Latest 'Kong: Skull Island' TV Spot Puts Godzilla and Kong in the Same Universe - Bloody Disgusting!

Latest ‘Kong: Skull Island’ TV Spot Puts Godzilla and Kong in the Same Universe

Did you catch this fun little tease?

Headed our way on March 10th, Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Kong: Skull Island will bring the iconic movie monster back to the big screen for the first time in twelve years, and as you probably know by now, it’ll pave the way for Godzilla vs. Kong on May 29th, 2020. In between the two films will be Michael Dougherty’s Godzilla 2, which you can expect on March 22nd, 2019.

Yes, this means that the new Godzilla and Kong franchises exist in the same universe, and if you were paying attention to the latest TV spot, you may have caught the first acknowledgement of a connection. In the spot, John Goodman’s character makes mention of a nuclear event that took place in 1954… the event that was carried out to kill Godzilla. “The 1954 nuclear tests weren’t tests. They were trying to kill something,” says Goodman’s William Randa, a government official.

Yes, Randa is talking about Godzilla, bridging the gap between the two worlds.

Kong: Skull Island is set in the 1970s, not all that long after the Directive 27 nuclear event, whereas the 2014 Godzilla film primarily took place decades later, in 2014. This makes Skull Island, technically, a prequel to Godzilla, so Randa is speaking about the big G many years before he was re-awakened and, along with the MUTOs, went on a rampage through San Francisco.

Pretty cool, right? Check out the latest spot below!

  • Rez

    I really hope they pull these movies off!

  • Great stuff.

  • Härra Pärnits

    I hate seeing Samuel L. Jackson playing himself in this tho. That’s all he does, says snappy lines and shows some ghetto attitude = ruins a movie.

    • ShadowInc

      His shtick is getting a bit stale.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    old news

  • PsychoMantis18

    New Kong ain’t looking too bad.

  • Alanmac

    Wasn’t the Monarch symbol and name on the cases being unloaded from the helo in the very first trailer? Was there anyone out there doubting the tie in at some point?