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[E3 2014] Vote for Your Favorite Horror Game of E3

E3 is over, we made it. It’s been a wild ride, filled with tons of exciting news, and even a bit of much-needed redemption. For horror fans, this has been an especially good E3, as we’ve seen the reveals of numerous horror games — Dead Island 2, Bloodborne, and Doom 4, among others — as well as additional details and footage on some titles we already knew about.

What I’d like to know is which horror game, if any, stole the show for you this year. You can vote for your favorite below, and feel free to expand on your vote in the comments.

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  • Ben


  • Zner A. Rivas

    Evil Within for me, Shinji Mikamisan has some bitch slapping to do with crapcom after what thy’ve done to his baby.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Alien: Isolation! I hope and hope that this is going to be the Alien game we have all been waiting for.

    • VictorCrowley

      Same here. Definitely seems like they’re putting a lot of care into the project. Something CM was missing.

  • MD

    The Evil Within looks incredible, it gets my vote. I absolutely cannot wait for Mikami’s new game.

  • Raziel_cz

    Overall, E3 was pretty weak this year, but the amount of horror games at the event was a nice surprise. The Evil Within won the exhibition for me, followed by Alien: Isolation and White Night (boy, this title looks so good!). I also like the irony of Dead Island 2’s trailer – I hope it will kick ass, the guys from Yager surely know how to make an unordinary experience.

  • Fantasma George

    DI2 for me, though since you guys allowed multiple votes I also picked Isolation, Dying Light, and Let It Die.

    • Adam Dodd

      All good choices!

  • KiraHaxellepa

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    • Gregory Miller

      Take your bag of tricks somewhere else. We’re full up on “crazy” over here, thank you.

  • Gregory Miller

    Alien Isolation all the way. Unless the rest of the game is vastly different from the multiple demos I played, the game is a near perfect recreation for fans of the original Alien. Beyond Good and Evil is a great retro experience. If you’re missing the roots of survival horror, you will love this game. This can be either a good or bad thing, as “you’ve been here before” and in the demos I’ve played, it doesn’t really add anything surprising or inventive to the old formula of Resident Evil 3. It’s very much like a next gen sequel to Resident Evil 3 and I found myself grinning at the nostalgia of it all but also wishing for something more. And to Adam personally–I played the level where the game’s version of “nemesis” appears and comes after you for a period of time. Sometimes it’s just a pain as you have to back track and wait for him to just go away, but at other times he will come at a moment where you are already in deep trouble and it does add to the excitement. Bloodborne looks really good and I got to watch someone play through a level but didn’t get a hands on myself. I’ll be keeping my eye on that as well as The Order. I’m pretty happy and excited with all the new horror games being released and there seems to be something for everyone who dares to hold their light into the darkness of the unknown.

  • LoveAnimation

    I was really hoping that Resident Evil 7 and a new Silent Hill game was finally gonna be announced at E3 so i feel pretty disappointed about that.
    Was also hoping that a new Siren game was finally gonna be announced and that we maybe would get more information about the new Fatal Frame game on Wii U.
    But yea among the horror games that were at E3 The Evil Within is the one im looking forward to by far the most.

    • Adam Dodd

      There’s always TGS and Gamescom! I have a feeling we’ll hear from one of them this year.

      • LoveAnimation

        Yea i really hope Resident Evil 7 and a new Silent Hill game will be announced at those events at least.
        Been a while since Resident Evil 6 and Silent Hill Downpour came out now.
        I guess they cant show all the big games at E3 and must save some stuff for the TGS and other similar game shows.

  • I am going for dying light! Woohoo, freedom of movement and zombie slaying! Unbeatable for me. I hope it plays as awesome as it looks!

  • Brodequin

    Doom of course. The Evil Within- well, just another Resident Evil so thanks, but no, thanks. Alien; Isolation- looks great, but is too early to say it is my favourite.

  • SaltSlasher

    How can I vote for these, I haven’t got to play them, and I am not at E3.

    Based off my opinion of what I know of, which is little, The Evil Within looks to be the stand out winner for 2014’s Best Horror Game. Then again, we don’t know all the little gems that will pop up.

    • SaltSlasher

      And I am right.

  • pryopenthirdeye

    looking forward to alien isolation, and the evil within, but i want to cast a vote for doom, the teaser was great, and i’m hopeful, but gameplay footage is being saved for quake con

  • dude no EVOLVE?! that game looks INSANE!

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