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Run, Don’t Walk, To Download This John Carpenter-Themed Retrosynth Album

Retro Promenade, the group behind the fantastic The Next Peak trilogy, have curated yet another themed retrosynth album that should be something you immediately download. This time they’ve gathered a ton of different artists together to pay homage to the master of horror himself, John Carpenter!

Simply titled Carpenter, the 20 track album features original tracks from amazing artists such as Lazerhawk (if you haven’t gotten Skull & Shark yet, what’s wrong with you?), Gunship (the group behind this incredible music video), VHS Glitch, and a whole lot more.

These artists have written original songs based off of multiple John Carpenter films, including Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, They Live, Christine, The Thing, and more.

Downloading the album is free but I highly recommend forking over even a few bucks to make sure that albums like this can keep happening!



  • Cryptus

    Most excellent. Kind of sad to see no Perturbator involved in this, as he’s one of my favs in the genre, and he did an excellent Halloween cover as well. That said, this is still an awesome synth showcasing here.

    • This is not confirmed at all but I’m guessing the reason is because Perturbator is on a label and clearing it would’ve been quite the difficulty.

  • WindowsIsDead

    Besides the already mentioned Perturbator, I also miss Power Glove and Voyag3r on this list. Nevertheless is a great album and I’ve purchased it!

  • Davey Kuraner

    No Carpenter Brut or Trevor Something, either. I’d also lump in The Chromatics (or anything Johnny Jewel is working on).

  • David Angle

    Really curious but which titles of these songs relates to Halloween? I can’t seem to find it…plus I’m ultra tired. Help?

    • J Jett

      David Angle, i was wondering the same thing. none of these songs really sounds very HALLOWEEN-ish.

  • Guest


    • Vic

      REALLY?! She earls $65 an hour but if she works for “a few hours” it jumps up to $16.5k? WOW SIGN ME UP MOTHER FUCKER! THIS DOESN’T LOOK DODGY AT ALL!
      And why are you letting her make all the money? Why do you care so much about your co-workers step mother so much? If I was you I’d be on that shit like Winney on honey.

  • Bryno

    Has stuff like this been around for years (obviously John Carpenter has)? I’m just getting into stuff like Com Truise and Perturbator, I’ve never really enjoyed any electronic music up until now but I really enjoy the 80’s synth type stuff.


    Can’t wait for JPVD’s next comp, The Neon Wolves!!

  • tyrabanksy

    This is great. Thanks for posting.

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