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Is Adam Wingard Also in Talks for ‘Halloween’?!

This morning we told you that Oculus, Hush and Ouija 2 director Mike Flanagan was in talks to continue his relationship with Blumhouse by directing the next installment of Halloween, which brings John Carpenter back to the franchise as executive producer.

Another huge name could be in the mix.

Adam Wingard went on a tweet storm (see below), fueling speculation that he’s also in contention for the dream gig that would send him to Haddonfield to resurrect Michael Myers. Obviously, there’s no confirmation as of this writing, just speculation.

Wingard is a huge fan of the Halloween franchise, which helped inspire You’re Next and its score. After directing A Horrible Way to Die, and the first two V/H/S films for Bloody Disgusting, he’s been on a complete tear having helmed You’re Next, The Guest as well as the upcoming The Woods for Lionsgate, and “Outcast” for Cinemax and “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman. He’s also set to begin production on Death Note for Netflix this summer.

Both directors are exciting choices, and no matter who ends up behind the camera we’re going to be in for a massive Halloween treat come 2017.



  • rezblue

    Would rather he direct.

    • Jacob

      Same. He has a much stronger artistic vision than Flanagan. The Guest looked incredible.

    • heavymetalfightingsioux

      Totally. Flanagan’s work = poop,

      • James

        Wingard is decent but only that. I’ve enjoyed his last two movies and he does seem to be getting better but he’s also done some grasp projects. Flanagan has a better track record so far and has excellent vision.

  • jasonlives1986

    Won’t get the job because he isn’t in house and thus they can’t control the cost.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      That’s what contracts are for. Blumhouse doesn’t really have an in-house group of directors. Each project is a case by case thing, often with filmmakers just coming in to pitch stuff. There are a few people that have done more than one film for them, of course, but that seems to be more of an exception than a rule.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    …and Eli Roth…and Tarantino…and the Soska Twins…and Tyler Perry…and…?

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    neither of them.

  • Blade4693

    Oh the Your’e Next guy? He could probably do a good job. I thought that was one of the better horror movies to come out in recent years. It kind of flipped things around a bit.

    • Grandpa Fred

      Also directed a better follow up called ‘The Guest’ that you should see if you haven’t.

  • guest

    or they could just let john carpenter do it.

  • I don’t care about Mike Flanagan or Adam Wingard as directors of the next Halloween remake, both are great.

  • Wolfcop

    I have no problem with Flanagan or Wingard directing! I think they would both make a very watchable Halloween film.

  • I’d take Wingard over anyone for any project, unless of course they could convince John Carpenter to do it … and are they even fucking trying? I’d bet Wingard’s left nut they aren’t. Getting Carpenter would be epic.

    • scott

      I don’t think he ever wants to direct. Just sort of read the map to the people that are steering the ship.

      • A guy can dream though.:)

        • Rohan Sorensen

          Yeah, it sucks that everyone gave him shit for his masterpieces. Now he doesn’t want to direct anymore. Fuck the anti-carpenter pre-millennials.

    • cduns

      I’ve been seeing posts that speculate he really can’t direct because of his eye sight, and that he at this point is legally blind. Also, if you think about it, he has a lot to lose if he chose to direct. I mean he hit a grand slam with Halloween (1978), if this installment doesn’t live up to the hype it could somewhat tarnish his legacy with the franchise. I’d love to see him direct too, but I don’t see it happening.

      • Yeah I saw an interview from a few years back where he basically said he had already accomplished what he sat out to do as a director and really didn’t feel the urge to do anything.

  • Graham

    I’m good with either Flanagan or Wingard. Both seem to be genuine horror fans, and that’s absolutely the way to go with this sequel.

  • Dr. Gitrog Crow

    This is my dream. This is beyond perfect.

  • PMD2

    Please let it be Wingard. He is a vastly superior director. The Guest and You’re Next are so much better than Hush and Oculus it’s not even funny. Night and day difference.

    • J Jett

      PMD2 i agree w/ you 100%.

    • James

      Those were good movies but Flanagan is the superior director here.

      • PMD2

        I’m sorry but Oculus is silly and not remotely scary. I was bored senseless. Same with Hush for that matter. I’m stunned that so many horror fans like it. All tension is gone as soon as the mask is removed and it’s insanely boring as he paces around the house for an hour. He’s a terrible villain. The entire movie is derivative and dull. Flanagan does nothing for me. Wingard is in the majors and Flanagan is at Single A. They’re not playing in the same league. Not even close.

        • James

          I can’t say wingard is in the majors. He may get there but he’s not there yet. His last two movies were good but they certainly weren’t scary. I’d take absentia or oculus over his movies. Both were far better stories.

          • PMD2

            The haunted mirror is far better? Oculus works better as comedy than horror. I laughed from start to finish. It’s ridiculously stupid. Hotel Transylvania 2 is scarier.

          • James

            An enemy that causes a giant hallucinatory mind trip that you can’t beat? Yeah that’s far creepier

          • PMD2

            Yeah didn’t work at all for me. Found the whole movie unintentionally funny. But hey I realize I am in the minority. Horror fans in general seem to like Flanagan and his movies. I don’t get it, at all, but I’ve made peace with it. Whatever he does can’t be any worse than what Rob Zombie did.

          • James

            Either director would outshine zombie. No question about that. I doe hope its one of these two.

          • PMD2

            Also it’s interesting that Wingard’s name emerged after Flanagan’s was announced. Obviously Flaganan makes sense as he has a relationship with Blumhouse. I wonder if Wingard threw his hat into the ring and contacted them or if he was pursued by Blumhouse?

          • James

            I am curious as well. I’m also curious that his interest has always seemed to be directed at the 3rd Halloween and not the films involving Michael.

  • Eduardo Rosa

    Its too good to be true… PLEASE BE FUCKING TRUE


    Both Great directors, man a hard choice for this one

  • REC03

    damn i like both choices. Adam would be great as long as he stays away from the shaky cam of You’re Next. Hush’s direction was very Halloween but Adam is a better writer. either choice is WAY better than those Saw guys though. this is all so exciting. please don’t F it up!

  • Jacob

    You know who else would be a neat director? Michael Dougherty. Krampus was a bit iffy but I blame that on the fact it was PG-13 and more of a family film. But Trick ‘r Treat? That film is legendary and right up there with the original Halloween.

    • Saturn

      I personally loved Krampus – it really was a mix of Gremlins and Evil Dead 2 for me.

    • bobbydevil

      Right up there with the original Halloween?

      You sir, are a crazy person.

      • Jacob

        Well, maybe not as influential or as successful as Halloween, but in terms of portraying the holiday and being a must-watch for any October watch, it’s right up there.

        • Overton Green

          I didn’t really think so. TrT is one of the weaker anthology films of the past 10 years IMO. Like I said I could easily put three Twilight Zone episodes that are more scary and disturbing than that film.

          TrT is such an overrated movie. It’s not scary, and rather campy and silly. It’s not even in the same galaxy as the original Halloween in terms of bringing the fright and aura of dread when it comes to that holiday.

          • Jacob

            Halloween was a great film but it had nothing to do with the holiday, whereas Trick ‘r Treat – although campy and tongue in cheek – managed to capture different perspectives and traditions of the holiday in a tightly edited anthology with absolutely beautiful visuals and sweet practical effects.

            Dougherty most definitely has the directing talent for a Halloween film. Your problems with Trick ‘r Treat stem from the fact that it’s a throwback to 1950s EC horror comics and movies like Creepshow which were both very silly and tongue in cheek.

            But give Dougherty some source material from something like Halloween, and I’m sure that if he intended to give it as much respect as he did EC, then there’s no way the film could fail. It’d live up to as much scary potential as the franchise has left and then some.

      • macguffin54

        Yeah, that was a dumb statement. To each their own, but TRT was another overrated mess. But it was directed pretty well. But not anywhere near the standards of H1. Closer to Creepshow 2 or something.

    • Overton Green

      Trick ‘r Treat is not on par with the original Halloween. It’s not even close. My mind is blown that someone could even make the comparison.

      Trick ‘r Treat is a decent film but I could string together three episodes of the Twilight Zone that are better lol.

  • Fistacuffs

    Ti West should also be in talks.

    • sailor monsoon

      Fuck no

    • DavidisALLright

      He would!

  • Nick Greeley

    I hope that it either ends up being him, or Bryan Bertino.

  • Michael Greenwaldt

    So hope it’s him or David Robert Mitchell. I do think Mike Flanagan is a great horror director too but for this particular project he’d probably be my third choice after Wingard or Mitchell. I just think they really capture the 80’s feel with their films.

  • EvilHead1981

    Not a bad choice either. Better than Rob Zombie or the list of typical MTV music video directors that Platinum Dunes is known for hiring.

  • Stoibs

    I am open to either. I believe Flanagan has made the best movie between the two of them. That movie is Oculus. I thought The Guest was just okay. But I think both of them would seriously up their game with an increased budget and the support of Carpenter. So nothing but positive vibes from me. If Carpenter does do the soundtrack I hope he avoids repeating himself. Of course we all expect the classic beats, but I want to hear something far out there like Halloween III: Season of the Witch style. I might get torn apart for this, but I am really starting to believe that movie had the superior soundtrack.

    • sailor monsoon

      You think oculus is better than you’re next?
      That’s crazy talk and i really dig oculus

      • Stoibs

        You’re next was freaking terrible. One of the most disappointing times I have ever had at a theater. Dreadful writing and absolutely inept cast.

        • sailor monsoon

          We can’t be right all the time

        • macguffin54

          The acting was horrible, but the direction was pretty good.

  • Francesco Falciani

    Oh Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. this would a the better choice x sure!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon Allen

    Please let it be Wingard …..he would be so perfect for the job .

  • James

    Flanagan should have the job no question

    • James Tillotson


  • Overton Green

    I liked You’re Next far better than Hush (which is soooo overrated). I would rather see someone that loves the franchise and that is passionate about going back to the source material.

    Rob Zombie lied and said he loved the original movie to get the job but in interviews that followed it was pretty obvious that he actually hated the original movie and the franchise and tried to alter the franchise and turn it into something else that simply did not work.

    • James Tillotson

      How is hush overrated? All I see is hate for a brilliant movie

  • sliceanddice

    Neil Marshal anyone? No? Just me then.

    • I love Marshall but I think his “brand” is more action than straight suspense horror. I’m sure he’d kill it if given the chance, though.

    • DavidisALLright

      For whatever reason, he’s been keeping a low profile, mostly doing TV stuff. I miss him!

  • Halloween_Vic

    I like him better then Mike Flanagan, Adam Wingard has better credentials in my opinion. Also ”You’re Next” is a wayyyyyy better film then HUSH and Oculus combined so I definitely would go for him. PLEASE KEEP FLANAGAN AWAYYY from a Halloween film.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Marcus Nispel to me would be a great choice. I like him a lot as a horror director, what he did with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the Friday The 13th remake, I would be interested in seeing what he can do with a Halloween film, I think he would do amazing tbh.

    • Dave

      Uhhh, no. Just no.

    • DavidisALLright

      Sorry, man.

      Marcus would be your run of the mill choice; like how Paul WS Anderson for years pigeon-holed video game movies for the past two decades with his Resident Evil movies. If Marcus was to do a Halloween movie, it’ll be pretty but average.

      It’s time to aim higher, and any of the new wave (Wingard, Flanagan, David Robert Mitchell, etc) would suffice.

      • Halloween_Vic

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion so that’s cool but I personally think Marcus would do a great job. Flanagan can stay away from a Halloween film, Oculus and Hush suck so I definitely do not think he will suffice.

        • James Tillotson

          Hush was so great.

          • Halloween_Vic

            You think so? Man I just don’t get it, I mean hey that’s you’re opinion but the movie is just not all that. In fact it was boring, real boring.

  • macguffin54

    You’re Next and The Guest were both pretty good, although this director just posted pics from the franchise to his Twitter account. He didn’t suggest he was in talks or that he wanted the job. For all we know he is just excited another movie is being made with JC. For the record, most movies are good because of the script. (Though H1 was good mainly because of the direction and music.) Unless the director is an auteur I think the most important element will be what script they come up with and a director who doesn’t f@ck it up. Someone should get M Night on the phone. We all know he is an excellent director (but an atrocious writer), he has an intense love of the original and with his string of failures still fresh in everyone’s mind he wouldn’t be as unapproachable as he might have been 10 years ago. Just get somewhere else to write the script.


      Where will write the script?

  • DrewHamster

    In my opinion Oculus > You’re Next > The Guest > Hush. The only one I didn’t love was hush, but it was still really well done. Both directors have had a great start so far so either of them has my support for sure.

  • shawn lawson

    Ugghhh…not Wingard. The Guest was decent but think everything else hes done has been meh. His abc’s short was ok, too, but that was just funny.

  • Mike O’Donnell

    I think he’d be a great choice. They need a fresh take on the material and he is so creative with his filming…this would be very exciting if it works out. I cant wait to see ‘the woods’. Fucking pumped for that. Wingard has made nothing but great stuff thus far. Anyone else think that Miska was right and we’re gonna see a Blair Witch continuation?

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