for something new. Just listen to the majority of fans on the official Halloween Movies website. Put somebody in charge of it who is passionate about it and get the ball rolling with something great.

  • Maxime C

    I for one really loved the Zombie movies. But if he’s not involved ( he won’t ), Scout won’t be either I would guess.
    We’ll see. I just hope it’s not another remake.

  • bgjames

    I just wish they could somehow bring back Danielle Harris. She was the best part of the last 2 and was sad to see her go. Actually felt something watching a horror movie which is rare 🙁

    • Don’t forget she was part of Halloween 4 & 5 as well, but in Rob Zombie’s vision she died.

      Maybe bring her back in the original series as a main character and kill her off. After all, they never really wrapped up her character.

      • Zach

        The original series is dead, let it rest. And yes they did wrap up her character in part 6, she died.

        • The original series is not dead. Why do you think it’s dead? You can continue the story and make it fresh at the same time. Personally, I’d like to know what Michael does after he kills his entire family.

          You’d honestly rather them do sequels of a remake or even just another remake? I think not!!! Better yet, not make another Halloween film at all? You know that’s not gonna happen.

          • Adam Clifton

            Who says the original series is dead? If Hollywood is arrogant enough to do a remake to a movie that is an on-going series, then they can be just as arrogant to do a movie that ignores the remakes and go back to the original series

          • I wasn’t the one who said it was dead and I agree with you.

          • It certainly doesn’t have to be dead. I’ve said this a lot on other sites but one approach you could take is to go meta and open a new Halloween film with the beginning of H2 and then pull back to reveal that we’re in a theater. Zombie’s Halloween movies are just that: movies (like the Freddy films in New Nightmare or the Stab movies in the Scream franchise), a result of greedy old Hollywood coming along and trying to make money of the blood and pain of a small town. We know how Hollywood loves the tagline “Based On A True Story”. The residents of Haddonfield would be outraged that the monster who terrorized their town for so long had been used as the basis for 2 films that portrayed him more like a sympathetic Frankenstein Monster type of character rather than the merciless force of evil he really is. With that, Zombie’s films would be undone and you could pick up where Resurrection left off. Michael disappeared from the morgue and hasn’t been seen in over a decade. Start a new story following new characters in Haddonfield and bring Michael back to town for another night of mayhem. I’m sure there might be a hole in my idea somewhere but it could be executed by better minds than mine.

          • That would be kind of a slap across Rob Zombie’s face, but as long as it returned to the original series, I’d be happy.

            Since Rob Zombies versions weren’t part of the original series, they could just ignore that they ever happened.

          • I can’t lie. I wouldn’t care if it was a slap in his face. He fucked it up and now it falls to someone else to fix it. You’re right that they could ignore his movies but they’ve already done that once with H20 and the lack of continuity is seriously annoying. I almost don’t care how they get around his films as they do it and get the train back on the right track.

          • Refresh my memory. What exactly did H20 ignore? Didn’t they wrap up those stories before and jump ahead 20 years? Was it really ignoring anything or just time jumping?

          • H20 ignores parts 4-6 (obviously 3 doesn’t count) and functions as a sequel only to the first 2 movies. The storylines involving Laurie’s daughter Jamie Lloyd are dropped as though she never existed at all, as is the whole cult of Thorn storyline (probably for the best). Kind of like how Texas Chainsaw 3D is meant to be a sequel only to the first film and ignores the previous sequels. In the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror documentary the producers talk about how they treated H20 as Halloween 3 because it brought Jamie Lee back into the franchise and in their minds provided a level of continuity. Which it didn’t, it just made it more confusing and annoying for a lot of people. To this day if I watch all the movies with someone who hasn’t seen them I have to explain why all the plotlines from 4-6 aren’t mentioned at all in H20.

          • Well maybe for the past 20 years, Laurie had plenty of time to think about her daughters death and accepted it. Maybe she didn’t need to mention it in H20. It’s up to the audience’s imagination. Just because she didn’t mention it, does that mean it definitely didn’t exist? Did I miss something?

            The thing about Texas Chainsaw 2 is maybe that still happened after Texas Chainsaw 3d as this was a direct sequel to the first. The movie that they squeezed in between that came out many years later.

          • I see what you’re saying but for them to leave all that stuff out is just laziness. None of that stuff is really wrapped up and at this point it never will be, at least not in the movies. The comics have attempted to remedy a number of these things. Jamie was mentioned in the original treatment for H20 but later removed in favor as portraying H20 as part 3. So sure, you can pretend it’s all in the same universe but from the intentions of the producers it isn’t at all. I get maybe I’m being stubborn but it’s idiotic to me how the people who make these movies could screw up what began as such a simple story and then attempt to fix it by just ignoring it.
            Check out the H20 wiki, it lists a number of continuity problems.
            Also, this is from Resurrection. It’s a horribly inaccurate retelling of Michael’s history by a mental patient who not only gets a number of things from parts 1,2, and H20 wrong but makes absolutely no mention of anything that occurred in 4-6. Forgive me, I’m copying and pasting.

            “Michael Myers. Born October 19, 1957. Killed his older sister October 31st, 1963. Killed three high school students, October 31st, 1978.” [Halloween (1978)]
            “Also killed three nurses and a paramedic, same night.” [Halloween II (1981) – actually, Michael killed 9 people that same night: a neighbor, a security guard, a paramedic, a doctor, four nurses, and a Marshal]
            “Was believed to be dead, then killed four students, Hillcrest Academy, 1998.” [Halloween H2O: Twenty Years Later (1998) – actually, Michael killed only two students at the Academy, plus a guidance counselor]
            “Has been missing, unheard of, last three years. (Laughs) Now he’s back.” As you can see, nothing from 4-6 is mentioned here. Not the sprees or the body counts, not the fact that he killed his niece and attempted to kill her baby, who disappeared, none of it. I’n not trying to the franchise warden and tell you what to think about it. If you can look at the franchise as a whole that’s cool. I just can’t do it with all this information. You may be right about TCM 2, though. I never thought of that. 🙂

          • Guest

            Sorry, nothing from part one is wrong in the quote but definitely in 2 and H20.

      • Adam Clifton

        She kinda died impaled on a thresher in Halloween 6. Played by another actress, but the Jamie Lloyd character is dead

    • Rob_52

      Danielle’s death scene was soooooo well done in RZH2. I love that they kept it all off screen and you could only hear the sounds, her crying and screaming for help. Only scene, and the scene that follows after that nearly tear-jerking in a Halloween franchise film.


    So now that Scouts career is shit she actually dont care if Rob is doing it or not.

  • wehoaks

    In other words: Scout farted.

    I wonder how long they’ll take advantage of people’s interest and post any and all “news”? If this site wants people to start taking them seriously again this kind of shit post won’t help.

    • I didn’t think of it as that. Sounds like it was a clear hint that she knows something that we don’t. Otherwise, why didn’t she just say fart in her tweet?

      • wehoaks

        Jamie Kennedy announced his involvement in Scream 4. We all know how accurate that was.

        • EvanDickson

          Broken record.

          • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

            The point is we don’t want to read articles based off (grammatically incorrect) tweets. Scout’s rent is coming up soon, of course she’s going to try and get involved.

      • Adam Clifton

        Back when Halloween 3D script was completed, Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer were involved with it. The script had Laurie (Scout) in it and it suggested 3D because 3D was all the rage at the time. Now, PL and TF are not involved, 3D is not as big as it used to be and the script is pretty well-known on the Internet. I truly doubt that script would be used, they’ll most likely start from a brand new script and with any luck the Rob Zombie series can rest in peace and we can continue with the Carpenter series once more.

    • EvanDickson

      Our readers were asking about it. We answered. There is nothing misleading about the piece.

      • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

        You answered with a TWEET. So far, none of your new Halloween 3D news has come from a substantiated source. You guys are really squeezing this towel dry, aren’t you?

        And Scout, honey, you are as crazy as H2 Laurie if you think you’ll be coming back! No one wants another two hours of some angsty bitch saying shit like “The nightmares are chewing at my head again.”

        • EvanDickson

          Not sure what you mean? I answered with an article.

          • wehoaks

            You answered people’s question with your opinion of a tweet. That’s not news.

          • EvanDickson

            Not an opinion, an informed perspective. The Jamie Kennedy thing is the exact kind of confusion we are trying to clear up.

            And irony of ironies, you’ve spent several paragraphs talking shit about an article for talking too much.

        • wehoaks

          So far none of their Halloween news has been actual news. We all know another movie will happen at one time or another so basically their announcing that the sky is blue, especially when they don’t list a source or anything substantial. Also scouts tweet has an entire article devoted. Jamie Kennedy broke news that he was in Scream 4. See how accurate that was?

      • wehoaks

        I didn’t say it was misleading. It’s just more non news so you could write 6 paragraphs about what you yourself think. This site is basically a tumblr anymore with bits of news peppered in.

  • I’m guessing Hollywood asked her if she was interested so they have options to work with. Doesn’t mean anything yet.

  • M M

    Happy to hear lussier is no long involved. Now just keep away from zombie’s world and we’ll be starting off on the right foot.

  • Markk

    WHY!! I really hope she’s not in it again. I honestly think she’s a horrible Laurie.. And actress to be honest. I liked Michael in Rob’s halloweens and seeing Danielle was cool but that’s all i liked.. Great another Halloween i can’t add to my collection..

  • Array Coriers


  • Array Coriers

    For the love of God, please don’t bring her back.

  • VictorCrowley

    Not a fan of Compton’s Laurie, never was. She about drove me batshit insane in the remake. Could not wait for Michael to get his hands on her and rip her larynx out. She was much more tolerable in RZ’s H2, but still could never accept her as Laurie Strode. Just not the right bag for that character. I would prefer her to be done with the series.

    • Rob_52

      I agree that she’s overly bubbly and annoying in RZH, but I did a complete 180 on her when I saw RZH2. Really fantastic performance of someone dealing with PTSD and bi-bloar disorder.

      • VictorCrowley

        I agree with you. She’s much more effective in H2 and I can live through her performance and not skip any of her scenes which is something I cannot do when watching the remake. Still, that character isn’t Laurie to me. I see Compton as “Angel Myers” in both RZ’s movies. Laurie doesn’t exist in my perspective when I see either film.

  • Zacharyy

    Laurie died in the end of H2..
    Even RZ stated that in the commentary….sooo, they’re gonna have to defy common sense in order to cast her again to play Laurie…

    • Adam Clifton

      I guess that all depends on which version of H2 that you saw. She lived in the theatrical version. She died in the director’s cut… and Michael spoke

      • Rob_52

        T-cut might be canon to the studios, but the Directors cut is the better ending and better film in most fans minds. Loved RZH2, but Scout’s character is dead.

        • Adam Clifton

          even more reason to continue from Halloween Resurrection and leave the Zombie films alone

  • I thought she did really good job with her character. But I am not sure if I want to see another film in 3D! The gimmick is getting old again.

  • Rob_52

    Scout gave an incredible performance in RZH2 (I actually didn’t like her in RZH at all. Too bubbly and annoying) But yeah she rocks in RZH2. That said, her character is dead. It was a great, tragic send-off, so I’ll be kinda glad if she’s left out. RZH2 was the best movie in the franchise excluding the 1978 original.

  • Rob_52

    The animated opening was not great at all. The dialogue between the two cops sucked and it had the feel of a shitty Platinum Dunes film. The was also concept art that went with it that was cringe-worthy. Girl running around in her underwear with boy band posters on the wall and such. It’s what I imagine a Platinum Dunes film would be like.

  • Christensen

    This franchise is beyond fucked lmao.

  • Walder Frey

    I totaly don’t like Rob Zombie’s version, so I very glad to know about new reboot. Patrick Lussier already done epic awesome job in remake of “My Bloody Valentine” one of the best modern slasher-movies ever made (for me). If he is really not involved in “Halloween” remake – this is sad news. And it already was with brilliant 3D effects! Big gun from the screen, a half-head and many-many more, best 3D I’ve ever seen was in “Valentine” and “Saw 7” (and don’t remember be a shit-deep 3d in “avatar”-like movies, f*ck this sh!t). 3d works best of all for horror genre, jumping from the screen. That must be really good movie if no connection with ZombieVerse and in 3D

    • Rob_52

      I enjoyed Farmers reboot of “My Bloody Valentine 3D” It was a fun, amusing, take on the slasher genre that didn’t take itself that seriously. But PLEASE don’t bring that to the Halloween Franchise,especially as a sequel to the ultra-serious and grim RZH2. I love 80’s slasher cheese. There’s a time and a place for it, but again, NOT as the sequel to RZH2, or even ANY halloween film for that matter. I know some will argue that some of the sequels are cheesy, but none of them (Excluding Resurrection) hit the same mark that Farmers films do.

  • Adam Clifton

    a new Friday the 13th movie, a new Halloween… now we need a new Nightmare On Elm Street movie and the unholy trinity will be complete once more. Unfortunately all three have had remakes that has made it difficult to go back to the way it should be

  • I didn’t have a big problem with Scout Compton’s Laurie in Halloween (2007). H2 (2009)? Here’s the thing, I don’t blame Compton, because for some reason (I haven’t seen any interviews or DVD extras, so maybe someone will help me out. lol.) Zombie turned Laurie into this unbearably annoying and whiny brat. And it was almost impossible for me to feel ANY sympathy for her character towards the end.

    So yeah, as long it’s not H2 Laurie, I don’t have a problem with Compton’s return, if the story is true.

    • K-Dogg

      Well said Zombie Killa, agree totally. Oh, P.S. I hate Disqus, want the old chat back, I barely ever comment anymore…..and can’t get my Avatar to work as well.

      • Thanks. And yeah, it’s weird adjusting this Disqus, and I notice a lot of the regulars from the old format barely post anymore. Also, I’m having the same problem with my avatar. Had a nice one with one with Emma Stone in a Blade Runner style pic, but I can’t get it to work now for whatever reason.

        • K-Dogg

          Damn, that sounds like a cool one.

          • Yeah, the pics are awesome. I’d send you the link, but I found those pics a looooooong time ago. But if you Google Emma Stone and Blade Runner I’m sure they’ll pop up.

  • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

    REBOOT. Zombie’s two Halloween films were abysmal. Why not hand the keys to the franchise to someone with a shred of talent? I’d love to see where it could go.

  • I would honestly like to see Zombie’s vision on Halloween III. Since it has nothing to do with Myers, I think I would enjoy it more. I love Michael and all, but I’m worried as to what could come next for him. If they have to fuck with the franchise, do something with Halloween III.

    • joann

      yea i think it has something to do with Laurie his sister

  • Ashton Simpson

    i HIGHLY doubt it will be a continuation of Zombie’s films. He’s stated before that he is DONE with the series; he didnt even want to do the sequel, but the studio was going to do one anyway with or without him so he of course took the reigns. And in H2 (the director’s cut), the three pillars of the saga are killed: Loomis, Michael, and Laurie (which Zombie did to MAKE SURE a #3 would never happen).
    Then again, they might go off on the theatrical version’s ending, which had Laurie survive both Michael and Loomis with her wearing Michael’s mask and seeing her mother’s ghost in a psych ward. Having Laurie become the killer would make the most badass installment in the series (plus i learned that in a comic series that was canonical to the original Halloween, it featured a story that involved Laurie “becoming” Michael). Maybe Part 3 could center around a now-homicidal Laurie possessed or haunted by Michael’s ghost (probably mommy’s too, though i doubt Sheri would be in it without Rob).
    One thing for sure: let’s not resurrect Michael like we used to before. That whole thing barely made sense before and what’s made Zombie so great is that his movies were more grounded in logic. I vote for a Michael ghost/delusion
    With a mix H2’s Thousand-Corpses-esque psychedelic imagery and #1’s hardcore bloody grittiness, all coming from a female lead antagonist, it could be a pretty fucking awesome movie!

  • Jared

    I feel like for the storyline they should sorta stick with the original Halloween franchise by showing Laurie some how fake her death to trick Michael into thinking she’s dead. The original Halloween 3 was completely stupid and there needs to be a story explaining how Laurie goes from the hospital in Halloween 2, to having a kid and supposedly being “dead” in Halloween 4 and 5.

    • Johnny Deltora

      i love H3…just watch it and dont think its from the series. i think its a cool movie as do many. i think they shouldve just called it season of the witch. not halloween but it was on halloween lol

    • Jinny Thornton

      Fuck off. The original Halloween III was awesome, better than the piece of shit dimension monkeys will come up with!!!

    • Drew Douglas

      The third one is a fun little horror film. People overlook it because it’s not directly related to Meyers…

    • Retrodude

      No, the third “Halloween” was not completely stupid. There was never supposed to be a series of films dealing with Michael Myers in the first place. John Carpenter wanted the “Halloween” films to be a horror anthology, dealing with October 31st, but each telling a different storyline. “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch” has FAR more depth and creativity than ANY “Halloween” film after the 1981 sequel. It takes no intelligence whatsoever to slap a Myers mask on some dude and have him kill people. “Halloween 4” SUCKED, so did all the anemic sequels that came afterward. THOSE movies ruined “Halloween”= not the 3rd one.

      • joann

        ummm yea it did the Halloween movies were suppose to be about Myers killing….. did u watch any of them?????? the first and second ones were about Myers and the 3rd opne was completely stupid

        • Retrodude

          Are you dense? John Carpenter and Debra Hill NEVER wanted to do a bunch of movies involving Michael Myers. THE HALLOWEEN FILMS WERE ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED TO BE A TWILIGHT ZONE-TYPE ANTHOLOGY OF FILMS CENTERED ON OR AROUND OCTOBER 31ST. Michael Myers was supposed to be DEAD at the end of “Halloween 2”. What part of this do you not grasp? I’ve seen all of them, dude. “Halloween 3” has far more intelligence and creativity than any of the ridiculous sequels that followed. It’s your problem if you don’t understand what I’m saying here.

    • joann

      yea they should that was just didnt make any sence at all

  • Travis

    I love Rob Zombie and I didn’t mind his Halloweens. But, I don’t think we need another Halloween.

  • retarded brilliance

    like i have said in the past have this next halloween be a sequel to ressurection with tommy doyle from part six and jamies son from h o and have them try to stop myers.

  • David

    I say start right after the original part 2 with a new actress playing Laurie Strode. What happens to her after the hospital? Disregard all of the other sequals

  • joann

    i cant wait to see it i love the Halloween movies the old school ones were okay but i love the new school ones i love the girl who plays as Laurie stored i have most of her movies

  • Matt F

    I think they need to continue the story with the curse of the thorn. It at least explains Michael’s evilness.

  • Noneofyourbuss

    If they go the rob zombie version aka scout I will never buy or watch another Halloween film again. Go back to the originals

  • frank sabados

    yeah no more Rob Zombie version s he killed them in a bad way

  • realrap9

    Please Please Please don’t cast Scout compton in this movie rob zombie + scout = horrible movie. THEY RUINED A CLASSIC SHAME ON BOTH

  • realrap9

    P.s all she did was curse and scream the dang movie, absolutely no acting skills. Rob zombie need to stay directing mindless filth not classics

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