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Ridley Scott Changes Title to ‘Prometheus’ Sequel… Again

This has to be an elaborate joke, or Ridley Scott talks too much to the press.

Long story short (elongated version here), Scott had always planned a sequel to his Alien prequel, Prometheus, but was put on the back-burner as he developed other projects. Neill Blomkamp was tapped by Fox to write and direct Alien 5, a followup to Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens. Then, out of nowhere, Scott decided that Prometheus 2 would be his followup to The Martian, which put Blomkamp’s Alien on hold. Further causing confusion, ahead of pre-production Prometheus 2 was retitled to Alien: Paradise Lost, which is quietly casting for a planned February 2016 shoot.

Now, speaking at AFI, Scott tells The Playlist that he’s once again changed the title. Until the next title change, we will refer to Scott’s Prometheus sequel as Alien: Covenant.

The title refers to some sort of “agreement,” presumably made between the Engineers and mankind. Without knowing anything on the inside, and going by what happened in Prometheus, could this broken contract be the death of Jesus Christ, which is alluded to in the first film (the thought is that the Engineers were sending the black ooze to wipe out mankind approximately 2,000 years ago when something happened on the ship)? There’s a lot of theology ladled throughout the film, thanks to writer Damon Lindelof, which implies that the crucifixion of Jesus has a connection to the mystery of the Engineers’ death ship.

There’s been quite a bit of news over the past few months, which is why I recommend clicking here to get fully up to speed. For now, let’s discuss what the title Alien: Covenant means…


Image source: Deviant art’s Dejano 23.



  • Weresmurf

    Calling it now, give it all the titles it wants, the studio will change it back to PROMETHEUS 2 before it’s release date.

    • RidleyScott

      You need not call anything, it won’t be Prometheus 2.

      • Weresmurf

        Bet you it ends up being called just that 😉

        • RidleyScott

          nah, you ain’t got the money to bet on anything

          • Weresmurf

            Save your dollars… hire a better scriptwriter 😉

  • Mr. Dry

    I have a great idea! Why don’t you name it Prometheus 2?¡

    • Wes Draven

      That makes no sense, why would a sequel to Prometheus have a 2 at the end, indicating that it’s a sequel to the film it’s a sequel to? Just stupid…

      • RidleyScott

        Er what? Prometheus is a spin-off of Alien, preceding Alien.

        • Wes Draven

          ’twas a joke! As in, why would a sequel to Prometheus be called Prometheus 2. Sarcasm.

    • RidleyScott

      Because Prometheus was the name of the ship in the first movie and the Prometheus tied into the plot of the first? It would make no sense.

      • Mr. Dry

        But Prometheus was also a reference to the greek titan who stood against the gods, his creators. Similar to what happens in the movie with humans standing against the engineers, our creators. Soooo… it is NOT just the name of the spaceship.

        • RidleyScott

          and the Prometheus myth tied into the plot of the firstand the Prometheus myth tied into the plot of the firstand the Prometheus myth tied into the plot of the firstand the Prometheus myth tied into the plot of the firstand the Prometheus myth tied into the plot of the first

          • Mr. Dry

            They’re going to the engineers planet to confront the engineers, I would say that it is more tied to the plot of the upcoming film that to the last one!

          • RidleyScott

            blah frickin’ blah

          • Mr. Dry

            HAHAHAHA chill dude, just trying to have a nice discussion, but you’re that kind of fan aren’t you?

        • astronautinthebookcase

          Do you think that the sect of religious Engineers who we are crediting with humanity’s origin story were a partisan offshoot that pieced out from the Engineer planet to commit an act of rebellion (the creation of a new race), despite overwhelming opposition? And that maybe the “bad-guy” Engineers were attempting to follow behind and clean up the mess? It’s a beautiful cycle in which we (humans) are just as much “Prometheus” as the self-sacrificing Engineer in the opening scene.

  • Wes Draven

    I like the idea of a followup to this story than I do a follow up to Ripley’s, believe it or not.

    I just wanted to make that joke… I haven’t seen Prometheus. -_-

    • CaseX

      Keep it that way.

  • RidleyScott

    I was in LOVE with the Alien: Paradise Lost title 🙁

    Saving that one for the third, maybe?

    I’ll get used to A:C.

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  • wehoaks

    Mr. Scott,

    Please shut it.


  • Geno1987

    Can we stop with the bible shit in these movies? It’s so unoriginal and reeks of trying to artificially enhance the material with some cheap literature reference.

    • Christoph Leon

      This was a take on creationism AND evolution in the same laws of one science fiction franchise?

      How the fuck is that NOT original?

      • Geno1987

        Because 2001 Space Odyssey did it first and better.

        • Christoph Leon

          No they didn’t. The monolith was an artifact that cultivated and curated intelligence to allow already existing species to continue to evolve to ultimately transcend physical form to join the ancient creators of the monolith in dimensions above our comprehension.

          Prometheus was a hard and steady take on creationism itself.

          Similar, in terms of origin, but completely different in terms of intent.

          Also, read the books if you have’t. I just wrapped up the 3rd book in that series, and the perspectives you get from Moonwatcher (the first evolved ape via monolith) and Dave Bowman give you SO much more than the movies did. They’re absolutely phenomenal. The mention of life on Jupiter and Europa and how each are used REALLY illustrate the intent of the monolith’s creators.

          • Nathan Springstead

            Christoph, if there’s one thing I have gained knowledge of on this site over the years is how anti-religious the people are. You mention the bible one time and the BD mob seeks you out to condemn you, almost like an anti-religious extremist mob with keystrokes in place of molotov cocktails. If it’s not to taste, they stew in their own funk and throw a tantrum. I mean, look at the “likes” he has. Proves my point.

          • Christoph Leon

            There was absolutely nothing religious about Prometheus though.

            Man, simple people will demonize ANYTHING they don’t understand.

          • astronautinthebookcase

            Whether or not you believe that the stories told by religion are literal or not is your own interpretation… However, to cast a blanket generalization that there are no possible connections to be drawn between the stories makes you just as much of an asshat as the people who cry religion over everything. It is remiss to deny the connection, in this particular instance, because it is so obviously there. This is a story about the actual origin of our species, about who created us and where we came from… Why do you think humans invented religion in the first place? To postulate our (maybe not-so) humble beginnings and to ponder the meaning of our existence. Think of them like the tales a grandmother tells a child to help her understand the world.

            What is it they say, there are only 7 basic plots in literature? And you really don’t see a single parallel in the story?

            It’s not gospel, just sci-fi.

    • John Stewart

      Its kinda cool to tie in 2000 year old fiction with modern fiction…

  • GrossGreg

    According to Ridley Scott himself, the Engineer = Jesus wasn’t included in Prometheus because it would be “a little too on the nose.” If somebody can explain WTF he meant by that please let me know.

    • Weresmurf

      Especially considering how on the nose the rest of the movie was…

      • Mehliens

        Considering the title PROMETHEUS to begin with

    • Christoph Leon

      Pay more attention. The engineer gave his life for us to have one.

      Come on.

      Seriously. Did you even watch the movie?

      • PsychoMantis18

        Good job at being condescending and arrogant.
        Please explain how the Engineer’s story was similar to jesus’s?

        His question was perfectly valid.

        • Christoph Leon

          HE. GAVE. HIS. LIFE. FOR. US. TO. HAVE. ONE.

          Do you even know the story of Jesus or what that fable’s intention was?

          Why do I have to spell this out for you?!

          • PsychoMantis18

            AND. THE. ENGINEER. DID. NOT.

          • Christoph Leon


          • PsychoMantis18

            Uh, he died. He did not give his life for humanity. Big difference there…

          • Moonpatrol

            He sacrificed it for something. We just don’t know what.

          • ElectricAve

            All these years later, I’m thinking the answer might have been in the alternate sequence/deleted scene at the waterfall. These Engineers look like monks, and they are naked underneath, with no biotech stuck to their skin. When the Elders give the urn to the younger Engineer, they say some kind of nature-loving prayer like “May your blood become the water, and may your body become the earth, blah blah”. And after he drinks the goo, his body breaks down and reforms into what appears to be “normal” cells = normal life forms. Jumping ahead to the urn room on lv-223, it seems like those Engineers did not worship the same way. They wear those biosuits so they can merge with the ship, and it looks like they worship the deacon/xeno looking creature at the altar with the green crystal, and their goo does not create normal life either, it creates these vicious parasitic monstrosities. So it might be that “prayer” has something to do with the way the goo works. Like if you have a very humble, disciplined, and peaceful mind and you drink the goo, it will create “stable” or “tame” ecosystems, whereas a more brutal, selfish, and domineering type will create lots of aggressive parasitic forms of life (the facehuggers, xenos, etc). Well, that’s my best guess anyway….

          • astronautinthebookcase

            Have you read any Lovecraft? After Prometheus I read the Mountains of Madness, and it gave me an interesting theory- one which matches up with your theory of prayer. The black goo is the ultimate building block of life, with infinite evolutionary potential. It is the heart, or intention, of the user which sets the “code” by which the goo goes on to form life. When the Engineer gave his life to the goo, his sacrifice led to the creation of a beautiful race (we can argue the merits and pitfalls of humanity later). When used by the less friendly Engineers in the ship, the goo fed off of their hostility and created monsters. Similarly, when David experimented on his unwitting patients, the goo reacted with yet another variation. Who even knows if the goo is able to read any “intent” or emotion from an Android? The entire purpose of the scene in the “temple,” where the meal worm was replaced by the face-hugging snake, was to show how the DNA of the “host” bonded and shaped the DNA of the goo. We were supposed to think back to that first scene and connect that we weren’t just made in our creators image, we were made from our creator. That is why we look like Engineers and proves that they were responsible for the genesis of our species. To me, that doesn’t make them comparable to Jesus, but god him/her/itself.

          • Christoph Leon

            All very good. Ridley Scott knows more about what he’s doing that we all do, so if he says “a little too on the nose”, I trust him. That, and that first engineer sacrificed himself for us to have a life, and that’s more Jesus-y than God to me personally.

          • Christoph Leon

            That is an awesome theory.

          • Christoph Leon

            The other most important deleted scene really sums up the whole movie: When Captain Janek is explaining to someone about his time on a military base in Africa. There’s a really good analogy in his story that perfectly sums up the whole point of this movie.

          • PsychoMantis18

            Your point? I still fail to see the comparison to jesus, other than an incredibly vague one. The engineer’s story is comparable to say… Prometheus’s.

          • astronautinthebookcase

            “He died.” His body broke down into its constituent parts and bonded with existing biological matter on the planet, thus altering the structure of the DNA and creating a basis for a new life form (HUMANS). The flesh and blood of his body were the literal building materials of humanity. In this fictional storyline, you could not only compare the Engineer to Jesus, but one could argue that he was even more important to the origin of our species than your favorite prodigal son.

          • PsychoMantis18

            You also seem to be a confused – Jesus gave his life for humanity – a nobel sacrifice. The engineer did not. Your pretentious paragraph above only helps to illustrate their differences.

            ‘Favorite prodigal son’ – I’m a proud Atheist, thankyou very much.

          • astronautinthebookcase


          • astronautinthebookcase

            LOUDER NOISES

          • Matthew Watkin

            How do you know it was a fable?

          • astronautinthebookcase

            LOUD NOISES

    • astronautinthebookcase

      A subtle religious epithet is always more effective than an in-your-face allegory that would scare off or anger those who are just as zealously anti-religious as their Bible thumping counterparts are pious. (And we have examples of both right here in this thread.)

  • John

    As much as I dig the Alien mythos, I worry Scott is going against what he really wants to do just to please fans. I want to him to expand on the xenomorphs if it is something that HE wants to do not something he feels forced into exploring.

    • PsychoMantis18

      To please fans!? You mean to line his pockets?

      • RidleyScott

        He doesn’t need to line his pockets anymore. Not at his age and not with his fortune.

        • PsychoMantis18

          What world do you live in?

          • RidleyScott

            blah frickin’ blah

      • John

        To be clear, I really meant bandwagoning. He saw that fans care more about Aliens and thus would be willing to spend money so yeah what you said.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m just happy it’s still titled Alien and didn’t go back to Prometheus.

  • REC03

    Ridley had no clue what he wanted with Prometheus and it sounds like he has no clue what he wants to do with this one. he will always be iconic to me for giving us the original but he has somewhat lost his way. i would much rather have Alien 5 tbh.

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    • James

      He’s just upset fans were more excited for Neil’s alien sequel than we were for Prometheus 2.

      • Mehliens

        That would be rather ironic if a 80 something year old director would be jealous of a man child director and his fanboys that consist mostly out of xbox playing nerds of all ages. Especially while Scott hired Villeneuve for Blade Runner who is actually someone to be really jealous of.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Yikes. If this isn’t for the sake of marketing, I don’t what to say. Having the word “Alien” in the title will no doubt attract a bigger audience, but I think they should make it clear that this is a movie that will lead FROM Prometheus TO Alien. A more appropriate title would then be Prometheus 2: Alien Origins.

    • Clint Olsen

      Alien 5: First Blood Part 2

  • PsychoMantis18

    Surprised some still care.

  • Magnetic Tom

    I think the issue has been that Ridley has been somewhat transparent with the process of making this film so far, so fans are exposed to some of the brainstorming that is normally not a public process. And directors with less prestige wouldn’t be given the leeway to make these types of changes, the studio would not allow them to bounce around like this.

  • This could be ploy to keep his project constantly in the news. Even if he debunks it later it’s still news that fans are talking about and that really is all that matters.

  • Nothing333

    What up with this ongoing saga of Ridley Scott’s dellusion?

  • 89wutangclan

    Can we just have Blomkamp’s movie already…

  • The first scene of Prometheus refers to a mankind’s myth of creation (from the ‘blood’ of a god — his DNA). Notwithstanding, the author’s so-called Engineers’ lack of empathy for humanity draws attention. It seems they don’t have feelings for anyone, anything, just act as heartless machines. According to that movie, the creation of a new species or even ‘terraforming’ is only an act of curiosity, not as in the old mythologies, where it arises from a necessity (in the * Mesopotamian creation myths, for instance). Why, even having great knowledge of mankind’s written history (being them fictional or not) we are not presented with positive fictional stories about our future, just frightening ones? That’s so intriguing… and sad.

    * “In the Chaldean tradition, Marduk and Aruru were the ancestors of man. In the poem of Gilgamesh, by moistening her hands and molding clay, the goddess creates humankind—just as she later creates Enkidu, the king’s double. Another version (transmitted by the priest Berossus) has humanity modeled from clay, with which the blood of a god was mixed.” — from note 14 to Assyro-Babylonian Myths – (The Creation of the Human Being), page 12 of Universal Root Myths, Silo


    – Enki –

    – Tiamat –

  • Halloween_Vic

    One Ridley starting to really annoy me, and this shit is getting confusing can we just get Blomkamp’s Alien 5 instead and call it a damm day sheesh!!!

  • RIB

    THeres alotta folks who see it as it is. The rest over the revierwes are just cllutching tiightly.. Wether it be base characters trained specifically for this mission/including scientific BELIEVERS. We knew someyhing was wrong with those tow idiots gettin . then that guy lost, WAS the MAPPER!!! They findi a dead monster body and get so freaked out they refuse to move anfy further and hide in a corner. . luckily for them, 5 mins later they were bored. Sp they just reach out to a snake n the black ooze – Uh you sure buddy? Cause that looks EXACTLY what I’d call a KING SPACE COBRA. of oh snap. its in your suit now, well sooo long. Lets hope your in better shape that your buddy…. id gon on further, but its steay nose dive. its a very prety flim but theyrs SO MUCH lost Logitc

  • astronautinthebookcase

    I don’t think it was all negative. The Engineers who broke off, came to Earth, and sacrificed their flesh and blood to create us, were far from, heartless. The evidence of that is in the creation itself. Clay mixed with blood of a god… If the blood came from the Engineer, the clay was the black goo- and the best theories agree that the creations made from the goo have everything to do with the intentions or feelings of the user. Feelings of hope and love created life on earth, feelings of anger or hate created monsters.

  • Brodie Mayhem

    So basically this officially unofficial movie of multiple names and story lines is maybe officially never coming out? unofficially.

  • Federico Oporto

    Dan O´Bannon wrote the script for Alien. Ridley Scott had no writing input in the creation of the story. Now he is making it look that he was involved in the creation of the idea for the movie when it was not the case.

    • Proximis

      Exactly. He directed it. Didn’t write it. His input is well ‘alien’ to the original story. They keep referring it to ‘his’ film but it really wasn’t. He just directed someone else’s brilliant story. As for making brilliant stories of his own he hasn’t done that.

  • Ceirwyn

    A covenant is not simply an agreement, it’s an unbreakable oath (to the death, if the person making it breaks it). It’s an old middle eastern custom, and literately the most serious form of oath a person can make. Breaking it gives the other party the right to kill you.

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