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The Bizarre Story of the VHS Copy of ‘Hellraiser’ and the Bus Stop

I love a truly bizarre story, especially one about a copy of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser on VHS!

Explains Time Out London:

For the last few years, a VHS copy of 1987 horror film ‘Hellraiser’ – the moving tale of a chap with a pincushion for a noggin – has sat atop the bus shelter by Lidl on Old Kent Road. You’re thinking, ‘That’s just littering.’ So were we. Until a second copy appeared. And then they both vanished. And then they came back. And vanished again. And returned again. And then a copycat VHS turned up on a Stoke Newington bus stop.

What’s so insane is that this “phenomenon” is happening atop the bus shelter, as opposed to just on a bench inside. (You can see it on Google street view!)

The article recounts the many sightings over the years, via Twitter and Flickr, that eventually lead to the discovery that the Hellraiser 2 was inside the plastic casing.

You can read all about the craziness at the above link – but for now here’s a few of those aforementioned tweets.

Photo credit: mapesburyroad



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    Borrow it. Pop in the VCR and behold…for we have such sights to show you.

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