The Real '10 Cloverfield Lane' Mystery

The Real ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Mystery


I spent the better half of last Thursday night trying to make sense of the surprise announcement of 10 Cloverfield Lane, which producer J.J. Abrams called a “blood relative” to the 2008 Cloverfield.

When we entered the eye of the storm, and there was a moment to breathe, there were some deep-thinking individuals who felt this was more of a spinoff than an actual sequel to Cloverfield. Some even suggested it may be an extension of the anthology concept that’s sweeping Hollywood.

While speculation continues to run rampant, one thing is for certain – 10 Cloverfield Lane is definitely not a sequel to Cloverfield.

Then what is it? This reddit post alleges that we’re sort of, kind of, being tricked.

First and foremost, 10 Cloverfield Lane was announced under the title The Cellar and filmed under the moniker Valencia.

The reddit user alleges that it was produced under Paramount’s Insurge, and “when Paramount closed it down, this movie (shot and completed) was thrown out to the wind and orphaned.

“Paramount bought it back up and had Dan Casey and Damien Chazelle do some re-writes so that it would connect to the Cloverfield universe and they went back and did reshoots and add-ons in March 2015 in New Orleans and L.A.” adds the anonymous user who says they have the 2013 screenplay for The Cellar, which carries no mention of any monster (you can read the script’s ending right here).

Speculation is that a new finale has been filmed that would include the Cloverfield behemoth, thus tying it to the Cloverfield universe.

This wouldn’t be the first time a different script has been retooled into a franchise sequel (see Saw II, Super Mario Bros. 2, Various Hellraiser sequels), and honestly there’s nothing wrong with it. Some fans are really angered by the notion that 10 CLoverfield Lane isn’t truly or wholly a sequel.

Personally, I live by the simple fact that a movie is supposed to be entertaining. That’s all I care about. How it came about is just a fun look behind-the-scenes of a production that we aren’t supposed to be privy too.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation as it’s quite interesting, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • Blade

    I think the issue some people have with rewriting an unrelated movie into a sequel of another is because it feels cheap, and like it’s riding the coattails of the other series. If this movie really had nothing to do with Cloverfield, and they are just calling it that and adding a new ending to make it work because they know people wanted another Clover field movie…well that’s kind of dirty IMO BUT like you said, if it’s good than it’s good and I won’t complain.

  • Kyle Ord

    Curiouser and curiouser

  • JoeInTheBox

    Personally I hope it’s just good and entertaining. Although, it does take the excitement level down if, it in fact, was a different movie entirely. It just sends the message that they felt the movie wasn’t good enough on it’s own and had to add the Cloverfield element to it.

  • James

    Maybe it’s connected and maybe it isn’t. All I know is that the trailer was extremely well done and I want to see it.

  • J Jett

    i fully believe in what that Reddit post laid out. i believe this movie is THE CELLAR and that Abrams is force adding a tiny scene here and there connecting CELLAR to CLOVERFIELD. tbh, it pisses me off so much because i (and tons of others) have been dying for a proper sequel to CLOVERFIELD. if i wanted a small scale character study type of thriller movie i’d go watch something from the drama or thriller section. trust me when i say that there will be tons of disappointed, pissed off people when they leave the movie theater.

    there’s NO reason for THE CELLAR to be force connected to CLOVERFIELD. it blatantly smacks of a bait & switch situation. if i’m wrong and this movie ends up being an organic extension of CLOVERFIELD then i will happily admit i was wrong. i’m pretty sure i’m not wrong though.

    • sam

      You haven’t seen the movie, so you don’t know if people are going to be pissed off after seeing the movie. That’s dumb to assume. You realize that a big part of Cloverfield was the mystery behind it right? That being said, you shouldn’t be expecting anything from this movie. It could connect to the first Cloverfield, or, all movies with “Cloverfield” in the title are more of an anthology, and not a series. You wouldn’t be talking shit about this movie if you weren’t fan-boying over Cloverfield. If this was titled something else then everyone who is saying they don’t/ won’t like it if it’s not connected to Cloverfield wouldn’t go into the theater ready to hate it if there’s no connection.

      • J Jett

        sam, don’t call me dumb. i know FOR A FACT that if this movie pulls a bait & switch and there’s nothing but 2 seconds of a shadow of a creature at the final 2 seconds of the film that people will be pissed. i know this because i read the comments. go to IMDB’s message board for this movie and you will see that i am not wrong. so do us all a favor and stop being a fucking cunt. sound good cunt? good.

        • sam

          Lol. “Don’t call me dumb” and then “Sound good cunt? Good” Ooooh, tough guy. Fuck off. Yeah, some people will be upset if that happens, but I am saying you don’t know FOR A FACT how the movie will end or if there will even be a tie in with the monster from Cloverfield, so you don’t know for sure if people will be mad about that because you don’t know if that happens in the movie. If they did something like that, then yeah, people would be mad. I’m not convinced that’s what’s happening with this. It’s most likely an anthology series. The poster says “monsters come in many forms”, which to me sounds like this is going to be more of a psychological thriller about John Goodman’s character being crazy than about the monster from Cloverfield.

  • diapers

    Man, a pet peeve of mine is how news outlets regularly quote social media nowadays. I wouldn’t directly fault BD, even fucking NPR did it the other morning, citing nameless twitter entries. Sorry folks, random social media can be backed up about as well as asking the town imbecile for their opinion. That being said, I’ll watch 10 Cloverfield for sure cause Mary Elizabeth rocks.

  • Jason Bartlett

    It doesn’t bother me. I want to see what this is about and how it connects. It clearly will.

  • शॉन मायबर्ग

    hehe you said see saw….

  • pablitonizer

    I told you so… this is just a marketing campaign to sell a boring movie taking place inside a bunker for an hour and a half with the word Cloverfield in the title… not here for misleading shit!

    • sam

      Un-wad your panties. It’s pretty dumb to assume that this is going to be boring. I am a huge fan of the original Cloverfield, and this movie still looks great, even if it’s not connected to Cloverfield. Maybe you don’t understand the idea of “Cloverfield” movies being a set of movies with twists and turns. It would make sense for JJ Abrams to not title this movie “Cloverfield” until near the release date to keep it under wraps.

      • J Jett

        there goes sam the cunt again. are you panties stuck really far up you cunt, sam cunt? you’re getting so upset at anyone who’s saying anything questioning this movie. why is that sam cunt?

        • sam

          Are you like…12? You really like the word “cunt” don’t you? It’s weird, like you have this obsession with me being/ having a cunt so you can fuck me. Man, I’m no psychologist but you might wanna go to counseling. You seem to have some anger issues and real pent up self loathing due to the fact you want to fuck guys but think that’s wrong at the same time. (It’s a movie, stop being so mad, or not, it’s really just entertaining to me.)

    • J Jett

      pablitonizer, you’ll have to excuse sam. he’s a douche bag cunt. he gets very VERY upset when someone (like us) questions or says anything unfavorable against this movie. sam cunt gets his crusty panties VERY wedged up in his cunt. he’s very sensitive.

  • sliceanddice

    thought this from the get go – still i’m sure it might surprise

  • Axels

    Super Mario Bros. 2?

    • Was originally a different game that Nintendo retooled into a Mario entry.

      • Axels

        Ohhh the game! I’m thinking “how the hell did a second movie get greenlit???” Haha

        • unrelated but I’m into your b.mage avatar. Vivi is one of my favorite game characters of all time. 😉

          • Axels

            FF9 is my favorite game of all time! Pretty excited for the pc release.

          • It’s definitely my favorite FF.

  • Cody

    Idk if I’m willing to trust the Reddit user. There has to be something legit about it being a Cloverfield related film. Why else release it in IMAX and why would Abrams want to be involved in such a scam or even such a basic story and then just add in Cloverfield connections?

  • Mr. Dry

    First: This is on Reddit, might be true or just a theory sold as a fact.
    Second: If this is true and they did re-shots it still might be a pretty cool movie. Would I be disappointed? Totally, but it might impulse an actual big-budget sequel, so…

    • Maybe the Reddit post is a viral thing by the producers to throw us off and get us talking…

      Maybe the original previews people saw of Valencia were deliberately filmed without Cloverfield links so nobody would see it coming…

      Maybe Swamp Pop is actually responsible for waking the monster, and not Slusho…

      Maybe Bruce Willis wasn’t actually a ghost all along, but the kid was…

      • Mr. Dry

        Wait a second, are we… ARE WE REAL?!


  • BoogerofRagnarok

    Looks like the movie will be a paranoia suspense situation with these people thinking Goodman is crazy.

    I personally may like this film.

    I really did not like the Cloverfield beast. Just wasn’t visually striking. The movie itself howver I found entertaining.

  • Tony Rojas Rodriguez

    super mario bros 2 script was retooled into another movie? which??

    • Justin McGill

      I think they meant that the GAME Super Mario Bros. 2 was originally another series and the Mario ‘verse characters were just dropped into it and it was called SM2 in the USA (NOT Japan).

  • The end of the original movie has the female lead breaking out and seeing a nuked city. My guess is… instead she sees a city overrun by monsters from Cloverfield, linking/setting up the Cloverfield universe.

  • Grimphantom

    People get mad since it’s an official sequel BUT why suddenly since for others it’s not a big surprise because first Paramount should’ve advertised this BIG since i believe the first movie cost alot of money and what i’m hearing with this one cost lower(Paranormal Activity and JEM for example) also the release is too short since it will be shown soon.

    Again i for one will be positive to watch this movie since the one reason worth watching is Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman.

    • Lisa Okland Burke

      John Goodman was great in this movie. Unfortunately I already knew what was happening so it took away from the acting and suspense. If you don’t already know or haven’t figured it out yet, don’t. I ha e never seen John Goodman play a role like this and I thought he did a great job!

      • Grimphantom

        He was and that’s was one of the reasons i wanted to see the movie since there’s no doubt that John Goodman is a great actor and can play anything from a comedy role to a scary role as we seen here.

  • Peter Johnson

    I’d say people are upset because they don’t like the idea of it being a cash grab. It’s like a student turning in a paper that looks nice, but is actually based off of a siblings paper with some random updated stuff thrown in, then he/she receives a better grade than everyone else. When someone makes a half-assed attempt at making a movie just for the sake of making more money…that just seems wrong. But then again, we don’t actually know why this was made into a spin-off.

  • Matt Cordell

    Crazy, the original script is exactly “The Divide” 2011 with Michael Biehn and Milo Ventimiglia.

  • Irving

    The fact that the general public is torn between the authenticity of the script and the addition of the title ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ as intentional or cash grab is truly entertaining to me. The film’s premise relies on perception. The characters are pitted against each other due to opinion and that is exactly what is happening with the audience. That trailer is our bunker. What is fact? What is fiction? And I’m excited about it. People don’t know what to make of this Cloverfield blood relative just the same as Mary Elizabeth Winstead doesn’t know if she should trust John Goodman. One thing I know for sure: do not underestimate J.J. Abrams. The man is shrouded in mystery and he takes care and pride in his projects. I’m certain the marketing department has done these things intentionally from the name change to the trailer in order to keep the mystery box front and center.

    • Lisa Okland Burke

      I really wish the film would have explained John Goldman’s back story more. I was more interested in that than what was going on outside the bunker.
      Have you seen the movie yet? I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t already seen it.

  • People would be less bothered if they had listened to Abrams when he called it a “blood relative” of Cloverfield and not a sequel to begin with. There was never any hoodwinking going on trying to convince the world that this is “Cloverfield Part II,” but it seems like this is what some people are crying. The practice of retooling a project that didn’t seem to quite work out so that it is an easier sell does not point to some kind of conspiratory behavior — it’s just how the creation of a marketable project works sometimes, especially in Hollywood. No matter how it started, it exists in the same universe now and would still look like a good movie even if there was no “Cloverfield” label slapped on it. People need to quit sensationalizing this, especially since it was NEVER called a sequel to begin with.

    • You’re right, but it’s been bound to happen the second they used the Cloverfield name. The original was promoted entirely on viral marketing and internet hysteria, so the second the Cloverfield name shows up in the news people will be expecting some kind of ARG and tie-in with the original. It almost seems insulting that they’d make any film with the Cloverfield name without a similar effort to get people talking.

  • Kaijudude

    As much s i hate to admit it , this makes some sense. But i don’t know how much faith you could put int something you see on reddit ( i looked it up and yes , that is the ending to The Divide , btw. ) it would also stand to reason that if they were keeping it a secret , anyone who saw this preview would probably have to sign a non – disclosure agreement. Also , and keep in mind i know it doesn’t really prove anything , MEW’s own page on facebook called it a sequel. Hmmm. This just keeps getting weirder.


    Abrams has an extensive collection of celebrity shaped onions. He is also known to his close friends as the blumpkin king.


    John goodman plays the bisquit.

  • Joe Smith

    What is with all these Super Mario Brothers 2 references? Explanation please.

    • Super Mario Brothers 2 was originally a different game called Doki Doki Panic. It was retooled for release as a Mario entry.

  • optimusgreg

    I don’t know… Part of me wants to ‘accept’ that they took a canned movie and injected a few Cloverfield-related scenes into the mix. The other part of me just wants me to remember the cluster-fuck marketing campaign from the first movie. It had myself (and quite a few others) thinking it was either a King Kong, Godzilla, or Voltron movie or literally the second coming of jesus. Am I the only one that thinks that we’re being mislead on purpose? WHAT IF everything was intended to be a Cloverfield sequel from the start? What if the test audiences were just exposed to just-enough so the studio knew what to re-shoot and re-cut? They obviously wouldn’t give away their big reveal so they had to default to something similar; a nuked city. Maybe I just fell too hard the first time around for the first movie. My hopes are too damn high. I don’t know what to think anymore 🙁

    • Haha I did think this! I mean the extent they went to in marketing the original, it’s possible I guess that they could’ve planned a new Cloverfield all along. They did say somewhere how they were planning on holding back the final name of the film for as long as possible… how long I wonder?

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    I have to say, even though I still will go see this for for myself, the film has been spoiled all over the place. They should’ve never said anything about the connection.

  • Phillip Randall

    I still want to see this movie. If it takes place in the same universe it would be nice to see how they insert the monster or monsters into film. It also doesn’t hurt to have another type of perspective from people that may be going through the same event..

  • skapoo

    I would sort of be upset because I didn’t wait 8 years for a big ass twilight zone episode where a few people stuck in the bunker the whole time talking and hearing noises to build suspense till the ending where we get some Cloverfield DLC.

  • CelticBull

    And how would this be a trick on us?
    JJ wouldn’t put his name on it, if the final version wouldn’t tie in well in the Cloverfield universe. Plus: If this makes money, the chances of an expanded Cloverfield universe are immediately increasing.

    • I agree. I won’t lie though, I am disappointed reading that it was never planned as a Cloverfield film, and it has killed my excitement somewhat. Like you said though, JJ wouldn’t have just slapped the name on a totally unrelated movie if it wouldn’t compliment the original in some way. If it were a straight to DVD cash in like Day of the Dead Contagium then maybe, but a release with JJ Abrams’ name all over it I doubt. So I’ll go into 10CL with an open as possible mind and hope they do actually mention Cloverfield in it somewhere, even if just at the end.

      You’re right, if this does blow up the box office, maybe there’ll be more reason for them to expand more. Maybe this is just a test to see if it’s worth it.

  • Corpse-Licker

    So, the “Cloverfield universe” has only been defined by one film and some viral campaigning for that film. At this point, the only people who can rightfully talk about that universe in relation to this film are the filmmakers. That being said, J.J. Abrams stated this is a “blood cousin”, which probably means not a direct sequel, but more like a spin off. The term Cloverfield from the original film was the name the government gave the case file regarding the monster and all the actions associated with it. At the end of the film, the government called in an air strike to stop the large monster. Maybe they succeeded, maybe not. Then, there are the smaller parasite monsters that needed to be exterminated. Maybe the government decided to use a low level nuke or chemical agent to try and combat the smaller ones. In any case, it might be that this is the fallout after those events. Maybe there are more large monsters, a fog rolls in, and this becomes The Mist.


    Jeeze, I heard about this the day the trailer was release. That must’ve been what, a week ago or so. I even mentioned this in the comments back then, how’s this news?
    Movie looks interesting regardless wether or not it’s a legit sequel or a repurposed movie.


      Nevermind, just seen the name at the top of the article. Makes so much more sense now.

  • Hunter

    That looks interesting. Definitely worth a look.

  • Jennifer Popovich

    While what you say is probably true, dont forget that while filming the 1st cloverfield, it also had a few ‘code names’ to keep the movie quiet. in the bonus features, while shooting in NYC, they affectionately called it “CHEESE”. And the title of cloverfield didnt even happen until they were filming under the cloverfield bridge in ny….so….the cellar/valencia thing could just be earlier titles to throw ppl off

  • Jesse Baas

    There has been a lot of speculation into the number at the beginning of the trailer. The number 4813 Has been driving people crazy, so I decided to do a little google searching of my own. I noticed that when the numbers are pushed on the jukebox, it does not show the number one being pressed, only the number 3. This had me thinking that it was part of a sequence, i got really wild with the idea and starting looking up biblical scripture in hopes of a lead. I searched through a couple different books of the bible and eventually stumbled upon Ephesians 4: 8-13
    There is talk of the lord “taking captives, and giving them gifts”. i.e., the man and woman John Goodman has “saved”. It also speaks about His “ascension” however is does not speak of him going up into the sky and into the heavens. quite the opposite actually. it states: “in saying “He Ascended”, what does it mean but that he has also descended INTO the lower regions of the earth.”. this COULD be relating the to the fact that they are in what seems to be an underground bunker, shelter, or whatever. The verses also describe how he hopes to build the body of christ (possibly reproduction?)(Would explain why there is one woman and two men to spread the genes out, and also why the female actress seems to be held captive against her will). This all may seem like a stretch, but i took this a step further. I searched “4813 New York” and many of the results that came up had to do with the key word “asian” or “asia” restaurants in parts of New York. I also discovered that the word EPHESIANS comes from the word EPHESUS. When google was asked to “define Ephesus”, it says that it is an ancient greek city on the west coast of ASIA minor, in present day Turkey. If you guys have any thoughts on this, while it may be a stretch, let me know!

  • bobthelob

    It’s being released in IMAX. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?

  • Kaijudude

    The Tagaruto website just reappeared online , complete with link to the Slusho website.

  • keith

    The same universe? Do I feel another Prometheus sized blunder on the way?

  • frankelee

    It’ll probably be an underwhelming bit of nothing much like the original Cloverfield. Oh that J.J. Abrams is so smart! (I know, I know, it’s actually made by underlings of J.J. who are even less talented than him. So I’m not sure if you actually had a point there, Spanky.)

  • I agree – I have no problem with a film getting finished that might have otherwise never seen the light of day.. as long as it can stand on its own. So far, so good. 10 Cloverfield Lane looks like it’s got legs and knows how to use them.

    As for fans being pissed off about a film being recycled, or repurposed.. er, are they also one of those cheering for The Force Awakens? Or did they miss the “let’s blow up the Death Star.. again!” ..excuse me, “Starkiller”!

  • Kelvin Walker

    So its not a “found footage” flick sequel, like Blair Witch 2 wasn’t. Hopes are not high here.

  • Dingle Stingle

    So there is a whole world out there but the monster just happens to appear right near their bunker? Cloverfield sucked. This will suck. It’s just an advertising gimmick and it’s working again. don’t go to theaters just download it if you really want to waste time.

  • Xavier

    Cloverfield was great, so I’m worried that sewed on appendages from discarded bodies may not do it justice, IMO. It may be a nice fit or a poor donation, or just the slightest of ties – knowing it’s history may speak to its quality and heritage . . much like anyone’s favorite movies can tarnish with background info.

    I’ll wait for post launch reviews to determine if I see it and whether live or home release, but after 8 years, I doubt I’ll get a good follow-up to the surprise gem film in my blu-ray library.

  • Ryan

    Saw it tonight good movie but it really kind of just takes place in the world of cloverfield some things you will notice clover field others are real quick or you won’t know and it creates its own mystery in of its self I don’t want to give anything away just saw it a few hours ago

  • Shane Atchison

    This movie bored me to tears. If I wasn’t at the theater with friends I would have walked out.

  • Michael Dale Cox

    I liked the movie but could have done without the gimmick that sold it. I remember when the trailer came out, it was called a trailer of the sequel to Cloverfield and I left it as that. The trailer looked good and I would have seen it without the whole Cloverfield thing attached, which had me waiting for the monsters of that movie, which actually diminished the experience. Would have worked as an original movie better.

    • Lisa Okland Burke

      When I was watching I was trying to figure out why John Goodman was so bizarre. Like you I knew the premise before seeing it and it did take away from the story. I wondered if the reason he knew to build the bunker and exactly how to prepare for the end was because he had already been abducted by aliens in the past. I wondered if that was why he was so weird and paranoid. Just a thought, because I knew going in the movie was about an alien attack.
      But as the story progressed and we learned his daughter died, I started to think that was why he was so crazy. I wondered if he was trying to find someone to replace his daughter. I think that’s what happened to the girl he killed in the bunker. He wanted a daughter and something went wrong. I personally wish the story would have taken the route of his back story and not aliens.

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