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Chucky vs. Annabelle a Dream of ‘Child’s Play’ Creator

Don Macini may just be the most consistent of the writer-director horror icons.

The creator of Child’s Play, and director of both Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky, dreams of a horror battle in the vein of Freddy vs Jason (a monster success for New Line Cinema in 2003).

This past weekend, Annabelle, the haunted doll film that was spun off from The Conjuring, nearly won box office gold, but still opened huge for an R-rated genre film.

Mancini talked to USA Today about the dream of pitting Chucky, from the Child’s Play films, against the Annabelle doll.

“I am hoping that at some future point we have Annabelle and Chucky team up,” says Mancini. “I can see that (even) in 20 years from now.”

There might even be a cameo for Annabelle in the seventh Child’s Play film, which Mancini is writing now.

“We would be into it, the only problem is that we are in different studios. That would probably be years worth of red tape to work it out,” says Mancini. “But if it all could be worked out, then yes, we’re very into it.”

There is even a power connection. Explains the site, Annabelle director John Leonetti was the director of photography for 1991’s Child’s Play 3.

In the meantime, Mancini vowed to be one of the first to see Annabelle, even just to inspect her fighting style.




  • John Connor

    I hate crossovers. You are enjoying a series and then suddenly it decides to take on a whole other series’ baggage.

    Why not just create a character similar to Annabelle in your own universe if you want it that bad?

    • Grimphantom

      That’s called ripoff and get sued for it if he does a similar character.

      • John Connor

        Everything’s a ripoff. And no, he wouldn’t get sued. Don Mancini ripping off the concept of a talking killer doll? Ha. The motherfucker basically created it as far as anyone is concerned. He made it popular. Annabelle reminds me of something that happened on an Outer Limits episode. Nothing is original.

        Doesn’t Annabelle remind you of Tiffany? Bitch should bash Annabelle’s head in. I see now why there is a want for the crossover.

      • “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

        – Picasso

  • Adam Clifton

    He brought the class back for Chucky with Curse Of Chucky after that abysmal Seed Of Chucky movie. I think it’s best to keep Chucky on his own, he’s scarier that way. No Annabelle, no Tiffany, no Glen/Glenda. Just keep it basic. I do love the idea that a new Chucky film is coming though

    • John Connor

      Seed Of Chucky is, in a way, the best of the series. I long to see Glen and the family back.

      • I think Bride is the best in the series, Seed pushed it way too far and it was a mess. Glen was an awful design also. Curse was great.

        • John Connor

          The Seed Of Chucky is not what you would have expected when initially taking it in, so it can be tough to swallow.

          Though, in time, it has become more than accepted by me (which is the theme of the film: acceptance).
          I absolutely love this film. It’s the most rewatchable. The characters are fully fleshed out. There’s such a wonderful chemistry and rhythm.

          Goddammit, its so fucking great. I love every character in this, especially the three dolls.
          And that’s the even more impressive thing about this film: You are literally watching a puppet show. It’s a family drama acted out with puppets and other humans. I totally buy it and get lost in it as if the puppets are real, because they really do feel like real characters to me. It’s so well done and so seamless, that you can overlook it and see it as just another family drama. Yet there’s nothing like it. It’s genius.

          It’s also very beautiful. Every character is looking for love, acceptance, and purpose while battling addiction in their life (Hollywood is a perfect setting and metaphor for that):

          – Chucky trying to be a good father (Curse Of Chucky acknowledges his want for a family, albeit twisted). whilst trying to balance his killer ways. He then accepts himself for who he is and stops trying to live other people’s lives by transferring his soul to other bodies.

          – Tiffany trying to be a good mother and wanting a greater life for herself, beyond her trailer-trash origins. She wants to be a star. She’s also fighting the urge to kill for the sake of raising a family.

          – Glen/Glenda feels alone and doesn’t know himself (or herself). Wants to be loved and accepted (especially by both his parents, who tear him apart, psychologically and literally). Learns to truly be himself, or herself (or both).

          – Jennifer Tilly wants to feel wanted and needed again. She yearns for the youthful spotlight she once had. Finds a role in being a mother (even though it was extremely brief). ( I would love to see Jennifer Tilly resurrected as the doll.)

          – Stan, the limo driver, wants Jennifer’s love.

          – Joan, Jennifer’s assistant, finds purpose in living for and loving Tilly, but never gets the respect she deserves.

          All those main characters sort of find their purpose through others through love and acceptance, whether that’s a good or bad thing and whether they succeed or not. Most of them die for the object of their affection to show how much they love them.

          I’d like a sequel that deals with daddy issues. You have Glen battling Chucky. Glenda probably incestually falling for her daddy or having daddy issues. Maybe Tiffany’s (or Jennifer’s) father comes back into her life because she’s rich now. You’d have Glen joining Andy and Nica, battling their evil father-figure in Chucky.

          And it can still be dark in doing so.

        • I look at Bride and Seed more like the Chucky spin-offs as they both go off on a tangent with the story and style.

    • Yes and Brad Dourif has to return as the voice.

  • Khy

    I love that he’s working on Part 7. I asked him on twitter a few months ago if it would be as dark as Curse and he said it’ll retain the dark tone. Good! As far as a Chucky/Anabelle movie, IDK if it would mesh as well. Sure Curse of Chucky was very dark but I still don’t see smart mouth Charles Lee Ray flowing well with the silently creepy Annabelle. Thought if the movie ever did happen I’ll be first in line lol Can’t be worse than some of the shit Chucky has been through lol

  • Taboo

    No just no! Leave Annabelle alone… lol

  • Porty Guil

    annabelle doesn’t speak so it wouldn’t work

    • Brett

      Chucky should have never spoken either imo.

  • Bouncy X

    terrible idea. Freddy Vs. Jason happened because it had been talked and theorized about for almost 20yrs by the time the movie came and of course they tried to make it in the late 80s. so it made sense there plus the franchises had some lil crossover easter eggs that sorta established each other. even the proposed sequel with Ash would have made sense since Friday 9 has direct references to its universe and we of course see the glove in Evil Dead 2. but ever since that movie came, they just keep trying to match characters together just for the novelty or because one studio owns both. its bad enough Chucky fell into DTV hell, don’t cheapen him even more with this sorta gimmick. we lucked out that Curse wasn’t a piece of crap…don’t push it Don.

  • Rick-Taylor

    Doll vs doll isn’t enough to spark interest in a crossover thing. Perhaps if both dolls ganged up to take on some other team of horror villains. At that point, it would be a ridiculous comedy romp, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth watching,

    • Guest

      Puppet Master vs Chucky?

      • Rick-Taylor

        So ridiculous, I’d be sure to watch it…. premier on Syfy. lol

    • I don’t like the crossovers at all as they’re just too silly and will never be anymore than just a guilty pleasure. I rather film makers either focus their energies on an original or a quality sequel.

  • Dr. Satan

    umm, dolly dearest? if they were to make a vs film with chucky, it should totally have been dolly dearest. since freddy vs Jason I have been waiting for chucky vs leprechaun or chucky vs dolly dearest. Annabelle cant walk or talk, useless! fuck Annabelle, dolly dearest was way creepier!

  • brewers_rule

    This is so stupid I don’t even have words to describe it. Annabelle was a real doll with a REAL horror story behind it (read the Warrens’ book about it) whereas Chucky is pure camp & fodder. You wanna see a toy fight? Go rent Dollman vs. Demonic Toys.

    • Saren Nevac

      Just what i was thinking. I would like it if they did Puppet Master vs Chucky. Well if they made the Puppet Master dolls better. Imagine Pinhead (small head, big hands) getting into a fist fight with Chucky?

    • Adam Clifton

      Chucky Vs Leprechaun (the Warwick Davis one)

    • John Connor

      Annabelle was a real bullshit story.

  • Saren Nevac

    While Chucky has played on the reality of things like the New Nightmare freddy movie – such as in Seed Of Chucky, he was a SFX doll in a movie version of his antics. So, why couldnt they make a movie in which some one brings back Freddy or Jason into a doll version of that character? Would be suitably camp and stupid. 🙂

  • Krug09

    LOL Don make another Chucky movie again something thats better then what Curse was which was a disappointment… Bring Andy back and don’t have 6 endings..

  • No that’s a really stupid idea. I’d rather Don just make another Child’s Play sequel.

  • Travis

    I was blown away when I heard people defend Curse of Chucky. That movie was so bad, even for a Chucky film. I’ve found the Child’s Play movies to be the least rewatchable (not a word) of all my favorite childhood horror films. I seriously thought they were the scariest movies when I was a kid, but after trying to watch them recently I realized I was horribly wrong. They can be funny, but they’re so bad and the newest one has some horrible plot lines and acting even after taking in to consideration what number film it is in the franchise.

  • marklola12 .

    well that would be boring since Annabelle does not movie around like chucky

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I haven’t seen Annabelle, but I don’t think that Chucky vs Annabelle is as impossible as most may think. While it may not play out like Freddy vs Jason (ergo, mortal combat style), I would think that it could be something very interesting if they’re cautious about it. You wouldn’t be able to find any bigger contrasts than these two;
    One is relatively new, has supernatural connections of the demonic kind, and plays for chills rather than guts. That’s Annabelle.
    In the other corner we have one that’s been in the game for quite some time, have died and been resurrected on several occasions, has voodoo powers at his beckoning, and while going for more blood than any other supernaturally possessed doll, he is clever enough to make full use of his condition. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Chucky.

    What makes me believe that this would work is the fact that they are so different in styles. The combination of black comedy, slasher and bone chilling, paranormal horror would make an interesting movie.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Uuh, no. Simply no. Just make Child’s Play 7, maybe 8. And close the saga once and for all. For once, I’d like to have a horror series put to an end.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Maybe 8? Bahahaha you’re so random. You are a classic idiot.

    • Daniel Bond

      The Chucky saga would’ve only ended at Child Play 3 had he had gone through a wood chipper instead of a fan like Robert Wightman (The replacement for Lost’s Terry O Quinn who did the first 2 Stepfather movies) did on Stepfather 3 (which ended the original saga).

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Of course he’s into it. Chucky is on life support! Seed and Curse are two of the worst movies of all time. Bride, however, was big, smart, funny and scary. Don had a bird in the hand with that movie because Ronny Yu kept him on a tight leash, but he got let off his leash for Seed. Well, I hope he enjoyed running around leashless, because he sealed his doll’s fate.

    I don’t think the makers of Annabelle would be interested at all. Does Don know that Annabelle doesn’t move or kill?

  • astronauta69

    i prefer Chucky vs Pinocchio

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m just excited that he’s currently writing the next Child’s Play.

  • AlanMorlock

    Annabelle was fucking awful. A crossover film wouldn’t even make sense. The doll in Anabelle doesn’t even do anything.

    • Ryan


  • Luke

    I would like another chucky movie then another then another. I never want to see any of my fav horrors end. Don’t want Jason, Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Ghostface or chucky to end. I think its a good idea for another few chucky movies even though I don’t know what Annabelle is like I think she would do nothing but sit still through out the whole movie anyway but it could be something new. How are they expect to make an anabelle movie when the movie isn’t basically about anabelle and by the way I hope they kept with the story because it is based on the anabelle ragedy ann doll.

  • Luke

    if for some reason Don got his wish and made it you know he probably would want to make Annabelle a good fighter by giving her the ability to talk,. move ex:.

  • Brett

    Annabelle would destroy Chucky just by a snap of her fingers. Annabelle is controlled by a demon. Chucky is basically a poltergeist of some sorts.

    • jasonjrf

      no chucky is not a poltergiest he is Charles Lee Ray the Lakeshore strangler he put himself into chucky with vodoo not even remotely close to a poltergiest

  • Stephen Spencer

    it be interesting to see, it be cool to see chucky kill on a train too, or even on a plane.

  • jasonjrf

    Thing is isnt annabel actuall a demon just making it seem like the doll is alive? From the opening in conjuring thats what it seemed like so really that wouldnt work

    • Jon Chamberlain

      Pretty much my understanding. The movie will be 2 mins long and show chucky breaking the doll :/

  • jasonjrf

    Instead of all that do Freddy VS Jason VS Mike Meyers. Or Gremlins vs Critters that would be sick.

  • Brett Janovich

    Are u serious god no thats the worst idea ever dont do a annabelle vs chucky cuz one annabelle cant move like chucky or even talk cuz one anna is only possesed by a spirit but the spirit only moves the doll and the film annabelle sucked not even scary and freddy vs chucky wont work either so the best bet is leprechaun vs chucky

  • Ryan

    I am for this.

  • William Baker

    Pinhead versus Djinn/Nathaniel Demerest/wishmaster has always been my horro movie icon versus movie

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