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Top 10 Japanese Horror Films By Taffy + EP Premiere

Remember several years ago when remaking J-horror films was all the craze? It seemed that US audiences were fascinated by those films, although they were unwilling to read subtitles. It was a really cool period where genre fans, it seemed, were suddenly opened up to a new world that they hadn’t previously experienced, one with a view of horror that we hadn’t previously experienced or understood. I myself found several horror films that I still watch regularly, each of them still managing to send shivers up and down my spine.

However, it’s been several years since that part of the world has brought us horror that makes headlines. But what if we don’t need to look to the modern times and instead look to the past for some titles we’ve never heard of?

Enter Japanese shoegaze pop punk band Taffy who have brought BD a list of their Top 10 Japanese Horror Films, nearly all of which are ones that I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of! A bit of warning, however: These trailers/clips/films are all in Japanese and most don’t have subtitles, so you’ll have to seek them out in some other way if you want to watch them.

We’re also exclusive premiering the band’s new EP Darkle, which comes out on May 4th! Head to the end to give it a listen as well as a chance to see their new video, find them on all social networks, and see their tour dates.

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  • Bill-Carson

    “Remember several years ago when remaking J-horror films was all the craze? It seemed that US audiences were fascinated by those films” – Yeah… Can’t think why. None of then were actually SCARY.

  • Richter Belmont

    I’ve never heard of this band until today but after listening to their music, I feel instantly transported to the ’90s when I used to listen to this kind of stuff. Awesome! I’m going to track down more it.

    • KSE1977

      You totally nailed it, that 90s Lucious Jackson type bands that used to be pretty popular. Even has a little softer Veruca Salt sound to it.

  • Christensen

    this pretentious ass list

  • Garbageface

    Pretentious apparently means that Christensen’s never heard of these movies so he feels threatened that someone from another country has a vastly superior knowledge of the film history of his country than he does.

    • CTHL

      A terrifying day this is, when I’m defending Christensen, but this was a pretty shitty list. Half of it isn’t horror, and the other half isn’t even good.

      • Christensen

        A terrifying day this is when I don’t have any clue who you are

    • Christensen

      no it means that there’s not a SINGLE movie on the list that’s not 50+ years old. “pretentious” is the perfect word to describe it maybe you should look it up.

  • awwww no Noroi the Curse ? or Suicide club ?

  • José Alejandro Zapata Yañez

    “nekome kozo is a cute and crappy movie made with lame paper cutouts which are kinda creepy so i will add it to the list of japanese horror movies”.
    nice logic.

  • KSE1977

    I would knock this list for excluding movies I like, but since this band is Japanese, I will write them down and check them out. Cannot blame them if the Japanese movies I love are not the ones they love

  • StinkyMonkeyBallz

    wow this list sucks so bad, and too think how excited I was thinking I’d find something good to watch. I’ll cut them some slack because they seem stuck in the 90’s…. on another note, I did enjoy 2 of their of the songs and am gonna download their albums if they have one I can find. I like their music but wont taking any movie recommendations from them EVER!

  • disqus_Vfeq1viUAm

    I liked this list. It was eclectic and diverse, and some of this stuff is stuff I might have never heard about otherwise. I’m glad it wasn’t stuff we already know about like Ringu, Ju-On, Audition, Noroi, Suicide Club, and so on. I genuinely really enjoyed it.

  • TERRIBLE LIST! I try as hard as possible to stay subjective on these lists, but this list was complete shit. Here’s my list;

    1. 13 Assassins
    2. Ringu (The Ring)
    3. Odishon (Audition)
    4. Grotesque
    5. Ichi the Killer
    6. One Missed Call
    7. Guinea Pig 2 : Flower of Flesh and Blood
    8. Gojira (Godzilla)
    9. Ringu 2
    10. Ju-on (The Grudge)

  • James Allard

    Have never heard of any Japanese “Caligari” until now. This list was worth it for that… it may suck like a black hole, but it is a new experience.

  • abyx34

    I watched quite a lot of asian horror movies (not only Japanese), but except Kurei, I haven’t watched any of those. The ones that I higly recomnend are: Uzumaki, Ju-On – The curse 1&2 and Ju-On – The Grudge 1&2, Ringu 1&2, Dark Water, Silk, Shutter, Versus, Azumi 1&2 (gory action), Battle Royale 1&2 (like hunger games but better – gory action), The Eye, One Missed Call 1&2, R-Point, The Host, …

    • RiesenRatte

      Check out Kairo (or Pulse for the western world). It has a very dense and well build atmosphere and an interesting premise. But don’t watch the American remakes/sequels, they’re shit.

      • abyx34

        Yes I agree, I am well aware that original asian horror is far superior than the american remakes. I watched Kairo and Pulse (usa remake) both, when I watched Pulse I though I was watching an entirely different movie, lol. Loved the original Kairo.

  • RiesenRatte

    The concept of a guy standing on a stage telling horror stories sounds nice, actually. If they do that good of course.

  • astronauta69

    damn i’ve only seen Cold Fish, it’s fucking great btw, need to see the others

  • Grimphantom

    No Devilman(OVA versions) no Tetsuo the Iron Man….Not even Godzilla!!! For shame!

  • Bluegrasslass

    The author’s name is Edogawa Ranpo. Read it out loud!

  • pizza.princess

    Loving the comment section!

  • pizza.princess

    What about that one about the piano that eats people? Hausa… I think?

  • Evilin Garnett

    more than willing to read subtitles but can’t find any….

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