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Watercolor Artist Christopher Shy Just Made an Incredible ‘IT’ Poster

This should be on your wall right now. And mine.

We simply cannot get enough of artist Christopher Shy’s work, which we’ve covered a couple times recently: Artist’s Watercolor Horror Movie Posters Will Melt Your Mind & More Watercolor Horror Movie Posters to Melt Your Mind. Shy’s posters for films like The Fog, Halloween and Alien are visually stunning works of art that are quite unlike any other movie posters you’ve ever seen before. And today we’re happy to share yet another incredible piece from Shy, this one paying tribute to the upcoming release of Andy Muschietti’s “re-adaptation” of Stephen King’s IT.

The IT art depicts Pennywise emerging from a sewer underneath the town of Derry, Maine, and it’s as beautifully haunting as the posters we’ve come to expect from Shy. He also whipped up a modified “neon” color variant and even a version of the art that removes Pennywise completely. Even without the killer clown, I think you’ll find Shy’s IT poster to be a visual stunner.

Check out the three versions below and head over to Art of Ronin to pick up prints.



  • Vesuvian Villain

    That should BE the IT poster. The other one is bland with a shitty font. This one is worthy of the franchise.

    The only thing missing is Bev taking it from all the guys in the background somewhere. Because friendship.

  • Creepshow

    Very clever how it spells out IT at the bottom. And it also looks like there’s a demonic face above the sewer hole. Well done!

    • Randy_Boreton

      I don’t normally post here but had to add my 2 cents. I think the demonic thing above is the final form the losers club fights as adults. Doesn’t it look rather Spider-like if you look really close? You can see multiple eyes and it kinda looks like a really big Tarantula. You can make out a few legs too.

      • Creepshow

        I stared and stared, but I’m struggling to see something spider related. All I see is that creepy face looking to the right.

        • Randy_Boreton

          I wish I could trace it for you. The head of the Tarantula kinda comes to a point. I feel like this is Mallrats or Seinfeld and you guys are trying to see the sailboat and rocket ship. Can you see the big black circle? just below that kinda looks like the tarantulas teeth or pincers if you will that it grabs food with..its like a round bony looking thing.

      • Chip

        I don’t really see it. Just a creepy face tilted upwards like a death-throw.

  • Otterlee


  • McGilli

    What is that with Pennywise? It looks like he’s leaning on something? Or is that supposed to be his shoulder and arm?

    • Chip

      I get the impression that’s It’s body, somewhere between being some scabberous form and it’s silvery clown suit, since IT is kind of an amorphous creature half the time.

      • William Bibb

        And those of us back in college KNOW how that feels, almost reliving the long walk of shame.

  • Redsam6

    Very cool.

  • Sean Robert Hart

    That doesnt look hand painted looks like it was done on a computer

  • abyx34

    I like the last version the most, the empty hole… but still nothing so spectacular to write home about.

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