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[Crowdsource This!] Mike Wolfer’s “The Curse of the Ragdoll”

Avatar Press fans should take note that Mike Wolfer (“Gravel”, “Stitched”) is running a Kickstarter campaign to re-print his 96-page graphic novel “The Curse of the Ragdoll”. Wolfer wrote and illustrated the book, which first debuted in the pages of “Raw Media Quarterly” in the late ’90s. The character of ‘Ragdoll’ is an homage to classic horror anthologies like “Creepy”, “Eerie” and the old “Vampirella” magazines from Warren Publications.

Wolfer has currently raised over $6,000 with 3-weeks left to go in the campaign. Fans can pledge their hard earned cash and receive autographed copies of the book, t-shirts or original art online at



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