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‘Day of the Dead’ Zombie Dr. Tongue Was On “The Walking Dead” Last Night

Did you spot the iconic Romero zombie?

Greg Nicotero, makeup artist, producer, and frequent episode director on “The Walking Dead,” got his start working with George Romero and Tom Savini on Day of the Dead, and Nicotero often uses his pull on the AMC series to pay tribute to his pals. Nicotero has been known to bring iconic movie zombies into the world of “The Walking Dead” on the episodes he directs, and you may have spotted the latest “walker tribute,” as he refers to these fun little Easter eggs, last night.

On last night’s Season 7B premiere, Day of the Dead zombie Dr. Tongue popped up for a brief appearance. The tribute walker, teased by Nicotero on Instagram page last year, was seen leaning against a wall on the outskirts of The Kingdom; the camera briefly showed the faithful recreation of Day of the Dead‘s first on-screen zombie when Rick and the gang arrived to meet Ezekiel.

Previously, Day‘s Bub appeared on “The Walking Dead.”

Check out the latest tribute below, along with a closer look from the set!

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  • Angela M Campany

    That was cool, i noticed that as well !

  • Rocky

    cue TWD haters in 3,2,1..

    • suffering

      …your hear that……its calm…..i think they are gone….for now

    • J Jett

      Rocky why are you so insecure? you’re at least insecure about anyone disliking this show. i used to love this show but it’s become repetitive times 20. lather, rinse, repeat. who cares if people come here to voice their negative opinions on this show? just ignore them and keep on enjoying TWD.

  • Alanmac

    Scared the wife when I shouted it out as soon as he was on screen. A shame they didn’t recreate the Day scene but hey, I was still stoked to see him on screen in at least SOME fashion.

  • J Jett

    that zombie is awesome! i really think Nicotero/KNB are all amazing!

  • Jeremy Wade

    i would love to see the character trash,suicide, Casey , chuck, Tina,Freddie ,and spider. from return of the living dead make zombie cameo on the walking dead . also the the tar man zombie as well. that’s if he hasn’t already appeared. o i can’t forget the movie dead alive/ brain dead zombies and re-animator characters make a cameo as well

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