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So How About That ’47 Meters Down’ Ending? Director Explains

Spoilers. Obviously.

Released this past weekend, director Johannes Roberts’ 47 Meters Down brought a truly nightmarish premise to the big screen. During a shark dive, two sisters find themselves trapped in a cage at the bottom of the ocean. They’re running out of oxygen. And hungry sharks are just waiting for them to make an attempt to escape.

How does the film end? Well, there are actually two endings to 47 Meters Down. The first one is a fake-out, as Mandy Moore’s character hallucinates that she and her sister have been rescued. The actual ending, as we soon realize, is that Moore’s character survives, while her sister doesn’t make it out of the water alive.

As Roberts explained to Crave Online, he fought hard for the ending we saw on screen.

I had a lot of battles. I had to fight quite hard to keep that ending, the way we finish it,” he told the site. “It’s possibly a ballsy way to go. But yeah, I think there were various different ideas along the time, but… it suddenly became so obvious. That’s the way it has to go. Yeah, we really fought with it, fought for it.”

Roberts explained that he did at one point cut together a version of 47 Meters Down wherein Moore’s character was left for dead at the bottom of the ocean.

Shot that with a camera just leaving her, dead, and that was so bleak!” he recalled. “I kind of liked it but it was so bleak that we actually [had] give it some upbeat.”

Bleaker is sometimes better in horror, don’t you think?



  • Matty Ice 2016
  • zombie84_41

    I love this movie. I wish he would of gone with that bleaker ending maybe its on the DVD.

    • Maurice Copes

      At first i thought the mexicans set them up to be killed as a sick way of entertainment using tourists as bait.

      • zombie84_41

        Me too that would have been something really awesome and different. My friends cousin came up with a sick idea he said they should do that in a SAW movie cut somebodies wrist throw them into shark infested waters and have them survive. LOL>

  • J Jett

    so there were 3 possible endings (am i reading this correctly?).
    1. both girls survive (the fake out ending)
    2. only Mandy’s character survived (the real ending)
    3. both girls die (filmed but never used ending).

    so which ending did the studio want? the happier ending where both women make it out alive? either way, i love that there were 2 endings in the film. i love both endings but the actual one where Claire’s character dies is my fave. it’s so upsetting/haunting that even though i watched this movie months ago, it (the ending) still is fresh in my mind.

    i hope we get the unused bleakest ending as a bonus feature on the DVD/BR.

    • Zachary Paul

      I saw the film today and mostly enjoyed it. I liked it much more than The Shallows, but all of the dialogue was horrendous. It took me out of the film a lot. Regarding the ending, I feel the bleaker version would have been more suitable. They do the “fake out” only to come back and still give us a fairly happy ending. Hopefully the blu will give us a peak at what could’ve been.

      • Steve Carras

        I just saw it and liked it but of course the shallows of non-Jaws shark flicks

    • Paul Weaver

      So we’re supposed to believe that Mandy’s character was hallucinating that she escaped the cage, found and rescued her sister and swam to the surface, at which point they fell victim to a shark attack before being brought back to the boat bloodied, but alive? She was really still trapped in the cage?

    • naturallythe1

      Months ago? How??? I just wasted ten bucks on it tonight and am kind of disappointed.

      • James

        I will do s short version here but google “In the Deep”…

        Sometime last year “In the Deep” was a straight to dvd movie, 1 week before release another company bought it canceled the dvd release, changed the name to “47 Meters Down” and decided it needed to go to theaters first.

        Some people got lucky and still got the pre-ordered dvd from Amazon, so they could have watched it last year.

  • guest

    shouldve gone with a horror ending-
    sister 1 pushes sister 2 out of the cage to be sharks feast while sister 1 sneaks away uneaten.

    • naturallythe1

      Can’t “sneak away” and swim to the surface yourself at a steady pace without dying from the bends.

  • Michael Hill

    Crap film not worth any analysis.. the shallows destroyed this yawn fest.

    • Yasmin

      Hi guys, After looking around there turns 47 meters down full with HD quality is here [ SQUAD.LIGHT-MOVIE.US ]
      You just copy and paste bold text in a new tab to watch and download it

  • Matty Ice 2016
  • Klink77

    They did a similar fakeout ending in the UK version of The Descent.

    • Hilda

      If just looking at the trailer is not fun, I found them full stream here WATCH.PLAY-MOVIE.CLUB

      And you can also download them, so you just copy & paste the bold text in new tab

  • Nuseka Imanukfila

    The captain sailor should have called for or had a 160 ft. Rope and hook…. movie would not have been so long.

  • martynW

    I’m the wrong person to ask. I like happy endings. I cheered when Spielberg rescued Richard Dreyfuss in “Jaws.” In the book, the character gets killed. In the movie, he survives the monster shark by swimming out of the cage and apparently hiding behind a rock on the bottom (?!)

    • DS Ullery

      I enjoyed Hooper in the film altogether more than his literary incarnation. In the novel, not only is his eventual fate different, he’s an asshole.

  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    hollyywood needs to stop making overrated shark movies, which rarely attack humans, and start making more killer whale movies, as those orcas prey on sharks, and kill more humans than sharks do, they don’t just bite ya, they scalp ya, then grab you by the arm and spin around fast in water breaking all your bones and tare you to pieces… or more Hippo movies, which I heard are the number 1 animal that has caused the most human deaths.

    • Jago Hara-Kiri

      but those animals arent even scary

      small spiders and scorpions kill too , but they arent that appeal in people’s mind
      at least not for movies…

      they should make more movies in the water , with giant squids or catchullu
      or mermaids or triton (cabbin in the woods)…

      and more HUGE beasts , insects like Mimic (reboot ?)….. and maybe just maybe an shared universe with some secret facility looking and saving the world of aliens , slashers , werewolfs , monsters , super serial killers , and ghosts curses , vampires…

      only solo and restrict universes r no match for MCU , DCEU , Dark universe , Godzilla universe in box office …

      • Tor from Yucca Flats

        wait.. you said hippos aren’t scary? are you serious? they can cut a crocodile in half with one bite and kill more people than any other animal.

        • Jago Hara-Kiri

          i know , in real life they can scare us but they dont work in movies …IMO

          • Tor from Yucca Flats

            but one the size of elephant rampaging through africa?

          • Jago Hara-Kiri

            yeah an elephant could work ..

          • Tor from Yucca Flats

            look up hippos and how dangerous they are.

          • Jago Hara-Kiri


            hollywood should make an Zoo Carnage movie with all animals being insane on their “owners”

          • softassassin

            I’m sorry but, a Hippo can’t ever get to be the size of an Elephant. An African Elephant weighs up to 5 or 6 thousand pounds more than a Hippo. That’s a fact.

          • Tor from Yucca Flats

            SyFy movies don’t follow reality??

          • Tor from Yucca Flats

            size means 0 a Giraffe is huge yet non-threatening compared to a Wasp or a lION

    • Paul Vann

      Sharks kill alot more people than killer whales, don’t know we’re you got that stat from

      • Tor from Yucca Flats

        thats BS i’m sorry look itup

  • FoxymamaShonda M Grimes

    I think the ending could have been better. like show that she gets out of water alive and how she feel after her sleep died.

  • Maurice Copes

    During the middle of the film, I thought the mexicans set them up to be killed as a sick way of entertainment using tourists as shark bait.

  • Oldstylin

    I liked the 2 endings thing. But I thought after the fake ending they should have just ended it with Mandy Moore laughing hysterically at the bottom of the ocean thinking they had been saved.

    • naturallythe1

      It was a sad ending either way. I was pissed because I thought it was going to end the way you said it should end and that would have made me go mad. The entire theater gasped when the credits rolled the way it is where I went. Everyone was either mad or like “awww comeonnnn”

  • Robin Kruse Grønbech

    The director made the wrong choice when he choose the ending he did, as Oldstylin wrote. it should’ve ended with her laughinh hysterically and saying we made it kate, etc that just god damn the vibes, makes for a good ending, like she’s gone insane and is just left to die. Priceless… but nope.

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