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Multiplayer Horror ‘The Flock’ Enters Closed Alpha

October may be over, but there’s still plenty more to look forward to, starting with the closed alpha for the upcoming indie horror game The Flock. For the unfamiliar, this is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits a light-wielding Carrier against a horde of agile, light-fearing creatures known as the Flock. Everything is player-controlled, and the goal of the former is to survive as long as possible while the latter works together to take them out.

The Flock is scheduled to release on PC, Mac and Linux, but the alpha is currently only available for PC players. You can register here for access.




  • Daniel Rodrigues

    I have got a key for the game but I simply cannot find a place to download it!

    • jeroenverloop

      If you activate your key in Steam the game will show up in your Steam library

  • darkMite

    I really want a copy of this game, I’m really excited to buy it when I can.

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