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Tom Cruise Gets Wrapped Up In ‘The Mummy’ Reboot!

Tom Cruise in THE EDGE OF TOMORROW, via Warner Bros.

Update: Tom Cruise is not starring in this movie. Story here.

Universal Pictures is choosing to go big with their newly revived Monsters universe.

After dropping the ball with Dracula Untold, the studio is focusing on real star power to reignite the franchise that quite literally started it all.

First, there’s talk of Scarlett Johansson toplining the Creature From the Black Lagoon reboot.

Then, just the other day, word got out that the studio is targeting Angelina Jolie Pitt for the leading role in Bride of Frankenstein.

Now, Tom Cruise is in talks to star in the latest take on The Mummy, according to Variety.

The studio tapped Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan last summer to help develop a universe for Universal where its classic monster movie library is front and center. Kurtzman is also on board to direct and will produce alongside Morgan.

Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) is penning the script that is set in present day, unlike the previous three installments starring Brendan Fraser.

The bigger news here is that, according to the site, Cruise will play a major part in helping develop this new franchise, and is expected to play a large part in not only the Mummy franchise, but also in the monster universe, as it’s planned that characters will have roles in other monster movies leading up to an Avengers-style tie-in film.

My own personal guess here is that he’s in talks to play VAN HELSING, the epicenter of the Universal Monsters universe who is also rumored to get his own movie. Although, I’m not exactly sure how that would play into The Mummy films.

I was starting to doubt Universal’s master plan, but the stars are (literally) starting to align. I’ve always been a huge fan of Cruise, even during his “insane” years. Many people can’t separate a star’s public perception from their talent (Kanye West is the perfect example). Cruise is easily one of the best actors of all-time, and would be welcomed once again into our genre (he was so superb as Lestat in the Interview with the Vampire adaptation).



  • wehoaks

    Bahahahahahahahah. Jesus Christ they have no clue do they?

    • wehoaks

      Get ready for Van helsing to scale a mountain blindfolded and without a safety harness because man Cruise DOES NOT like dick you guys. He will prove it!

      • wehoaks

        Bye bye gothic horror.

      • eli

        Uhm, what?

        • wehoaks


      • You replied to your own post….

        • wehoaks

          No shit.

        • RidleyScott

          You did the same thing, in the Vin Diesel article where you stated as much as when Deadline previously reported this first article…

          • I didn’t post anything under a Vin Diesel article. It’s just strange to reply to yourself.

          • RidleyScott

            But the one Riddick one with the homage to the past film is what really made it a bit derivative.

          • Nope, never posted on that thread. The Riddick movies suck

          • RidleyScott

            Yeah you did I saw your post

          • No I didnt, I just made a profile on here and haven’t posted alot yet. You should go check out The Horror Word with Shane and Purd. Thats quality viewing right there. Follow them on twitter and Facebook

          • RidleyScott

            Yeah you it was from a couple days ago you even dissed The Chronicles of Riddick

          • No proof…and check out this awesome installment of The Horror Word with Shane and Purd

          • RidleyScott

            I saw it was you, you really disliked Chronicles calling it overrated

          • I’m afraid you’re mistaken – Follow us on Twitter for Updates and Horror News!

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Dracula Untold was disappointing in almost every way. Do the really think their lame PG-13-Reboots would lead to business heavy franchise? At this point, I am so fresh to say that the audience of Dracula Untold was just curious, like me. But if they really want to carry own with their plans for a Mash-up, they should prepare for the BO-Bombs.

    There is already a fantastic Mash-up-series and that series is called Penny Dreadful, which is bloody, sexy, dark, scary, ambitious and well acted.

  • lion7718

    Am I the only one that hated Cruise as Lestat..??
    I’ve always thought he was miscast & still do.

    • eli

      Yeah, I love that movie. Him in it, not so much.

    • RidleyScott

      Cruise was a king in the role. Even Anne Rice admitted defeat, that he was indeed a great Lestat.

    • J Jett

      lion7718, i didn’t like that movie or Cruise in it. Cruise excels in certain types of roles (and not in other types). i love his JACK REACHER, KNIGHT & DAY, OBLIVION, EDGE OF TOMORROW).

  • Brian Lipiec

    This will kill the whole franchise for me.

  • J Jett

    Cruise is a weirdo in a cult (Scientology) but he does make good movies.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I honestly feel like TOM HARDY would be better for the role, and it fits him more to be honest. That’s my opinion tho…….. (sips tea)

  • While I understand that you want to accrue followers and build up your own brand, it’s incredibly rude to post comments on our website to try and drive our readers to another site/podcast/whatever. Please find another way to promote yourselves.

    • I was posting these in response to the troll posts I was getting. I have no need to “drive up” my viewer count. The Irony behind THIS post is you don’t moderate any others. You have people on here saying the most horrific things and you could care less, yet one person posts a link to there twitter and THAT is what you chime in on. I’ll just delete me profile and never use this site again. Thanks so much

    • wehoaks

      Not only that, but insulting your readers in the process. Douchebags. Keep up the great work JB.

  • RidleyScott

    I’m not mistaken. It was you. And why would I want to follow your cheap, low-rent ass when I get high quality news right here at BD? Rim each other’s puckered assholes, Shane and Turd.

  • tharealOrionPax

    yukikaze remake, also. japanese anime.

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