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Spinoff ‘The Crooked Man’ Officially Confirmed; Writer Comes Aboard

The Conjuring Universe just keeps growing and growing.

As we expected, The Conjuring 2 character The Crooked Man is soon getting his own spinoff film, as THR reports today that the movie has been officially confirmed. Mike Van Waes was brought on board to pen the script for New Line, from a story by James Wan.

Based on an English nursery rhyme, the creepy character was portrayed by Javier Botet in The Conjuring 2. No wonder on whether or not he’ll be back, but we assume he will.

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Producer Peter Safran recently noted, “I think there’s something fascinating in the Crooked ManMaybe tonally he’s not as grounded as the Conjuring itself is and maybe that’s why some people felt it wasn’t what they were looking for in the Conjuring but I suspect a movie with him would be really really coolI just love what that character can be. We have some interesting ideas for him.

Both Wan and Safran are producing The Crooked Man.

Next up in The Conjuring Universe, Annabelle: Creation will hit theaters August 11, followed by The Nun on Friday, July 13, 2018.



  • Jack Derwent

    Kudos to James Wan for successfully jumpstarting his own successful ‘cinematic universe’ when major companies are failing to get their feet off the ground.

    • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

      For sure. It goes without saying Annabelle was terrible and I have zero hope for any of the other spin-offs being any good, but I’ll see them regardless for completionist sake and you gotta give props to Wan for being a money making machine. Dude earned his success.

      • Yukka Flat

        i dont even remmeber annabelle it was so bad, some charlie manson cult thing where the family refuse to touch the doll because a woman died near it or sometrhing?

      • MODOK

        I’ve said it a couple times, but David Sandberg has the potential to pull a Mike Flanagan and make Annabelle 2 a sequel that’s better than the original. Flanagan was somehow able to make a decent movie out of Ouija: Origin of Evil despite being weighed down by all the garbage from the first movie. There’s similar hope for Annabelle 2.

        However, the larger point everyone can agree on is that these Conjuring spin-offs need to stop. The Nun was obviously shoved into the Conjuring 2 because of its spin-off potential, but I never would’ve seen a Crooked Man movie coming. That’s because it was a very silly bit more appropriate for an ’80s Tim Burton movie.

        Is Wan just going to spin off everything from The Conjuring movies? I can’t wait for the next features, Laundry on a Clothesline and Little Red Fire Truck! They’ll be amazing!

    • Boydon

      yeah kudos to him for cheapening a decent franchise and inevitably running it into the ground with the slew of unnecessary, unoriginal and not very frightening origin stories .

      • Jack Derwent

        He’s not cheapening the Conjuring films. Annabelle didn’t harm The Conjuring 2 nor did it retroactively hurt the first film.

  • Court

    I’d rather see this than another Annabelle origins of an origins story.

  • Francesco Falciani

    another origin story… 🙁

    • Yukka Flat

      origin? thought hes just covering different legends

  • pablitonizer

    WTF?Are they gonna all fight in a film under the Warren organization to save our world?

  • WTF is this? I don’t even

  • Necro

    Isn’t there another movie with the same title? I think it’s about 5 girls at a sleepover and they conjure up ‘The Crooked Man’.

    • Yukka Flat

      because its real legends he didnt come up with them.
      look up enfield hainting 2008 or enfield poltergiest 2015 it is exactly same as conjuring 2 even filmed in same house, same kids. same story.

  • Boydon

    who asked for this? this was easily the worst part of the conjuring 2.

    • Yukka Flat

      his movies always introduced other stuff. conjuring 1 was about a woman posession but the doll was all over the covers, building up for annabelle and this one hinted @ nuns and crooked

    • Jeremie Jayzik

      I asked for this. That Crooked Man part freaked me the fuck out.

  • James Wan’s cinematic universe seems to be darker than the the Dark Universe from Universal Studios, haha

    • Yukka Flat

      universal one is a Action-verse though to be fair wans movies arent that dark, they are family nights out here.

    • Yes but people keep shitting on the Dark Universe when even this one is starting to look just like another lame moneygrabber cinematic universe.
      (C’mon what about Annabelle? She got another prequel, WTF??)

      • Unfortunately almost every single movie today is created to be a moneygrabber.

  • Creepshow

    “some people felt it wasn’t what they were looking for”

    You’re fucking A right it wasn’t. So make a movie about it anyway, Dipshits.
    Some more corny-ass, wanna be horror for the kiddies.

  • Cody

    I saw the SyFy movie of The Crooked Man. Wasn’t very good but I’ve seen worse. I don’t see how a bigger budget could make it any better though.

  • Brian McNatt

    Well then, let’s open the ol’ IMDb and see what this writer they’ve brought on has to his na-

    *empty as my love life*

    O-oh… that doesn’t inspire confidence.

    • Jeremie Jayzik

      Stay Optimistic. Filmography is not an indicator for talent. Keep in mind that James Wan’s first film was “Saw”.

      • Brian McNatt

        Not sure whether to interpret this as a Wan fan disliking Saw or a Saw fan disliking Wan.

        • Jeremie Jayzik

          I’m horror fan that likes Saw and Wan.

  • sliceanddice

    pity it was the worst part of the movie.

  • DarkBree

    Let’s see if Annabelle 2 and The Nun are successful.

  • Brando

    I guess all of these spin-offs and such are better than making like ten Wrong Turn movies.

    • Brando

      I loved the first Wrong Turn, though!

    • Matheus Martins

      Wrong Turn sequels are straight to DVD though.

  • Härra Pärnits

    hollywood is all out of ideas

  • Hayden Koutras

    I’m a huge fan of the Conjuring movies, and i didn’t dislike The Crooked Man when he showed up in the 2nd film, but this made me roll my eyes. seriously?

  • Blood Boil

    This is why we can’t have nice things; people keep willingly pay to see this cinematic diarrhea

  • The chicken man

    When can we expect the spinoff movie about the Conjuring 2 gross chair?

    • Creepshow

      You’re gonna have to wait until after the movie about old man Bill’s dentures.

  • Khy

    I liked the Crooked Man and thought Javier Botet was truly unnerving in the role. Made me want a darker and more twisted Freddy movie.

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it. But I honestly think giving every entity its own spin-off/series completely kills any effect they once had. Annabelle went from terrifying to a joke in her one film and now another?

    The Nun and Crooked Man I hope fare better but I’m worried.

  • J Jett

    i loved the Crooked Man part from the film! i’m excited we’re getting a full length movie on him.

  • THE God

    I’m not sure why all the hate for Wans choices. He’s made horror scary and fun again. I trust this decision.

  • Big Boss Rogers

    Can’t wait I like how the Conjuring Universe is layed out! At least their organized maybe Marvel and D.C. Can learn from this and Universal with their Dark Universe properties.

  • David Andrew Baros

    For some reason, the Crooked Man scene reminded me of the creature that was MAMA.

  • Daxtreme

    Least favorite part of Conjuring 2.

    • American Atheist

      The whole movie was my least favorite part.

  • American Atheist

    Another movie nobody asked for or wants to see. The Conjuring 2 was such a cluster fuck. I knew it’d be shitty because I enjoyed The Conjuring 1 so much. The Conjuring 2 had zero chemistry, no atmosphere, atrocious pacing and that cheese ball ending.

    • Alex Harbie

      Your first sentence says it all about the American horror movie genre.

  • yyyyyyyyyyyAWN.

  • zombiemomma

    We love the crooked man!

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