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We Saw the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Scene That Reveals Origin of the Xenomorphs!

Our own Trace Thurman is currently at SXSW, where a few select scenes from Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant were shown off this past weekend. Trace is currently working on an article detailing the footage he saw, so you can expect to read that very soon. In the meantime, there’s a super important reveal made in one of the scenes that we just had to let you know about.

If you want ZERO spoilers, proceed with caution.

Scott recently noted that prequel Alien: Covenant will reveal the true origin of the Xenomorph we first met back in 1979, and one of the clips shown at SXSW divulged that secret info ahead of the film’s May release. At the end of Prometheus, we saw the birth of the “proto-Xenomorph” known as Deacon, but the origin of the actual Xenomorphs is tied directly to android David.

Here’s a brief recap of the scene:

David (Michael Fassbender) is giving Christopher (Billy Crudup) a tour of his workshop, where he’s been working on genetically engineering creatures of his own; he’s become fascinated with these alien creatures in the wake of the events of Prometheus. David shows Christopher a handful of familiar-looking eggs that are part of his process, revealing that he needs a human host in order to complete their birth. That host, of course, is Christopher himself. 

Yes, that means that android David is responsible for literally creating the Xenomorphs. Christopher will later be attacked by a Face Hugger and then give birth to a classic Xeno – footage from that very attack can be seen in the film’s official trailer, corroborating this info.

Pretty crazy, eh?!

Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice, Jobs, The Babysitters) stars with Michael Fassbender returning as Prometheus‘ android David (and Walter), with a crew that includes Demian Bichir and Danny McBride (“Eastbound and Down”), as well as Alex England (Gods of Egypt), Billy Crudup, Amy Seimetz (A Horrible Way to Die, “The Killing”), Jussie Smollett (“Empire”), Carmen Ejogo, and Callie Hernandez (Machete Kills). James Franco also has a role.

Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world — whose sole inhabitant is the “synthetic” David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition

Alien: Covenant arrives in theaters on May 19, 2017.




  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “Scott recently noted that prequel Alien: Covenant will reveal the true origin of the Xenomorph we first met back in 1979”

    The true origin of the Alien died in 2009
    ridley scott was and is nothing more that an arguably illiterate video painter who was lucky enough to be combined with the most creative writers and artists at the time and has proceeded to take almost all the credit for it

    Ridley is good at the one thing he does, but sucks at anything else
    example: everything he’s ever done

    He didn’t have the clout to bring in some shmuck hollywood hack to write a terrible script around his own ideas when they did Alien, so his weaknesses where reined in
    But after he got famous for that and it gave him clout to meddle more directly in the script, everything else he has ever done other then bladerunner stunk

    And he almost ruined Bladerunner when he had the first script rewritten for no good reason The first script was better then the rewrite Thats why there are a bunch of dialogue and story progression flubs in the final product

    • Mirko

      Oh shut the f**k up!

      • Charlie

        I know, right? It’s hard to take seriously somebody talking shit about the director of cinema classics like Alien, Bladerunner, Gladiator, American Gangster and The Martian online.

        • WALKTER

          This being a website dedicated to fandom, it’s easy pickings for trolls. Best to just ignore it, probably only wanted attention.
          You know what they say about feeding them.

      • Stephen Demmer

        I literally said that out loud, then scrolled down and read your comment.

      • markemark

        Logged in to up.

    • Wil McMullen

      Much credit should indeed go to his writers for The first Alien and it’s prequels helmed by Ridley. However, i wouldn’t take away this man’s eye to recognize a great story worthy to direct. Im not the biggest fan of Blade Runner but i do enjoy a majority of this man’s work (his sense of style in his direction). The wonderful thing about art is that everyone who looks at a piece of work will either appreciate it, loathe it or simply remain unaffected. So everyone is entitled and should always be respected of thier views.

    • Romero Garcia

      It’s the script and the writers that make a great movie. They need to be given more of the spotlight rather than “rockstar” directors.

    • Mehliens

      Your insane and illogical ramblings aside you do realize that without Ridley there would be no blade runner or Alien. Scott set the bar for future generations to continuously dive under and fall flat despite his own work being flawed. Way to go to call him out for ‘almost ruining’ something when what he actually did was to introduce two almost brand new scifi genres (cosmic horror and cyberpunk) to cinema. Not to forget the audio visual excellence it was executed it in, and has been unmatched for decades. How many directors can claim that? Get a fucking grip man and show respect where respect is due. Ridley is far from being a master director but he is also far from your ridiculous claims

  • Geno1987

    “Pretty crazy, eh?”
    More like fucking stupid. You mean all this time, and the xenos were the work of some robot who got bored. Way to kill any mystery of the Alien franchise left, Ridley.

  • Allan Jauregui

    David could not have created the xenomorphs that would mean he pre dates the engineers. Since in Prometheus we see engineers running away from xenomorphs in the holograms.

    • Geno1987

      Ridley Scott is an old man who cant remember things for shit. Remember when the Engineer in Alien was 30 feet tall,then got shrunk down to 7 in Prometheus?

      • Nicholas B Scott

        Kidding? They were at least 10′ tall and where did you get 30′ tall from?

        • Geno1987

          Considering he used children to make the adult crew look smaller to measure the scale and size of the fossilized creature in the scene, it was around 30 feet.

          • Chemaira

            he only used children when they first left the ship on lv426

    • Nicholas B Scott

      Wrong. The Engineers were running in the holograms but it did not show from what. Given how an infected crew member from Prometheus went apeshit after infection, it’s easy to predict what they were running from. The Engineers were doing exactly what David was doing: bioengineering. Only his “creation” ends up being vastly more deadly.

      • Allan Jauregui

        Dear Friend,
        The Engineers were running from a xenomorph. The crew members name was Charlie and yes he was powerfull when infected but not so powerfull that 15-20 Jockeys (which made that GIant ship and have weapons beyond anything we heard of) would run and die from it even if it was more than one infected jockey it’s very unlikely they all couldnt have taken it on. The chamber where they kept all the black goo clearly has a picture on the wall of a xenomorph if you look close or just google it. When the Jockey-xenomorph came out at the end of prometheus it was not created seperately by David. That Jockey-Xenomorph evolved out of the black goo. The Jockey Xenomorph is nearly three times the size as the ones in the trailer from covenant. Not to mention we didn’t /never seen a queen Jockey xenomorph. So by you stating that Davids creation is more deadly is backed up by no evidence whatso ever.

    • mike reid

      Wait how do you know they were running away fromnthe xenomorphs inthought it was an outbreak from the black goo

      • Allan Jauregui

        they were running from the stuff the black goo creates which appeared to be a worm or a primitive version of a xenomorph. The black goo’s end result is a type of xenomorph as wee saw at the end of prometheius. So I think its safe to say they were running from a xenomorph that came from an engineer. I don’t think all of them would be running from anything else.

      • Allan Jauregui

        the black goo + species with a vertebrae = (some type) xenomorph

  • Prince Of Darkness

    So the moral of the story is Christopher is retarded enough to approach one of the eggs and have a peak even after the mechanical Ken doll explains his plans to him?

    • Vicente Garcia

      Yeah the way its written would have you think that…

  • xenopinion

    something doesnt add up, i STILL think david IS the first xenomorph and since prometheus was all about creation then like adam in the bible, it was the curiosity the origin of sin, the allegories are all there: the black goo is the forbidden fruit and in some way he going to tested on himself, how its going to affect him? well maybe it has to do with his new body.

    • Vicente Garcia

      The “new body” is Walter, a “new version” of David released by Weyland / Yutani. (or whomever owns Guy Pearce’s company at this point). Walter is the equivalent of a new iphone with a new OS–he’s separate from David. Fassbender essentially plays two characters that look exactly the same.

      • Weresmurf

        Betting at some point Walter is killed, David takes his place, kills someone, is recognised… etc etc

  • Judge Satchmo

    If you want zero spoilers…….then this movies marketing campaign has F$&ked you. But don’t worry, you’ll still have to see the movie and wait through the credits to see who provided the catering.

    • MySelfDestruct

      LOL but accurate.

    • Weresmurf

      GODDAMN IT… there was catering??? SPOILERS!!!!

    • Karen B Vianna

      Indeed! I regretted watching the trailers themselves…they spoiled pretty much everything already, who dies and how. :-/

  • Abandoned_Being
    • Mr. Paul Reed

      Corey Feldman?

  • Colin Christian

    Cannot wait!!!

  • Gilius

    David did not create the Xenomorph. But you can argue that he is recreating it. Basically, the Aliens already exist. The murals in the Ampule Room that the Prometheus crew discovered clearly show eggs as well as Xeno-like creatures. Also, let’s not forget the crashed derelict on LV-426 that’s filled with thousands of eggs. Considering the fossilized look of the dead Space Jockey, that ship has clearly been there for yeeeeears, far before the events of Prometheus. David basically found the Engineer’s cookbook and he’s been studying it and messing with it for the past 10 years. The movie is not out yet, so who knows. I’m curious to see if they’ll ever explain the crashed Derelict that Ripley’s crew eventually finds.

    • Judge Satchmo

      Hollywood executives have just dispatched assassins to your house! “He’ll ruin everything! Don’t you understand? EVERYTHING!”

    • gantarat

      River of Pain novel reveal that because engineer and aliens fight each other on the ship.

  • Boydon

    Nonsensical if true. This would override the entire plot of Aliens if Xenomorphes are just test tube babies and not a species specifically engineered to breed on their own, so to speak. Unless Shaw is the proto-alien queen…

    • Weresmurf

      Doesn’t override it at all, just means we have to assume they’re modelled by David on say, Ants or something that utilise a hive structure, i.e. queen -> soldier -> worker heirarchy. There’s also a gap of around 100 years there as well remember. But David didn’t really ‘create’ it as much as he’s ‘recreating’ or ‘redesigning’ it.

      • Boydon

        that’s still implausible unless you’re suggesting that david has managed to somehow engineer a queen. early theories suggest shaw as the proto queen and given the fact that she gave birth to a face hugger that would make a whole lot more sense. and the age gap is insignificant here since habitants of exomoon LV-426 were infected by the same alien eggs from the first movie. in the deleted scenes, newt’s family goes to investigate the same derelict ship where alien eggs are still preserved and newt’s father ends up getting acquainted with a face hugger.

        • Weresmurf

          There was actually a cut scene from Alien, I believe, which explained that individual aliens themselves could create singular eggs, it just took a long time and they needed to make the egg out of a victim (just incase the queen dies, similar to how a lot of species of ants can actually do this too for example). This has been carried on in official alien lore as being accepted and that alien drones are capable of this in dire emergencies but won’t do this unless their queen dies or they’re cut off completely from the hive and need to ensure survival. Usually from this egg, a new queen is then born. As for the lv426 ship I guess we just have to wait and see how Ridley never, ever, ever ever answers this lol

          • Boydon

            i’ve seen that scene and i didn’t get that impression at all. it just looked like it was cocooning it for infestation which is probably their default ants-like behavior. in fact, james cameron expanded on that where he had aliens cocooning humans for queen’s handiwork.

          • Brian McNatt

            Dallas was cocooned, Brett was turning into an egg.

    • The Wolf

      Why would Ridley have to keep continuity with Aliens. That’s not his movie and not his story. I’m glad he’s basically burning everything that happened after the original Alien to the ground as now non-cannon. And the tears of Aliens fanboys taste so delicious.

  • xenopinion

    guys i think the ENTIRE plot leaked 2 MONTHS AGO, check this supposed theory that match this news and the trailers, DAMN:

  • Halloween_Vic

    That would suck

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    nice clickbait bro

  • Nathan

    It sounds like the plot of resurrection. It sounds like David has cloned the eggs.

  • Weresmurf

    Christopher…. brings forth a new race…



    The holy trinity…. Christ(opher) (the father)… the Facehugger (the son)… the Alien (the holy spirit)

    Subtle 😛 (as a facehugger to the head)

  • mightymo

    It doesn’t matter who created or modified the xenomorphes. Simple fact is they are acid spitting, nasty aliens that exist through a parasitic reproduction that uses and destroys the host. They are simply adaptive creatures with the sole purpose of sustaining their species existence – they are not peace loving Quakers.

    • Craig Forshaw

      Funny how the only really scary versions of them were in films where they were at least mysterious and unknowable. The moment Cameron started documenting their life-cycle and explaining as much about them as possible was the moment they stopped being scary.

  • lexrazor

    I don’t wanna sound disappointed but.. I am lol Too bad Primal Hunt isn’t canon, or that origin plot would’ve made no sense

  • Poopsmith McUnty

    go fuck yourself

  • llcc1103

    Ruining the original film one movie at a time.

  • Craig Forshaw

    So, we were creating by albino space aliens inspired by a Chris de Burgh song, and the actual aliens are having the last bit of mystery stripped away from them to reveal that they were a genetic experiment by a crazy robot. FFS…

  • Allan Jauregui

    David did not create the xenomorphs that is the most mindless assumption I’ve ever heard the space jockeys didn’t create them either from what we know. We also know that space jockey s were creating a bio weapon that were he xenomorphs. David was just fascinated by them and was very curious on how to manipulate them. The author of this article needs to watch Prometheush

  • Karen B Vianna

    I’d bet that David somehow made Shaw become an alien queen, or something like this. That would explain what’s been said about this new movie showing what happened with Shaw without casting Noomi Rapace.

    Perhaps that skinned person which appears briefly in the red band trailer is actually Shaw going through a metamorphosis or something…?

  • Mr. Paul Reed

    what i liked about Alien 1 is that this creature couldn’t be killed, ALIENS however made them feel weak, they are being shot left and right like they were just made of paper.

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